Monday, November 26, 2007

I Give Up...

Well after the camp im kinda dissapointed cos "she" didnt really show up. Like i said, i place my final fate bet on this camp, if she doesnt show up means we have no fate. Looks like the answer is no hope at all.. So i decided i give up... forget abt her.. forget abt every thing we been going through.. forget abt the memories with her.. thanks for the memories.

In the Teenagers Camp i realise something which im not suppose tell out here. After hearing those words i kinda felt like giving up on "her" more... I dun like sharing "those" kind of things with others.. so i mind as well give up since hes one of my good friend. I dun really talk to "her" anyway no point attarcting attention from "her".. "Both" of them kinda talk a lot compare to how much i talked with "her".. All i can do now i just sit a side and watching them laugh at each other...


IS my last day in sunday school anyway. No more chance to see her anymore.. no more chance to wave goodbye.. no more chances to hear her shouting and laughing voices.. I last thing is only a picture of her.. not exactly a picture of her.. is only a small piece of paper with a picture of her in anime style (means i draw one). I should just sit a side and look at the picture and thinking of her when im free..

Happy days are all over time for the Sad days to begin again..

since is all over.. i mind as well just reveal the "her" right now.

I Like Tan Pei Yin

Thanks for the Memories people.. and Good Bye..

-MIngz Sayonara-

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gaming Results Again! XD

Including today i have only 5 more days (including the days that i go camp too) left with the PS2 that Angela lended 3 weeks plus ago. Sobs... I just hope that she can lend me long but she has to bring it overseas, so no hope at all! Sobs... So i have been gaming x2 faster and longer in the past few days. DW4 in 4 days including HardMode and SuperHardMode. So since i have no other games to play i have to find for another few new games to play. So here are the new games that i have been playing currently.

Final Fantasy XII

This is the 12th FinalFantasy game that Square-Enix has created. This FinalFantasy is a lot diffrent compare to the other FinalFantasy. The battling system is alot diffence. Other FF's (Final Fantasy for short) battling formation are like pokemon! Is like you walk then suddenly a enemy appear then you have to click the attack button then it attacks! But FF12 is diffrent. Its moving around like normal FF but it doesnt appear enemies and yet you can to see them infront of you. Is like KingdomHearts battling system! Cool!! XD I dun really understand the story cos mine is in Japanese. Arh!! I have been playing this game for a while and im STUCK again! I need to check the gamefaqs to unstuck the game. XD

Onimusha 3

The two person are actually a REAL PERSON in our real live. The game creator just take the looks for the actors and put it into a game. Takeshi as Samosuke and JoneBuel as Jecque in the game. Onimusha is one of the BEST game that i have played in the holidays. This game is something like God Of War. Killing monster, absorbing souls, blood splashing around and have cool battling formations. The story is abt Samosuke in the year 1512 Japan, continue his adventure until there was a war with Undead Noburga. There was another war in France year 2004, Jecque's place has been attack by the Genmas (the name of the monsters in the game). Suddenly a time warp have both of them a time dimantion and swap both of their time with each other. Samosuke appear in France 2004 and Jecque appear in Japan 1512. Their mission is to swap back each other and also defeat the Undead Noburga. Pretty complicated story line, but intresting as well. This is another IQ game but still i finish it yesterday already. XD

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Like to told you all im still childish, i watch KamenRider even now! XD This is pretty funny, i brought this game and i finish it on that day! XD A very quick fighthing game with cool battling system. I allows you i "Transfrom", "Cass Off" and then "Clock Up"! Transfrom is like normal Kamen Riders transfrom but this one transfrom into their armor form/masked from (in Japanese). Cass Off is to unleash their armor and make them stronger as well and after "Cass Off" you get to use this cool ability which is call "Clock Up". It slow every one or should i say makes yourself go faster! You get to use your SuperPower by click the 1,2,3 RiderKick!! XD There are even stronger Riders with even stronger abilities such as "Hyper Cass Off" and then "Hyper Clock Up". What you see at the picture is a Hyper Kabuto Form. "Hyper Cass Off" is to unleash a rider's full power. "Hyper Clock Up" is eve faster than normal "Clock Up" and also it reverse time! Cool!! This is a short game play of Kamen Rider Kabuto.

Hyper Kabuto Versus Hyper Stag Bettle and Dark Kabuto

Cool issint it?? Hyper Clock up can "Sapu" every one of them already! XD Get yur self this game and master the skills. You wont regreting buying this awesome Kamen Rider game. Even knw is childish.. XD Hope you guy enjoy it!

SD Gundam Force : Showdown

This is also another best game that i have played through out the holiday. From animation to movie. From movie to GBA game and now even in PS2 game! This game is all abt three Gundams, Captain Gundam (the middle one), Zero (on the left) and Bakusetsumaru (on the right) protecting the Demantion Halo from evil robotic beings. Well i like the game cos of its RPG and also leveling system. It doesn have level but forms! You get to upgrade yur Gundam into any diffrent forms with diffrent kinds of ability. In the battle zone it not just abt games skills, its also abt quick time as well. In every single stage there will time limit to complete this is the only hard part of the game. Im still playing and upgrading the game as well. Soon i will finish it on time. XD

Thats all! A few more days left then have to say "ByeBye" to PS2 already.. i just hope i can finish the GundamForce fast. Till i have more game results to let you all see! Till then ByeBye to you all first then only byebye PS2! XD

Friday, November 23, 2007

Tag Along: 5 Opposite Sex

Searching around.. looking at other peoples blog. Then i found a few of my friends tag this blog titile " 5 Opposite Sex". I been looking at other people's blog and then i found out that SukMunn, GloriaChan and XinWei have the same title and subjects but just that theirs are diffrent boys la. So i decided to tag along since im so bored lately and feel like kepo-ing them. XD

Name 5 friends of Opposite Sex
- how old are they?
- where do they live?
- how long have you know them?

1. Jin Hwei
- 15 years old (^^)
- erm.. some where near taman SEA la.. (=.=)
- 7~8 months plus gua.. (=.=)

2. Gloria Chan
-15 years old
- some where not very near to my house
- 8~9 months plus gua..

3. Rebbeca
- 17 years old
- i didnt ask her before so i dunno..
- 2 weeks plus ??

4. Kai Shin
- 15 years old
- erm.. all i knw is Subang. XP
- 3 years plus including this year

5. Pei Yin
- 15 years old
- somw where in Kepong..
- 6~7 month plus gua..

Would you rather.. with (1. JinHwei) or (5. PeiYin) ?
: i'll go for Jin Hwei ba.. i have lots of fun when im with her. XD

....Marry (2. GloriaChan) or (4. KaiShin) ?
: I dun have chance with KaiShin anymore, Gloria ba..

....Kill (3. Rebbeca) or (5. PeiYin) ?
: None, cos they never betrayed me before. (^^)

....Date with (1. Jin Hwei) or (2. GloriaChan) ?
: Can i pick both?? But if i have to choose one the its Gloria la..

....Make out with (1. Jin Hwei) or (3. Rebbeca) ?
: Can i pick none?? I still got the Pledge card you knw..

....Cuddle with (2. GloriaChan) or (5. PeiYin) ?
: PeiYin ba.. XD

....Have kids with (3. Rebbecca) or (4. KaiShin) ?
: Is a HELL NO for Rebbeca, so KaiShin la. XP

....Live with (1. Jin Hwei) or (3. Rebbeca) ?
: Jin Hwei la , since Rebbeca is not mine. XD

....Be stuck on an island with (2. GloriaChan) or (5. PeiYin) ?
: Gloria!! but only if this ever happend. XD

....Has (3. Rebbeca) ever hurt you?
: I just knw her, so nope.

....Have you ever hurt (4. KaiShin) ?
: Yup, but now no more..

....Whose the funniest?
: Jin Hwei! Cos shes weird.. XD

....Can you beat up (5. PeiYin) ?
: John is protecting her.. so nope! XD

....When is the last time you saw (2. GloriaChan) ?
: erm.. just now! I was looking at her blog. LOL

....Whose the smartest?
: Jin Hwei, she has good grades you knw! XD

....How long have you knw (5. PeiYin)

: 6 to 7 months plus like that lo.

Who has the better??

: JinHwei!!! Her smile is sweet! (^^)


: KaiShin ba.. can be model mayb! XD


: PeiYin la.. shes cute.. (><)


: Gloria!! Her attitude is the best to hang out with! XD


: Im not kinda sure.. KaiShin guaaaa...


: Rebbeca!! Shes HOT!! XD

People that i wish to TAG along:

1. Sarjan Sui Lun!! (0.0)

2. Photographer Mun Wai! (^^)

3. Yan Leng one PLAIN story. XP

4. Pei Yin wake up!! XD

5. Sien..DEE!!! XD

Thank you for watching!! XD CHEERS!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Kingdom Hearts Videos! XD

I keep playing Kingdom Hearts II FM+ for the hole holiday!! XD I only play it when im free la.. But still i always call bro.Admand to come to my house and have a good video of me playing! XD It was fun and he sended the videos all in youtube! D8 Such a noob player like me will send a noob player clip into youtube. But still since he has already put into youtube, i mind as well take it and put in here. XD Hope you all enjoy the noob playing la..

