Friday, April 30, 2010


Today, went back to campus again.. just to set my timetable and make up my mine for my future road..

I offically change from FIS into FIA!! 8D (just incase anyone of u dont know.. its from Foundation is Science into Foundation in Arts)

Well, honestly im not very sure about this.. but of course.. its better than staying in FIS. (thats what i get from my advisers and counselors) Its definately a STUPID choice la.. but i think im better not suffer and waste my time in FIS..

I made mistake for not booking my subjects timetable.. BIG BIG mistake.. now my timetables are extremely screwed up.. i only can take 3 comfrim subjects this sem.. dammit! D8 Thanks to that.. i have to take 5 subjects next sem and this sem i cant fail anyone of them! D8

All thanks to Internet Principle (IP) .. if only there are more classes for IP. Theres only one class for this subject! D8 There is a bright side of this IP subject.. Mr.Siva is my lecturer again! 8D

The dark side of this time table is.. im going back home very late for 4 days.. my class ends around 3~5pm. D8 but the bright side is.. i have some free interval break times. 8D but the dark side is.. there are lots and lots to cramping classes as well.

There are dark sides and bright sides of my new timetable. Overall is mostly dark sides.. DX

Mom kinda screwed me a little.. okay not a little.. SCREWED ME BIG TIME!! Oh well, its my fault for not studying very hard.. she kinda banned me from computer-ing at home. And i also think that she shud banned me as well. I totally agree..

Let me try to use computer only in colleges la. X) And also.. i have to change my studying style.. i gotta change everything! If i change these mistakes i have done in the past.. i wont face sooo much problems right now.. plus, second sem is the most busiest sem every! D8

Surprised that im saying these words of wisdom huh? XD But trust.. it wont last.. unless my mom is really really strict about it. XD But im willing to change seriously.. no more fooling around now.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Thursday.. went to Campus for meeting again.. but i went there early because i wanna play a little ping pong there. Got a little addicted to it. XP

Went there and found Zhen Pei, Li Huey and Amanda there. Well.. Amanda is doing something which i dunno what.. and Zhen Pei and Li Huey keeps camwhoring.. Well makes no difference.. me and Justin are still going to play ping pong anyways. XD

After that went out and have lunch with Saiful, Faris, Candy and Daniel. Its weird.. today i cant eat much.. something must be not right.. very very not right! D8

Then we had a long long meeting for Social Sphere..

After that I went and check out on my results.. Unlike PMR or SPM, im willing to expose my results already.. mayb cause its only 4 subjects. XP I got Distinction for English, Credits for Computer and Study Skills and finally i FAILED my calculus.

You know what? im going to change my course into foundation in Arts. And of course, if im going to change into FIA, then im going to change my future career path.. D8 Yeah, its hard.. but if i just think that im not science material person..

Now.. i have change my path of road into a Computer Science IT future.. well its waaaay lousier than Computer Engineering but overall what both of them are doing is just the same way. X) So i've my path of career. X)

After settling everything.. its time for FUN! 8D Me, Corliss, Esther, Daniel, Justin, Saiful, Nick, Candy and Faris went for a movie! and we watched IRON MAN 2! 8D And guess who i spotted there? I spotted KCY, Ming Yap, Dinesh and Kee Wei! 8D My old high school buddies good to see them again. XP

Iron Man 2 was dammmm good.. love it! XD Especially War Machine. XP

After that.. Walked home with KCY. Its been awhile ever since we walked home. Sounds gay.. but yeah! what can u do? XD I told him everything that i feel so far.. and honestly.. I felt a little bit better after that. X) Thank for listeing KCY.

Well everything that has happened.. i think its best that i just sleep it off.. X)

Monday, April 26, 2010

April Orientation Day!

I cant believe its like already the end of april and all the other new intakers are coming in already! D8 Im becoming a senior again! This is tooo soon!

Something not related to the topic:
Now, among the gang of guys that im hanging out with. i finally claim to have the most longest hair among all of them. why? Cause Max cutted his hair!! XD But i have to admit.. his hair looks good.. XP

This picture is nice.. yet wrong for some reason. XD

Well.. everything went well.. honestly.. its almost the same as March Orientation Day. Just that thsi time there are lesser people. XP I think it wont have a hard time to stay 'loyal' for that this patch of intakes la. XD (if u know what mean..)

I became tour guide again.. well, march intakes tour guide was waaaay better. Well mayb cause they are more noisier or something.. or mayb cause during the march intake tour guiding, Justin was inside gua. XD (without that fella, the group wont be noisy one la. XD)

After social sphere meeting, me and Justin started to have obbession towards Ping-Pong. XD At first both of us suck at it. (okay mayb to 'us', mayb its only me. XD) but now, we're starting to get the hang of it! 8D At least i got something sporty to do now im campus. XP (like finally..)

While i was playing ping-ping. Alex took my phone and took some pictures around here and there. Plus, alot of camwhoring. XD

Corliss and the bright light behide her. XD

Daniel macam 'yes' like usual.

Alex the puss face.

After that, we decided to stay as long as we can.. cause all of us are lazy and also dont wanna go home. XP (we=me, daniel, corliss, justin and alex) So we decided to go some where and eat and guess where we decided to eat? SS2!! 8D

Yeap, Corliss drove me and Daniel down to ss2 and have our dinner there. What about Alex and Justin? Well Alez seems to have suddenly have some change of plans (over and over again) and got to go somewhere else. XP And Justin? He memang to go home already. XD

Its been awhile ever since i step foot into ss2 again. I remember the last time i went there was to in the cyber cafe playing COD with my high school friends. Those were the days la. XD and surprisingly, im still pretty popular around that area. (im real, im not being perasan.) Every where i go, there are people who knows me! 8D

Dad was pretty surprise that i appear there. XP

Went to wai sek kai and have our dinner there.. I missed the Chicken Chop There. XP After that, we got tapao my dad's Legendary Carrot Cake and finally go to kei dak sek to have our dessert. XP (we did alot of things in such a short time.. XD)

well since Alex said that he wanted to eat some tong sui and he himself is not there.. we all decided to be evil and take pictures of the dessert we have that. Whose idea was that? My idea! *grims* XD

And this only the menu.. not the food itself. XD

Look how excited we all looked? XD

Corliss's tong sui came first.. mmmmmm~ XD

Well shes kind enuf to try to feed Alex through the camera. XD

On the other hand Daniel has another whole different idea.. *grims*

Look at the ice melt at his mouth! XD *purposely*

It looks sooo good that we have to take another one. XD

Heres what i ordered. Its SUPER SWEET WEI! 8D

Mmmmmmm~ Look the manggo melt there! XD

I bet Alex will regret not following us that day already. XD Well we do all this cause we love u Alex. XP

After that Corliss fetch me home and leaving Daniel at my place to lepak for awhile.. not long later, he have to ciao also.. XP After Daniel, the first thing i thought to do is to take a bath, have my dinner (again) and play my Ferrari. But then suddenly.. ZzZzZzZz

ZzZzZzZz.. all the way to 12am next day in the morning. D8 But my brother was awake, so i watch a movie with him and also see him play