Okay it was a long 2 hours for video-ing the only few clips.. haiz.. it wasnt long finishing them but.. is kinda hard to take a prefect view and not making noise and also not losing.. This boss that i will be showing you are all tough and only can be found in Kingdom Hearts II FM+. This bosses are not tough but they are GAY (means cheating). I fight them when i was lvl 63 (which is a very high lvl) and also i am in critical mode which is a handicap match for them. My HP is super low and my MP skills are weak too. I cant really get a full life or a no healing victory clip for you all but still.. hope you all enjoy the 2 hours effort of cliping la. XD

Sora V.S. Zexion

This bastard is super hard i cant really give him a full combo until the end la.. He keeps sending mne into his freaking crazy book. As you all knw that this is critical mode so is a super handicap match. But for the past 6~7 fights of cliping my figth with him, this one was the best one i get. So call me noob if you want then! XD

Hard Rate: 0 0 0 0

Sora V.S. Larxene

As you can see im fight a very cute, yellow hair female. But she issint as cute as she looks. As you can see, she can doppleganger skill which makes things very frustrating. She is a lot harder to defeat and a lot harder to be hit.So this match is a lot longer compare to Zexion. I think she is the strongest hidden boss i ever fight in KH2FM+. I cant really combo her that much, but still this is the only best clip i got by video-ing.

Hard Rate: 0 0 0 0 0

Sora V.S. Lexeaus

Ha! This guy is one of them most easier among the peple that i have fight through. As you can see his strength keeps on increase, and his attack are getting one hack of a pain. But still his speeds are slow unless he uses his rock slide attack. Once i have manage to block this boss attack his history! XD This clip even quicker conpare to the one with Zexion and Larxene, But still i cant get the no healing clip. Cos i was lazy to refight him again. So this is the best clip and the only clip i get for fight him. XD

Hard Rate: 0 0 0

Sora V.S. Vexen

Another easy boss but compare to Lexeaus, this one a harder. This thing has not really much or a gay skill but he has wicked GAY abilty. He can create evil clones of mine which are freaking powerful and not easy to be defeated. He has only one painful damage which is, every i hit him into the air and combo him he suddenly just create an Ice out of no where and injury me. But still his speed is low and runs away a lot. It took a while to beat him cos he has longer HP compare to the others. Still this is best and the only clip i get cos i was lazy also. XD

Hard Rate: 0 0 0 0

Sora V.S. Marlurxia

Among all the fights that i got into, this guy has the coolest looks other than Zexion. This guy have strong skills and strong ability, But still he also has great weakness. XD His ability is to cast a number on my head. This numbers are the number of hits that i can get from him or else i will die instantly. I fight this boss a lot even before i decided to film this clip. I have great experience fight this boss so i totally no problem. But he has long HP and also lots of immune skills.. so it takes the longest time to beat him. XD Among all the bosses that i've fight through all the hole day, this one was the most enjoying one.

Hard Rate: 0 0 0 0 0

Okay that all the bosses that i have fight in KingdomHearts 2. But what abt Kingdom Hearts 1?? There must be some bosses that are difficult to fight. Okay so now im posting only Four hard bosses from Kingdom Hearts 1. I mean very hard bosses from Kingdom Hearts 1 FinalMix. That time i was only lvl 57 and using Divine Rose as my weapon. Hope you all could enjoy watching this climatic battle. XD

Sora V.S. Kurt Zita

In this vedio you can see the diffence between KH1 and KH2. Sora is still weak yet not mature yet. XD So its battling skills are weak and no skill at all! Compare to KH2 you can just spam skills along the way. I have to say this boss is hard since Sora skill are still weak. His flying around skill make it very hard to be hit and also its very quick. But still i end but beating it far a square. This fight is very long but i hope you all enjoy it. XD

Hard Rate: 0 0 0 0 0 0

Sora V.S. Phantom

Another tough looking boss. But still this figth is shorter than the fight with Kurt Zita. This boss flies around which makes it very hard to be defeat. I change the disc into the Normal Kindgom Hearts 1 to use my Ulitmate Weapon just to defeat him. It hearts has diffrent element so must use duffrent kinds of magic to defeat it. I get to fly around which is a good thing. This boss also has a very scary ability, it can uses some clock timing and make yur character die instantly! Hope you all enjoy this one too. XD

Hard Rate: 0 0 0 0 0

Sora V.S. Sephiroth

Like you all knw in History Sephiroth is alway a strong boss. But compare to KH2, KH1 Sephirtoh is harder mayb cos of Sora's weak skills. Sephiroth has a very scary ability, when he says "Sin Harvest" you will instantly left 1 HP and no MP at all. But watch how i counter it. This is also another normal Kingom Hearts Version fight. I cant use my KH1FM to beat him cos i still havent get the UlitmateWeapon yet. I have exprience in this fight too, so dun mind if have been too PRO!! (just kidding) Enjoy the fight. XD

Hard Rate: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Sora V.S. Guy In Black Suit (Xemnas)

This guy looks familiar right? The suit is the same looking black suit like the people wearing in the KH2 fights. This guy is one of them but just that in this game they call him the Guy In Black Suit in the game. This is something like Sephiroth, GAY and fast. This guy is available in KH2FM, so that leads me no choice but to fight him. Is kinda long fighthing it but still i end up prefectly by strategies. XD

Hard Rate: 0 0 0 0 0 0

Thats all folks hope you all enjoyed the 2 hours effort of video by bro. Admand. So im here to say THANK YOU x 1000 to bor. Admand. And THANK YOU x100 to you all for watching. ByeBye! XD

Monday, November 19, 2007

How do I know You?

Yesterday it spend me the hole day figuring out what my friend Jin Hwei asked me before. (=.=) The asked me "How do you knw me?" this question. Well i finally figured out how did i knw her, but this blog is not only to tell her how i knw her, also to my other fellow friends too. So enjoy the blog. XD

Friends List:
1. Jin Hwei
2. Gloria Chan
3. Sui Lun
4. Justin Lee

-Jin Hwei-

How i knw Jin Hwei, is actually a long years story years back there. I kinda knw her for a very long time already, well of course i im not very close to her yet. That time we didnt even talk at all but how i knw her!? Well the story begin like this. It happend last year, at frist i dun even knw Jin Hwei's name, i knw a name from my friend (which i cant tell out). He says his kinda intrested in one girl in school (but now not any more). He pointed to one girl (which is Jin Hwei). My first expression towards Jin Hwei when i look at her was.. smart. As you all knw that time im not even close to her at all, but my friend wanted to get her name (badly). Stupid him, he was too shy to even ask and I dun wanna to simply talk to strangers at that time. That time im kinda knw Kay Jun, since his a librarian and so is Jin Hwei (I can tell by look at the cloths) It wont hurt asking him ONLT the name. Kay Jun told me her name was Jin Hwei. Then he ask me back "You wanna go for her arh?" I replied super quick reaction NO!! Thats how i knw her name.

But still knw her name doeant mean i knw her as well. Last year i knw her name and this year i knw her! LOL! XP Okay the hole story goes like this.. My friend give up going for her already since his SUPER shy to talk to her. That day was thursday, i was waiting for my blue house training, so i paid a quick visit to the library to blow some air-con. Then i saw YTL! He was waiting for the blue house training as well. Then i saw Gloria Chan, Jin Hwei, Hui Ee (thats all i remember abt that day) YTL was talking to them i mind as well join him, That time i just only knw Gloria Chan not for long (read the next one if you wanna knw how i knw her) Then as the talk goes longer, more sound are made out. That time i was still like usual joking around with people. Jin Hwei cant stop laugh cos of my jokes, and then Gloria said "Look at Jin Hwei she cant stop laughing" Wait a minute.. Jin Hwei? That name i kinda heard before. Oww.. So this is the girl that my friend was intrested before. I was kinda quiet that time when she was with me, mayb she dun really knw me that well. So we two start to talk and laugh together.

End of the story, so thats how i knw Jin Hwei. Until knw she my best little sister! XP Not a real of course. That all i remember on how i knw her, but the story is actually kinda long.. So i cut it should so i wont keep the others behind for too long. XP

-Gloria Chan-

This hole story is kinda short cos Gloria is a friendly person. So i kinda easy knwing her, but i will try to make the story long. XD Okay thye story goes like this.. One day it was KRS practice time. All of us march, march and march but some one is missing in our training. Hong Chun! Grrr... that bastard took a day off. Then i saw him appoaching us with a girl (that girl was Gloria) Both of them are talking, laugh and drink, Both of the drink taht they are drinking are both the same. (Both also Justea Purple) Is very obvous that what kind of relationship that they are in that time. That time was the first im i notice Gloria Chan. Still i dunno her name yet that time. But i over heard the president shouting to HongChun in cantose "You and Yuen Hee go to another side and have fun la! Dun come near us or we're gonna spoil every thing." So her name was Yuen Hee.. Thats how i knew her name then.

After a few days later. I enter the library to blow some air-con again like usual. Then i saw Jia Kent talking to Yuen Hee (Gloria) and Khai Sern. Well that time Jia Kent wanted to talk to me abt the KRS camp thingy. Well i remember that time Gloria and Khai Sern are kepo-ing in our conversation. Since they kepo us i mind as well kepo back in their conversation. It sounded like war but it wasnt.. The talk was getting better and better. Then i started to make funny jokes and tell funny story to both of them. As the conversation goes longer, our relationship hold even closer. That how i knw Gloria Chan and in the same time i knw Khai Sern as well too. End of the story! XD

-Sui Lun-

This is also another short story compare to the Jin Hwei part. Sui Lun is also another friendly person is quck knwing him. The story goes like this.. Sui Lun was in my class for a long time ago but just that we dont really talk to each other yet cos im still in the naughty gang. I knw Sui Lun in a camp. I forget what did to pull relationship closer but all i knw is the conversation begin from Sui Lun. That time i knw his brother at the same time as well. Besides that my sister knws Sui Lun and his brother as well.

But that time im still every close to Sui Lun yet. But i heard from my KRS friends in school that there are KRS from Chatolik high school student paid a visit to our school. I heard them said one of them was Sui Lun. Huh!/ Sui Lun is a KRS too? His not just a normal KRS, his already in the pangkat Sarjan!! which is a very huge position in KRS and his only form 3! My president only gets to be a Sarjan when he was form 5 but Sui Lun is 2 times faster then him, Now i knw that Sui Lun is a KRS too, our relationship begin to be ven close and we have more things to talk abt. End of the story.

-Justin Lee-

Okay this story i gonna be long.. So if you dun wanna knw abt how i knw this bastard you can just skip to the next one i dun mind at all. (just kidding Justin) XD I can see Justin is 3 diffrent places every time, monday~friday i can see him in school. Saturday, i can see him in the pokemon card game battle and lastly Sunday in sunday school. Oh lord cant i just stop seeing him? (relax Justin is also another joke) Still even knw i can see Justin in the 3 diffrent places that doesnt proof that how i knw time. So the story goes like this..

This happend last year, saturday. There was a pokemon card game tornement in Atria (dunno how to spell the name) every single saturday. That time i was still childish playing pokemon cards (including now) As the match goes on i can see diffrent players in the tornemant. After a few match my next oppenent was name Justin (which is this bastard im talking abt now) Noth of us are using the same deck type. His a Gardevoir user and so am I. But just that his a EX-pokemon user and im an Anti-EX pokemon user. XP So i beat him fair and square. That was the first time i seen him in my life. In the same year, it was time for chinese class. So i have switch classes with the next door class. Then i notice that one bastard looked very familiar.. It was Justin again, so me, Candice, Natenal, Audrey, EeMin and Justin sit together and talk. Next in sunday school, that was the end of school already. I was walking past the hall and then.. i saw Justin AGAIN (=.=) with a few little childrens. As this kind of meeting keeps going, our relationship grows even stronger. And now this year, Justin is in the SAME class as mine, So i will be like staring at him at least 5 hours every day. XD So thats how i knw Justin that well. End of the story!

Thats all for now... well of course there will still be part 1, 2,3etc.. fo this title. Just that im kinda lazy typing this super long stories. Next time i will write other people but still i must figure back how did i knw them.. hrm.. till then thx for watching! CHEERS!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Class Party!?

Sunday school again.. as usual wake up, brush teeth, change cloths, look into the mirror, make hair and lastly prepare for war. What i meant on the "prepare for war" is totally not abt sunday school, is abt going to let my mom's words attack my brain cells (sounds more like and army attacking a country to me). I enter the car the first i do was on the radio just to stop her sound wave entering my ears but still her sound waves are so strong! What ever she says enter my ear but dun worry it will problely come back out from the other side. XD

My mom was naging me abt the same thing every single sunday she was talking abt. The first she said was "I thought you stop sunday school adi?" this proof that how much she want me to stop sunday school. Next she said "Im going to teach you add maths TODAY!". Before PMR she said that she could let me do wtv i want after PMR. Now after PMR already she want me to study add maths on the November!? Man she getting a full of craps already. Then she talk abt money, i didnt really listen to what she said here but all i knw is wtv she said will be a full of crap. So why not i just dun listen.

Okay back to the main point. Today sunday school have a very special event and mostly kids would love this kind of event. It was... CLASS PARTY!! XD Actually todays was suppose to be the first day of our Backsitterz teenager camp. But the John and Justin kinda pospone it so we will be having the camp next week which is the 25th~26th. (watch the Backsitterz blogspot for more info.) As i reach sunday school the first thing thougth abt was the food. We were suppose to bring foods for the class party but.. i kinda forget abt it mayb cos i have been spaming PS2 for a long time to come. XD

I walk the hall and then i saw the gang there. MunWai, SuiLun, CheeWei, Charmaine, Jusryn, YeeWan, AiLing, SzeMei and SienDee. SueSan and PeiYin are at the play ground so i wont be bothering any of their conversations. Wait a minute.. the 2 fagets are not there! (John and Justin) But problely their just busying going for their girls.. Then i talk to them for a while and then out came Justin and John. Every body have gather there so we mind as well get back to class.

I entered the class and i was surpising to see FOODS!! XD I was think that every body else forget to bring food. But nvm la since there are food is time for me to dig in!! XD (you cant blame i was super hungry that time) In the class party i was deciding to keep my emo-ness a side, but the plan was kinda a failure. The emo-ness inside me was too powerful!! So in the class party i was emo and also happy as well. I kinda found the rarest thing i ever seen abt girls! PeiYin is making a scarf!! (wht so big deal abt it..) I dun really or should said i never ever seen a girl making a scarf before. Cos mayb is too "in" already for girl to make scarf even knw is a little grandma type. PeiYin was making the scarf seriously problely giving to some one that she like or just making for her self. All i knw is what ever it is, is of course none of my business.

As the class party goes on it gets kinda bored. Every body is just sitting down and chit chat only. For me alone= emo-ing, here we go again my emo-ness comes back. But every time i was going to emo-ing already SueSan just pops out and say "EMo!!" Is like EVERY TIME!! I was kinda frustrating you knw. Is my name EMo!? So my emo-ing times was been interupted by SueSan the hole day. I was trying to keep my self way from emo again. So kinda have a game with CheeWei. Both of us have this stupid game since there are so many chickens left and our tummy is still empty. We play scissor, papper, stone. Who ever loses will have to take a chicken and eat. I beat up CheeWei badly man! I ate 2 chicken only and he ate 5 chickens!!! Wakaka!! XD In the end CheeWei sorta give and also i kinda pity him. There is another funny part. Charmaine was eating a suasage in her mouth, okay she wasnt really chewing the suasage but she just stuff it in! (means is just put into her mouth) The guys prevert minds begin to activate. All of us started to laugh out loud! It was nothing and yet we making like it was stupid.

Today our class have to single in the shire hall which was another surpising thing. As usual all of us have to sing our main song, shininy friends and brahma of my heart. We kinda have a training behide the hall but suddenly.. Jason jumps out! (Justin little brother) Well Jason's cute-ness attracted every single girls attention. Crap here we go again... After the singing we get back to class pack up. Jason is joining us cos his bro is packing up the class. His kinda sitting alone aside. Justin call PeiYin to help him to take care of him since both of them are a fake X couple before. Jason was still very shy and silence since there is a girl sitting beside of him. So i went in and help out. Taking care of Jason makes me kinda jealous of Justin for having a cute bro like him. I was wishing to have a bro as cute and as shy like him. Hrm.. looks like i have to still keep dreaming..

End of the day. Todays sunday school was a little boring but not as bad as last week since John and "her" still have a fun talk together but them my heart was a little bit jealous only compare to last week my jealous-ness was a lot weaker this week. Mayb just because i said to myself "I give up" already. Look forward to the Teenagers camp for the result.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Understanding Kids

Ever since my CFC (Childrens Fellowship Camp) I kinda understand kids. I thought i was a begining to understand kids, but nope i think i have understand kids enough! (high light the "i think" words) Lately i have been treating kids 10 times better compare to the past. (doesnt mean i dun treat kids good) Last time i dun ever understand kids at all but now.. things has change... i think.. Lot of kid incident happend lately especially yesterday.

Yesterday it was working time like usual (thurday ma..) Then i saw this mother carry one baby (around 2~3 years old) and another was super naughty (around 5~6 years old). The baby one just keep crying and the mother is busying taking the order from my dad's carrot cake and taking care of her nughty child. The young stills keep cry.. I walk to the biscuit shop which is beside my dad's stall and take a sweet. I ask the mother does the young one eat sweets, she replied "He eat any thing thats sweet" I pass the sweet to the young baby and the baby just start chewing. Then the baby point towards the sweet again. I do the same thing, give him another one sweet and then wave to him (cos the orders are done already) The baby continue to chew the sweet in his mouth and wave at the same time. The mother thanked me and leave as well. Dad said i did a good job then i suddenly realise that i just made a kid stop crying. Last time i dun evenb bother to do anything. But then i was still a little bit happy.

Next there was begger with no right leg beging some where near my dad's stall. Suddenly there was a mother and a little girl came by to order carrot cake from my dad. The little girl was playing happyily with a 10sen coin (done felt weird i played with a 10 sen coin too when i was small XP) The coin suddenly just drop off from her hands and fall on the floor. The begger spotted the coin and quick put into his cup. The girl try to tell her mother but her mother is still making order. I react quickly by giving her a 10sen coin from my dad's stall and give it to her. Then she continue playing. I realise again that i did something right again.

Last tiem i dun even bother abt kids. When there was a kid in my house i just continue playing my com and dont even bother abt them. But now.. i think i kinda understand kids already or mayb a little or am i just being a show off right now? I felt like i have change already mayb cos of the emotional incident on sunday.. do you think so too?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Basketball gangs

A lot of you knw that i play basketball but not for a team or so so. Im just an outside player from an outisde gang playing with other courts gang to improve our skills. Means were not repersenting any school or something else were just playing for skills and experice. But still a gang must always have a leave and other positions. So this blog is to talk abt the gang of basketball friends that i play with. Enjoy!

As u all knw our gang is only an outside gang but stilll were playing seriously for training and also friendly match. And yet even compite with other courts basketball players. Sound very gangster-lish but still its very cool! XD Until now i only experice playing with ss2 and seaparks basketball players. Still we're looking forward to get better and challenge other stronger teams. Okay back to then main topic, i will begin with the leader and then to the other positions.

Zhang Weng Kiet -leader-
I usually call him Weng for short. This problely the guy started the plan to challenge other court players. So we usually call him the leader of our group, even knw he dun wanna admit tht his one. Weng is 19 years old same age like my bro (2007) and of course his a lot tall than i am. Weng is the 3 point shooter in out team. He can shoot in 11 3 pointer ball in a row!! (0.0) His also tall so he can also be a rebounder in the team. His very quiet guy doesnt really like to talk that much with other people that he doesnt knw. But he can be very playful to the people that his use with. Weng is smart too!! His like the "Tian Chai" (chinese) of our basketball team. Weng is also a very understanding person, dun ;ook at him emo emo like that his actually has a kind heart. Weng problely is the best basketball leader i knw. (cos this is the only basketball leader i knw) XD

Woo Keng Fai -point guard-
I usually call him Fai for short. Fai was the point guard in our team, means the people that take the ball out from the 3 point and get back in. Besides me, Fai has also great speed and stamina. but then his shorter than i am right now. XD His problely a 2 pointer and melee shooter. Fai is age 17, has great english grades in his exams. Fai can also be a joker around! He makes very funny jokes to keep our team entertaining. I cant really see when is this guy emo or when is this guy happy. His just keeps smiling! XD We call him the laughing buddha in our team. But when it come to serious business he dun really joke around with us.. He plays seriosuly and put in his 110% limitinto the game. I like Fai joke and i shall never stop laughing thinking abt it. XD

Chen Han Wei -3 point shooter-
I usually call him Wei for short. Wei is another 3 pointer shooter our team. He his not as strong as Weng in 3 pointer. Wei is the tallest person out team, so he can also be a rebounder also. Wei has a problem with his body stamina, his has weak stamina and he can get very tired easily. Wei is also another playful person in our team (to tell you all the truth all of us are playful and funny) but then he doesnt really makes joke around. He always ask me IQ questions which im weak at to bully me around. Wei can be a romantic person also. We seen him and his girl friend together. Waa.. he sure knws how to talk to girls. I wanna learn from him how to talk to girls one day. (^^)

Jonathan -Inside shooter-
Jonathan lives near the basketball court so he always train him self in shooting. Until one day Jonathan really is a pro shooter! But only inside the 3 pointer line. I hate to say thins but Jonathan is the short member in our team. Not to say very short la.. kesian him lo... His age 16, another joker and also a very concrening person in our team. Jonathan is also smart!! He great IQ and EQ. He the best in maths, so if i have problem i will just find him! XD

Chee Kay -Foward-
I usually come him CK for short. Chee Kay is also another person that lives near the court. But he doesnt really train that muc. He mostly focusing in his studies. Chee Kay is called the forward cos his the biggest size in our team. (his not fat please take note!!) this means that he can push lots of people away and that what we call forward. He can jump and shoot but still pushing under the court is his best specialty. Chee Kay problely one of the most smartest people among us all or mayb his just the smartest. (0.0) Chee Kay is also a kind hearted person, very concerning, Other than basketball Chee Kay learn Tekuando too! His having SPM now so.. i shall wish him all the best! XD

Zhi Chao -Defender-
I usually call him Chao for short. Chao is my best buddy in basketball team! XD There can kinda a few similarity between both of us. Both of us are skinny, same height, specs and also both of us are prevert. But the problem is with the age, his 18!? and im 15 only! But still we get along very well. Chao is called the defender in all of us, his duty is too "box out" (means stop people from entering under the court) and "screen" (help yur frens to make way by blocking other people) His speed is fast and he can jump (both of us can really jump too XD) Some times Chao could be a little bit blur.. Me and Chao always challenge each other in friendly matches. Chao and Q are challenge who will be the greatest rebounder in our team.

last but not least ME!!! XD

Yu Ming -Rebounder-
People call me Ming Zai for short. Im a rebounder but of course im not the only one, Weng, Chao, Wei and CK are also the rebounder. But still there is no other positions that i can put myself into so i just put myself in rebounder. XP Im not really a good shoot if i enter a ball in the 2 pointer line its problely just my luck. XP But when it comes to melee (under the court) my shooting can be 90% acurate! I have good speed (while if take off my heavy shoes) but low stamina. Im still weak compare to the other in my team. So i shall work more harder to achive my goal which is.. BEAT CHAO!! XD

Till the see you all!!! XD

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What If This Happends?

I found this picture from the internet and i found out it looks very alike to "her"..I mean the hair the looks and even the smile.. What if the same thing happend like the incident above? If it seriously happends i really dun knw what to do or what to say.. guess is no use worrying..10 more days to go.. and its time to bet the fate with the future..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sun.. Moon.. Cloud.. Stars..

There are diffrent attitude and personality abt people. There types of attitude and personality can be very similiar to the things that we see in the sky. Sun, Moon, Clouds and Stars are the most basic things that we can see. Every time when i look up the sky, the things that i see can be something related to our human attitudes. It sounds freaky and weird but seeing things in the sky are kinda part of my life. XP

This freaky and weird things are just problely my imagination. Not many people actually enjoy seeing the sky. Mayb no one actually enjoys seeing things in the sky. XP Well just to tell you all how weird am i, this blog was created. Problely the main reason of writing this blog is to explain people's attitude and personality by using the things that we see in the sky.

What we really see in the skys are what i just said above. (Dont tell me have forgotten!) Well like i said people have diffrent attitude and personality. So is same with the sky, sky have diffrent kinds of sights and weather as well. I will start by explaining the types of attitude that is similiar with the things in the sky.

Sun is a kind of planet (or somthing else) that is strong and also unstoppable. It burns anything that get near it which means aggersive and furious. Once the Sun is destroyed . its nothing but a few pieces of usless rock. Sun explains the type of people that are furious and also strong as well but dont really calm them self that much and once they have lost something they would problely go very emotional means sad.. Sun is probely the best to decribe those strong but weak heart person.

Moon is a planet which is destroyed but still good enough to stay in a normal shape. Moon wont stop shining above the sky and the only thing to stop it is day time which is the time it wont have a chance to show off its brightness. Moon explains the kind of person which is weak but very calm and dun really get emotional easily, that kind person wont stop chasing its dream unless something stops them from achiving. Moon is problely the best to decribe for smart and hard working person.

Cloud has two sides, one bright, one dark. Cloud can shine brightly once it is day time with the help of the sun. But Cloud can also turn dark once its absorbs too many water in it. Cloud also can dissapear all in a sudden in the sky. Cloud explains the kind of person which can became good or bad easily. When it mix with good people it will turn into good person and mix with evil people will turn into a evil person. But that person can also be both evil and good. (somthing like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde) It also explain those person which is lost in there mind. Mean dun really knw what to do, clueless. Cloud is the most average kind of people attitude in our lives.

Stars mostly can be seen in groups. When it begin to group together it could form a shape of something in the sky. Still once a star if the stat is alone it can still shine brightly. But once there are dark cloud block it could shine any more. Star explains the kind of people that needed friend in their lives. Once that person loses in something it could still stand back up even knw its alone. But still that peson can also be mix into a bad person once its with a bad friend. Stars is kinda similiar to Cloud but better than Cloud. Star problely decribes best abt good and kind people .

Thats all, so have you knw what kind of sky objects you are? Me? Im kinda clueless myself too but still i kinda think that im pretty similar with Cloud. I can be very kind and also very evil and also im kinda lost right now in this kind of conditions...

Keep thinking on, there must be a type which suits you well. Enjoy! XD

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ps2 Gaming Result

Is been almost 3 weeks i have been holding Angela's PS2. And is been 3 weeks i have been aiming for a few games like i told before in my blog. God of War, God of War II, Final Fantasy X, KingdomHearts FM+ are the games that i have been aiming for the past 3 weeks. And finally 3 are down and 1 more to go. God of War i just finish lasted Friday, FinalFantasy X i finish also on the same day, KingdomHearts FM+ i finish 3days ago (critical mode) left only God of War II. But my brother has been snatching games from me.. So my brother is playing God of War II this means no games for me.
I'm going to return the PS2 on the 30/11/07 that day. So thats means i dun have much day left. But the games that im going to aim are fnish. I need to plan something to do!!! So i went to my neighbour's house whichc is CheeKen, to lend me some of his games. The first game that i aim was.. DIGIMON WORLD 4!!!! Yup Digimon was one of my6 fav games of all!! Even knw the story line mayb long but it could be on hack of a adventure! XD I picked DW4 (Digimon World 4 for short) I went home and begin "spu"-ing the game.

Is been 2days every since i played DM4 and the Digimon i picked was..Agumon!!! XD My fav digimon ever since i watching Digimon! I didnt really like Agumon but i like his final evolution! Wargreymon!!! And then Wargreymon can tranfrom with MeralGarurumon in Omnimon!! XD Waa... i think im acting childish again.. My Agumon final able to transform into Wargreymon!! Waa... it took me one hack of a challenge to fight through all the digital monster. Now im kinda aiming for Omnimon!! Wakak till then i will tell you more abt the PS2 gaming results!!

Digimon World 4



Wargreymon. Agumon's Mega Level

Omnimon. Unity of Wargreymon and MetalGarurumon

Basketball Friends Monday!

The title is called "Basketball Friends Monday!" which means is one big monday with my basketball friends. Well me and my basketball friends dun really hang out that much today was kinda special.. Not all of us join in to this hang out thingy, only a few of us are in. This is the hole story abt it..

Monday i woke and my senior basketball team WengKiet (call him Weng for short) called me out. I was wondering what issint in the early 8.00am. I reach the basketball court behide my house and everybody was there. Everybody means my friends not all the basketball team. Chao, Jonathan, KengFai (call him Fai for short), HanWei (call him Wei for short), Weng and a few girl which i dun really knw their names. Then I suddenly remember that we have a hang out day on tht day! I was so embrassed i quick ride my bike home and take a quick bath and quick change of my self and then head back to the padang.

The other was shock cos i only took 23 minutes to change every thing. Weng said that i should act that fast when im playing basketball. Chao talk prevertly like usual he says that I should do "those" thing with that speed. Suddenly he realise that he said something wrong cos is abt yesterday's stuff (Check "one emotional sunday" for more info) Jonathan and Chao knw abt the incident. Chao apoligise to me seriously which rarely happend! XD I was sad but not really that sad after hearing abt it. Chao and Jonathan explain the incident to the others there. Weng was the leader in the basketball team problely the most understanding leader of all. Weng gav me a short talk, i didnt really listen to it cos i have enough hearing of talks from MunWai. XD (sorry Weng)

About the other girls that i dun really knw their name. They are my basketball friend's girl friends. Oh great im going to hang out with a bunch of couple which will make me think of other kinds of things. But it wasnt really that bad hanging out with the girls. It was kinda.. fun.. even knw they not my girlfriend and of course they are not really my type. (sorry.. to the girls..) There are 3 girls there and their names are Rebecca, GloriaLim, and MeiYuan. One of their name sound like a friend of mine. Yes GloriaChan!!! XD Mayb is just coincident ba.. Her name is Gloria Lim Zhi Yuan is a lot diffrent compare to the GloriaChan. Rebecca is Weng's GF, Gloria is Wei's GF and MeiYuan is Jonathan's GF. Fai's one didnt come deal to some reasons. Me and Chao is the lonely gay bastard there! XD

Well in all the girls i think Rebecca is the best one. Weng has good taste!! XD (Dun worry weng i wont steal her from you) Well i think this are the personality abt each girls i knw for that particular day only. Rebecca is those kind of girls that love get along and also concren abt the others. GloriaLim is those kind of girls that really like to talk and also love to get along with others also, is a little bit similar to GloriaChan that i knw (coincidents?). Rebecca is almost the same like the other but just that she doesnt really talk that much compare to the other two. Is impossible for me to go for them cos, beside that the reason that they are some one else's girl fren anothe one was because all of them are elder then me. Sobs...Rebecca gave me another few talks but this time im listening. Mayb cos shes a girl. XD We kinda talk a lot on our way to 1U. (Weng dun get jealous like me XD)

Well we reach 1U and all of us are excited! Like usual Bowling! Well Fai and Weng is the pros in this bowling thing. I just dun understand their throwing style cos all of their balls knw how to spin in diffrent directions! Wow... They have the most amazing battle of all!! but in the end Fai has won our big leader. XD The other just stand a side, watch and cheer. In the bowling court, we are the most noisiest group of all. After that is our turn to play. It was a 2 to win match means.. One group have to win 2 out of 3 times to win. I was with Fai one group and then Wei and GloriaLim one group. Even knw there was a girl in their group but still... Both of us got TRASH badly. The score was 77 and 94. Wei got 1 strike and GloriaLim got 2 spade. Both of us got nothing cos were noobs. While were playing bowling Weng and Rebecca are coupling behide us.. It was romantic but sad for me.. makes me think of things again. Then MeiYuan help us took some pictures which ill have to wait for them. Jonathan and Chao are playing snooker while were playing so i dun really knw what funny things happend.

After 1U Wei, GloriaLim, MeiYuan and Jonathan have to go watch movie. They are going to watch "Balls of Fury". Hopefully Wei wont be a big mouth tell me the hole story just to break the exciment im going to think of abt the movie. XD Left me, Chao, Fai, Weng and the only girl Rebecca. All of us decided to fly back to PetalingJaya and head to CyberCafe. Back to PetalingJaya all of us entered INC for a game. But first everybody are busy friendster-ing and facebooking but i was.. Neopet-ing haha XD Weng said i was childish but Rebecca said that it was cute! Couples.. but diffrent comments. Well is time for..DOTA!! Rebecca joins the game with us. Is kinda rare having a girl in a DOTA game cos i dun really see girls playing it. Rebecca plays DOTA which was the rarest thing i ever knew abt her. The DOTA game begin with the Fai, me and Chao fighthing Weng, Rebecca and a unknw player name "AxC33s". It was a allpick match, so like usual i wil pick Viper as my hero. Chao picked Necrolyte and Fai picked Lord Avernus. Weng picked Sento, Rebecca picked Slayer and "AxC33s" picked DarkSeer.

At first i was kill by the creeps but then later on Rebecca was pawn by Fai this means FIRST BLOOD!! Then Weng and Rebecca gang bang ME!! OMG their team work is somthing like their relationship! Darn siong man their gang bang! I became the feeder of the game.. but still i killed Weng one time. Wahaha XD In the end Weng's team win. Rebecca is not weak in DOTA too she only died twice and i died 4 times!! Sobs.. gotta improve my DOTA.

After that is was around 6 already, my dad kinda let me go from working cos im hang out with my friends. But then Fai gave every body a "good" idea for visiting pasar malam. Great my dad will call me to work this time. We walk passed dad's stall. Dad was kinda surpise seeing me and my friend infront of him. My dad just started his business and Chao and Fai is my dads first customer of the day. i helped my dad for a moment then after that we leave. Before me, Chao and Fai leave we have to wait for Weng and Rebecca cos their buying somthing else. The first thing my dad asked me was "Is that girl yur girl friend?". I answer back my dad quickly and luckily my dad didnt misunderstand me.. fuh...

around 8 like that Weng decided to fetch me home. On my way home all of us talk abt lots of kinda of things. Till that day onward i finally knew that my basketball friends actually have girlfriends. They dun really talk much abt their GF, except for me.. I was thinking abt the fate bet again.. I wonder how well my camp will go and how high "our" relationship limit will reach.. Guess i'll have to wait for that day then..

Sunday, November 11, 2007

One Emotional Sunday..

It was sunday school again but this time is problely the most EMO sunday of all.. Early in the morning my mom keep naging me the hole way to sunday. She keeps saying that i am the one who make my sis cant focus on studying (my sis is taking SPM) because my PS2 made a lot of noisy voices. My mom is a very powerful argue-ing fighter so i cant really counter her back even a bit. This was the first thing that made me emo..

I didnt really listen to my mother naging at all besides im kinda used to her naging already, is been the past 10 years listening to her naging. While my mom was naging i was kinda thinking of something else other that listening to her. I was thinking for how many days that i left in sunday school.. And also how many days that im going be with "her".. This was the second thing that made me emo..

When i reached sunday school, i slowly walk towards the hall. Then i saw SueSan, John, Munwai, Charmaine, PeiYin and also Justin serounded by kids. Then i remember that they were having a Sayonare Children Camp which i wasnt in. I saw all of them having fun with other people for other school and didnt even notice about me. I fell kinda left out and indeed sad.. I just walk away without seeing them a sight at all.. that was the third thing that i was emo-ing about..

After that i sit at the counter infront of the hall, doing the timetable and planings about the camp that i was organizing. Is was kinda hard thinking it alone.. Besides that i still felt kinda left out.. i watched all of them having fun but i was only sitting a side thinking all by myself.. Then all fo them break camp (means leave the camp) cos that sunday was also prize giving day and the champions of the hymm singing must perform on stage which is our class. All of them just walk pass the counter without looking abt me! I was angry and also furious.. this is the fourth emo reasons..

A few minutes later Justin came down and ask bro.Ronnie where am i. I was only sitting a few cm anway from him only but he cant even see me! I was twice angrier than before. Bro.Ronnie point to him wher am i, then Justin call me to go up with this words. "Oi! Every body is waiting for you up stair la. Faster la!" That made even furious. So I answered :"F*ck them only la.." Justin reaction change and he was kinda pissed at me. He just walk away and dont even bother abt me. Then i suddenly realize that i said something wrong. So i quick pack my stuffs and head to class..

When i entered the calss John, Justin, SuiLun, JoonMing, YanLeng, MunWai, XinYi, YeeSeen, PeiYin and also CheeWei was inside there. This means SueSan and Charmaine is not joining us anymore. I was cooling myself down and hope i dun say anything bad again. So i sit down and wait. All of them are not reacting for any training before the performants!! PeiYin and John are just sribling the whiteboard, the other are just chit chating around. Some of them are just waiting also. I kinda angry cos they called me up and just made me sitting down aside again.. Is this some kind of joke? I was burning up again but still i wanted to cool myself down. So i just try to make my move and call all of them to just practice of a while. Luckily every one listened, but just a few people are still sribling the white board. I wanted to shout but i mayb shout out bad words again. So i just keep it a side the others sing.

it was abt the time to go down and perform. But still we havent told anybody the prize of the camp, so i called every one of us to stay and then explain to them. Justin didnt really get the full prize yet! I was dissapoined and its the last day to tell them abt it. Justin just simply made a price an tell them. Even knw its kinda bad to simply tell them the prize but is the only way to make them join the camp. Every body went down after that..

Evert body went down except me, CheeWei and SuiLun cos we are carrying the keyboard. Every body have place them self in the hall and me, CheeWei and SuiLun have to carry the keyboard up stage. We siting down and then slowly put the wires and everything ready except for the plug cos there was only one plug and the radio plug has just taken it. We thought i was important so we just put the plug a side until it was our turn. I leave the rest to CheeWei and SuiLun. I went back down the stage and join the others. I thought that i was going to have a chance to talk to "her" since it was my second last day, but then my "going" was taken away by John. John and "her" some how talk a lot compare to how much i talked to "her". I dun wanna disturb them abt their conversation so i just leave them a side and slowly let them continue their chit chating. I was kinda jealous or mayb i was really jealous...

When it sit with the others no one talked to me at all! And i cant stop staring the both of them chating. This means im really jealoused. I cant standing it so i walked out of the hall and sit beside my sister. Even knw it was boring but still i was the only way to stop my jealousy.. It was way to boring so i decided to go for a walk around the school alone.. I pass by a roti man so i mind as well buy some bread for me and my sis , since shes been studying so hard and so time to eat. I walk back to the hall and i was out turn already.

All of us went up the stage and get into our stanting positions. Remember the plug? Yup it was time to plug in the plug but somthing happend. Some how the plug just cant go into the plug hole! CheeWei and SuiLun tried their best to plug in but it still cant work. I was like abt 3 minutes on stage just trying to plug in the cable, so i decided to sing wihtout the keyboard. It was time to sing.. We singing kinda well but not as well as we did in the competition.. but still we did it smoothy..

After that, all of us get back to our place. Me, CheeWei and SuiLun continue packing up the keyboard. When three of us are finish we get to the the seats that everybody was sitting. The same thing happend again, no one talked to me... and also both of them continues chating on. Like usual, sitting down alone makes me think of other things. That time i was thinking the days that i was in school, the days and times that i have fun espeacially on thursday. My friends my teacher everybody.. Deep inside my heard was saying: "I missed school.. i missed school very much.. " The my mind is back to reality when my sis it me on the back, then i remember that she was taking going to take a prize and she wants me to take a picture of her. She gave me the camera and just walk off.

Then i continue emo-ing a side.. both of them are still talking.. i cant standing it anymore so i decided to go forward and talk to the others. I was good that i manage to think of talking to them but things wasnt good at all. Everybody continues to chit chating each other including of them. My brain was commanding my mouth to talk, but the eye's soghts has intrupted the brain's command. I give up.. Mayb both of us are not meant to be.. mayb is hould stop counting days and rethink my life.. Then my sis approach to me with her hands of prize. Then i suddenly realise that i forgotten to take the picture. She was angry and she hit me on the head really hard. My temper was to the maximum!!! I was so freaking pissed i shout on her. Then i push the chairs, grab my bag and just walk away.

I was sitting some where in the school thinking.. I may have no fate or luck at all.. I losted my best friend and now i losted "her".. Whats goign to happend next? Losing my selg? Losing my confident? Losing my friends? it was painful then tear started falling on my cheeks.. I was crying seriosusy crying.. and then i said to my self :" I give up.." It was my first 15th years old tears.. and also my 15th years old bad memory.. One big awful memory..

Then i remember that i was holding a pack of bread for my sister. I rub away my tears and stand back up. Slowly walking abt to the hall.. i saw sis and just give her the pack of bread and walk bag intothe hall and back to my alone sit. When i was walking in everybody was staring at me mayb cos the incident before.. The MunWai appoarch to me and gave me a long talk. Then later SuiLun joins into the conversation. It was a really long talk.. but it was just MunWai and SuiLun talking i was just sitting now listening to them... MunWai's talks made me cool down and my temper was back to the usual.. After the long talk it was time to go home..

Back home i didnt even touch my PS2 and just lie down on the bed.. And wish that all of this is a dream.. i nightmare that issint real at all. But after i woke up again.. i realise it is a reality but still i remember MunWai's talk. So i decided to give fate a last chance, and is also the final chace for this year.. I shall bet this final chance on the coming Teenagers Camp. If i lose my chance in this bet i shall give up all my hope and forget about it..

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jun Jie is Leaving!?

There is this good friend of mine, i mean a very GOOD one. His name is FooJunJie, same age. FooJunJie is kind, friendly, handsome, *rich, smart, tall.. Arh.. im kinda lazy to write abt him cos his like a genius!! XD Can say his my BEST of the BEST friend i ever knw in my life! Both of us share the same things like, both of us are a BIG KingdomHearts fan, both us play basketball, and of course both of us wear specs! XD

JunJie has been a friends with me ever since TADIKA!! Is like from tadika, primary until now! Well we dun really knw each other yet when is in tadika but after we meet each other again in PuayChai (my primary school), we started to get along well. A few years later , i think i was standart 4 or 3 that time, Jun dicide to move to another house. Is old house was very near to mine, but then his family decided to move to Tropicana which very far. Is was kinda sad cos i dun really get to visit him that much anymore but then we still can see each other in school! XD

Then after secondary, both of us spilt a part.. But then he still come my house for tuiton! Which i a good thing, at least we get to contact and meet each other once a week.(^^) Besides that i have his MSN so i could chat with him when ever i wanted to. (His those kind of ppl that 24/7 online one) Ever since after PMR we kinda lack of contact. Well is problely his holiday-ing some where far. Well his rich, so problely he will fly to Italy or some where which is rich! XD

Yesterday which friday, i was playing around the padang some where near my house (can say is kinda far) I was playing with Angela, Michelle, Wayne, Natanel, Audrey and WeiSoong. Then i saw JunJie's driver! So i mind as well talk with him abt Jun (thats what i call JunJie for short) I thought i was going to hear good news abt him like he gets a girl friend or his gonna go to other places for holiday. But is wasnt good at all...

His driver told me that JunJie is still STUDYING now. I was totally shock so i ask him why. Ater his explaining all i knw was, his going some where far which is not in Selangor. This means a long trip and also a long time to come. Jun is studying right now and his kinda in a far far place (which is still Selangor la..) but then his has to study at that place fo like 3 weeks only he can go back home. Then after Secondary he will be going overseas for college.

I was good for him but sad for me.. I fell very broken once i heard abt the news.. My good Friend? JunJie? is going some where far!? Once i heard the news i was super silence.. I was think are we going to contact again? Are we going to chat around abt KingdomHearts? Are we going to ever meet again? It felt no good losing a friend like him..

After the conversation with his driver, his driver received a call. It was JunJie the drive game the phone to me and let me have a chance to talk to him. At least i can still hear his voice for the last time. I ask Jun abt ever thing and it was for real.. Angela, Audrey and Natenal are friends of JunJia and also mine ever since primary too. They all talk with him. I think JunJie was also proud to hear everyone's voice too. Ask him :"Is there another chance i can go to your house?" he replied:"Sure! But not this month, December will do." I was so freaking happy after listening to him.

Is was hard losing a friend espeacially some one like JunJie. I felt like crying on the was home and it wasnt easy to stop me from thing the things abt him. The most importantly the time we are together.. I was sad but proud cos my good has his own good future already. Jun is leaving.. And on the December is problely the last time i will ever see him again. I shall appericate that day well.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Crazy Family! XD

Well problely most of you all dun really knw my fmily. And some of you all really knw abt them. Mayb some of you all just look and might think their are meanies or evil or kind. But yur wrong.... My family is kinda very very mix up type..(including me) LEt me explain right now..Okay lets start from the eldest to the youngest.

My Daddy (always Class him Dada in blogging or internet stuffs)

My daddy is problely the most mix up one. If most of you all have seen his face, he could look very serious means fierce. Most of my frens says that my dad looks fierce. Like i say yur wrong. In my family, my dad is the "persuruhan keadilan" means something like superman!! He mayb look fierce but hell no!!! He jokes alot you knw!! That mayb how i knw how to joke a lot like him..XP From the lookks of my dad, lots of people says that he work as a enginer or something which is high class. But nope! Once i told them the real job that his working. their reaction will go like "Huh!?" or "What!?" or "You serious!!?" and even "Your kidding right?" (Is true, these reactions have been made by my basketball frens XP) My dad is working as a hawker in pasar pagi and pasar malam. Shocking issint it? My dad is smart in maths and chinese but his a little bit weak in english... I said my dad was kinda mix cos most of my frens their daddy will be like fierce and serious on works and so so on.. But my dad was the HERO in my family! Im proud to have a dad like him..(^^)

My Mother (I dun really talk abt her that much in blogging..)

Mostly mom are all gentle and kind or something like that. But my mother is a little bit diffrent from the others..scratch that it is BIG diffrence!! My mom is those kind of serious and fierce kind! To tell you all the truth my bro and sis dun really like her tht much.. She may look kind but one her dark side, is a lot diffrent than thta. My mom is problely the devil in our family. Even my superman (my dad) cant even help us. Once my mom gets angry she will be kinda like crazy. Shes like the DOTA heroes that knw how to do chain lighthing like that. Which means once she gets angry she will chain reaction all of us. For example my bro did something wrong and it seriosuly made my mom angry. She will scold the HOLE family! (0.0) Is like im innocently sitting aside playing PS2, she suddenly just find a subject to scold me! If she lose in a fight (means she lose in a quarel) she will take the past subject and counter us back. Man she can really scold.. No one in my family (including my dad) cant beat her! I think this is the only thing that shes special at in my family,,(=.=)

My Brother (Can be serious , can be funny)

My brother one of the most kindest human being i ever knw in my family. He can serious for some times but he can be seriously funny! XD I have to say my brother is the most coolest looking guy in my family. I cant say his the most handsome one cos my dad is! XD Both of us share the same room, same com and even same game. Once my brother gets fierce he could be something like my mother but just a lot better than her. My brother's and mother's realation arent really that well. My mom is like Tom and my brother is like Jerry.(from the movie Tom and Jerry) Both of them always fight. But once they fight one of them will be in bad mood which means problem for my dad, sister and me. My brother is also good hearted. He like animals and also always pity the others. Long story short, i just like my brother even if he hates me..(^^)

My Sister (The most understanding person in my family)

Me and my sister's atiitude are kinda similar to each other..Well both of us are playful, love to talk, joke around, weak memory and also lazy..(=.=) But my sis is not as lazy as i am. Problely can say the most understanding person in my family. I dun really tell that much secrets to my brother but to my sister is one BIG bunch of secrets. What ever comic that i buy, my sister will also join along. But once you look at the face of my sister, you think that we're not related. Well is pretty normal, lots of people said that.(^^) Even knw our relationship is good, but there must be also times that we quarel(tahts very normal in the family) But our quarel is super fast finishing. Is liek after a few minutes or hours both of guys are back together again. Weird issint? XD (Note: In my link list there is a link to my sister's blog. You could stop by and check it out)

Thats all? No.. Theres still one more...XD

My Doggie (His name is Jasper/Jasperboy)

The cutest living being in my family. But this living being is not from my mother of course. I dun really knw this little brother that much but all i knw that its lonely. My sister has been thinking how did he live every day? Is like he eats, he lubricates and then he sleeps that all he does! I bet that his tripping time was one the times where we bring him for a walk or bring him into the house. Beside my dad, Jasper is also another hero in my family. It may look cute, innocent, small and of course short, but this little brother can be a seriously large JAW. Its BITES!! XD This samall little fella almost bites any thing. Even my soft toy tiger! which is innocent! (swts...) Even this little brother is a lot diffrent than the other family members but I still accept it as a part of my family.

Thats all? Yes. That all abt my family, i just dun really knw what i put the title called "My Crazy Family" Mayb thats the only thing i can think of abt my family. So thats all for today! CIAOZ!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gaming Holidays

Ever since PMR is over it means holidays for the form 3s. Im particulary one of them, means i have been having holiday for almost one month. But through out the holiday people should be exploring some where or go shopping with their friends. My holiday was one gaming. I have been gaming for the past ONE month!! Some also some time i do a little bit of basketball-ing. But since an old friend of mine Angela, lended me a PS2!!! Which is super amazing but only for a time limit. So i mind as well play the PS2 before the time runs out.

As u all knw that i have been gaming through out the holidays. Like what game freak does, they will always just aim for a few games to finish it and then head to another next few games. Im been gaming through out the holiday there must be some game i been aim for. So i will be telling you all right now.

God of War

God of War is the first game i have been aiming to finish. But until now i have not been finish it. Cos this game uses IQ and EQ which im weak at.. This is game is abt a warrior trying to cured his past evil deeds. In the human world, there are actually evil cretures attack humanity. The god needed a help from a great warrior which is the guy that is trying to cured his past evil deeds. The god agree to forgive his mistakes if he is willing to help them to save the human world. The warrior agree and was willing to help the human even by taking own life just to cured his evil deeds. The adventures begin, the warrior may receive God's powers each time sucessfully cross a stage. This amazing RPG game has amire me with it graphic. Even knw his game is a little horrifying (since you can see blood and pure naked women) but the adventurign is unstoppable! Beside than KingdomHearst this is one of the best RPG game i ever had! XD

God of War II

God of War two is the same warrior chracters with diffrent amazing. The story is abt what happend after the warrior save the world from evill monsters. The God og underworld Hades has push the warrior back into the human (In God of War 1 the warrior has became a god) The warrior is powerless without the strength of God. So the warrior has to slowly obtaine another new power and slowly climb him self back to heaven and challenge Hades again. I havent started playing this but some of my friends told me abt to storyline. I think i will start this game once i have finish God of War 1. XP

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X (means 10) has been a very old game. But i havent played this game before. So i started playing this battling game. The story is abt a guy named Tidus has been transfere to 1000 years to the future, and in order to go back to his own world he has to defeat the almighty monster "sin". The only way to defeat "sin" is to protect the summoner named Yuna and obtain the final Aeon (which is a summoning beast). This main thing abt this game is battling but there also a little bit love story in this game. Final Fantasy X has been one of the most popular games among the other Final Fantasys. I been playing this game for a while, so i think i could finish it as soon as possible. Yuna is CUTE!! XP

Kingdom Hearst II FinalMix +

Of course after a long time for not playing PS2 i will surely turn back to my favourite game. Kingdom Hearts II FinalMix+ is a diffrent version compare to the original KingdomHearts II. KH2FM+ (Kingom Hearts II FinalMix+ in short) has even more hidden secene and even more battling. The mysterious Armor Figure that i talk abt before is only available in KH2FM+. I have finish this game but when im bored i will challenge the ArmorFigure into a climatic fight. XD

These are the games i have been aim in this Holiday. Problely after finish these game i will head back to PS1 again. So happy Holidays to every one!! Dun be a game freak like ME! XD

Monday, November 5, 2007

Yesterday's Monday

As usual not really muching things happens on Monday. The only thing that was intresting was only the time where i was working. Working times come. Compare to the other working days today there is only a few thigns happends. And also now im kinda lazy to type things now..

Okay on the begin of the working time, I saw JasmineGan, MayWen and a girl which i dun really remember her name but all i kne abt her is she lives nearby me only. Okay i saw JasmineGan, the first thing that Jasmine asked me was "Why did you grow so tall suddenly?" I was cocky that time so i told her "Is not im talll. Is just because your short" XD I was super cocky after some one said that i was tall. XP The the girl that i dun really knw her name said that there must be some thing to do with my shoes. Is true that shoes made me tall but even if im not wearing shoes, i can still be taller than them. XD After they walk off i look around , no one was taller than me. I was freaking cocky , but until.. there was one america guy ordered. He was like one head taller than me! OMG.. I wanna grow tall but not that tall! Until that i was kinda happy with my height already. I dun think i wanna grow taller any more la! (^^)

Around 9.30 there was a shout not far away from my fathers stall. Suddenly there was a guy in blue running and banging other peoples. On his hand he was holding a red paper, problely it could be money. My father and I thought that tat guy was a burgular. But then the biscuit aunt told us that i wasnt. Suddenlt a group of MPPJ running towards the guy's direction. No i only know, that guy wasnt a burgular, it was only a guy selling video games VCD running away from the MPPJs. I was kinda shocking and also a very good exprenice for me. (><)

After 10.00pm i have a chance to go home already. My aunt was fetching me home but they are in McD. So i have to walk all the away to McD. On my way to McD, i passed by a comic stall. My eyes was targeting a new comic. Actually the comic was kinda old, but its just that i havent buy it before. The comic was called To-Love-Ru. I brought the comic, entered McD and go back home.

There all my working times. It really wasnt intersting compare from the other working times.

Lasted Sunday.

That early in the morning sunday, i reach sunday school around 7.45am. I havent ate breakfast yet on that time, so i was deciding to head to GraceCorner (the mamak stall near sunday school) to have a piece of roti canai! But then once i reach GraceCorner, the mamak wasnt there.. The hole thing shattered! Roof and Tree falling a part. It was like an attack by a Hurricaine. There goes my breakfast.

I walk into the class, that time was pretty early.. No one would ever came in such early time. But amazingly MunWai!!! the person that usually came into the class late entered the class on 7.55am!! XD So we started chatting all the way. Then another fren of mine CheeWei came in and join our conversation. Sudden i started subject about "cookie". I dun really remember what did we talk abt, but all i knw that particular subject gave us a big laugh.

Time continues to flow on, people are slowly getting into class and bro.Ronnie came into the class! We knw that next week there will be prize giving day, so the winners for the hymm singing will have to preform again on stage which is my class. Every body knew abt it, but none of us dicided to do some training. Look likes we will settle it on the last minute la..

John and Justin were in class. I cant remember what really happen but then all i remember was we started talking abt "Happt Tree Friends". Justin brought his Ipod which has HappyTreeFriends in it. Bro.Ronnie dun really knw what HappyTreeFriends is so we showed him an episode. That episode was not really that horrifying but it was super funny! XD

Happy Tree Friends -Out of The Limb-

PeiYin came on that day. Every single guy started to hang out wif her except me.. Well that very normal.. PeiYin says that she doesnt really like seeing HappyTreeFriends, so John and Justin started being naughty. They show PeiYin a few episodes including the one above, PeiYin was a little bit horrifyed by the episode. After watching she told John that if she couldnt sleep at night she will find John. That sounds pretty wrong but every one of us get what she meant.

After sitting alone of a little while.. I started being emo again. I started to think of my school, my friends, my classmates, and also my school days. I kinda started to think sunday school is getting boring again.. school days was so much better than sunday school.. So that sunday i was left out alone, and also left out emo-ing at a side..

After sunday school i went to another mamak which is kinda far compare to GraceCorner. I told John that i was going, John said that he will be following me later. I was super hungry so i dun want to wait already, so i walk to the mamak alone again.. I ordered a RotiTelur, a RotiCanai and a cup of Teh O'Ice Lemau. It was long waiting for the orders to come. But John still haven arrive even after i ate every thing. I was freaking pissed so i walk back to sunday school alone.

Once I reached SundaySchool, I saw John and Justin with PeiYin and some girls from the other class. After i sawed the inccident i was really mad, so i appoach to John and Justin and give both of them one hang of a fight. After that i started sitting down alone at the side, rethink my life.. After a few minutes of thinking, I just notice that i was seriously mad. I was like a fire burning in my eyes and I couldnt control myself. I think i just over did it. Was i just angry? Was i just pissed? Was i just trying to emo myself? Or m i just jealous?

A was wrong abt myself so i went home early and lye down on my bed again.. It was a horrible sunday to me.. nthing fun happend nor nthing weird happend.. It just one big lonely sunday..

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Things That I See (o.o)

Humans have eyes. Of course eyes are use to see many diffrent kinds of things. For example prevert people will always stare at other guys/girls. This means diffrent kinds people see diffrent kinds things. I have my own kind. So that why this hole blog is abt what i see in diffrent kinds of places.

I really see lots of kinds of stuffs. XD But what im abt to write is the things that my eyes usually aim at! Diffrent sights can been seen in diffrent place.(o.o) I will write diffrent places with diffrent sights.(^^)

13 diffrent things that i can see at home:
-My families
-My doggie! XD
-My soft tiger! XD
-PS2!! (o.o)
-My maid
-My computers
-Three wheel motorbike
-Carrot Cakes
-Toilet!! XD
-My piggy bank
-Ogawa chair!(o.o)

10 diffrent things that i see in school:
-School Teachers
-Displin Teachers (o.o)
-Classmates (^^)
-Gloria Chan! XD
-Jin Hwei! (^^)
-Other friends
-KRS board.
-Handphones! (o.o)
-Justin Lee (=.=)

10 diffrent things that i see in sunday school:
-Sunday School main gate
-Youth Board
-Tissa Class!! XD
-Friends!! XD
-Justin Lee AGAIN!! (=.=)
-Mamak stalls
-Roti Canai! XP
-Happy Tree Friends!?
-Bro.Ronnie (^^)

5 diffrent things that i see in pasar malam:
-Carrot Cakes again! XP
-Honey Drew!! XP
-Friends XD
-Cute Girls (o.o)
-Money XD

5 diffrent things i see in the toilet:
-Tooth Brush and Paste (at my house)
-Toilet Bowl (=.=)
-Soap XD
-Tissue paper (o.o)
-Water!! XD

6 diffrent things i see while riding bicycle:
-Basketball court! (o.o)
-Gas Truck XD
-Cars? (=.=)
-Play Ground
-Cute girls XD

8 diffrent things i see while im going out:
-Game shops
-Cute Girls XP
-Handphone shops
-Cyber Cafe XD
-Nice cloths (o.o)
-Other cool accesory (o.o)
-Coincedence Friends? XP

5 diffrent things that i see while playing basketball:
-Team members
-Basketball approching towards me!
-Enemy locations (o.o)
-Staring at team member's signal
-Staring at senior's signal

3 RARE sights that i've seen before:
-Flasher! (o.o)
-Super Stars! XD
-Some thing in white.. D8

If some of you all notice, most of the stuff that i seen is mostly cute girls. Thats kinda normal for guys you knw or mayb is just me getting prevert. D8 And also the one which is "some thing is white" just to tell you all i saw that when i was walking it at the lorong on Tuesdays pasar malam. It just something is white.. It could be my eyes problem or mayb i just saw something wrong.. D8 Oh ya and SuperStars, i saw JJ and Rudy from while i was on my way to sunday school.

Okay thats all for now! Hope you all enjoyed the blog! XD

Friday, November 2, 2007

Yesterday's Pasar Malam

Thurdays.. Of course nothing happend early in the morning. I was playing PS1 the hole day long. No not really much things to say abt that morning. But the PasarMalam night again. Going out and help my dad again, which was the only intresting i could talk abt that day.

Okay PasarMalam i reach ther and help my tht like usual. But yesterday business for kinda lousy. Around 7.30pm the sky was getting dark, means is going to rain. Me and my dad were dissapointed. Both of us just look at the sky and just wish the rain could stop. Fuh! Fate was with us the rain started to stop around 8.00pm! I were so lucky so all of us get back to business.

I notice that the "Ai Yu Ping" stall (some stall that sell honeydrew beside my dad's stall), there was a very very pretty/cute girl sitting beside the stall (which is on the left side of me) drink honeydrew. Wow that girl was so cute/pretty! Longhair, nicebody and also most important pretty face!! XD But the girl was kinda elder than me, she was like 20~25 years old. Suddenly the girl order a packet of carrotcake from my shop. Then she start talking to do my dad, asking him am i my dad's son. (she doesnt knw that im related to my dad) After that she started talking to ME!! XD Waaa... we kinda talk a lot even knw i just meet each other. Both of us are talking abt family things like old am i, planing to talk what stream , etc... Waaa... :D Is been a while ever since i talk to a cute/pretty girl. The last time i talk to one was the last day of school. Sobs.. cute girls in my schoool are now all gone.. The girl left after the packet arrived. She smile at me and wave me good bye. (^^)

Now back to the "Ai Yu Ping" stall.I just notice yesterday tht the "Ai Yu Ping" stall always have cute girls buying honeydrews. I ask the brother of the shop that why so many cute girl like to buy his honeydrew. He answer me this: " Cause i handsome ma!" I gave his the weird sight look.. Then i ask him: "If your handsome then whats my dad?" I must say my dad really is handsome! (That wat all son and daughter will say abt their parents) XD. He replied me: "Not handsome la!" I gave the sweat face and then ask him another question: "My dad so handsome u go say not handsome, then what m i? He stare a me for a moment then say: "You arh? Cannot not see those kind lo." He started laughing. (means that was only a joke) The joke wasnt funny to me but it is to my dad! My dad was laughing behide of us cos he heard every single of our conversatin. I stare at him with my not happy face, he quick get back to work.

Then there was a private VCD and DVD beside my stall. Then the MPPU (a even stronger organization than MPPJ) suddenly come out from the back of the stall and catch every single one of them which is selling the CDs. Nobody knows cos the MPPUs are wearing normal shirt. (arent like MPPJs wearing uniforms) Then the boss of the stall was caught but some of them run away already. I heard from my dad that MPPU have the rights to lock up ppl in jail. So the boss of the MPPU lock the boss of the VCDs and send him into the car. One of the guys that manage to escape was brother "Ai Yu Ping" fren. I dont really know that much abt it.. but im pretty sure that this MPPU is very profesional.

That all the special things that i could say abt yesterday's PasarMalam. Actually something specail happend today. I will post it out in the blog soon, once i get the pictures form Angela. So u all have to wait then. Till the Byebu!!! XD

Info: Im kinda sick right now.. So i will lying down on the bed for a few days, few weeks or mayb few months.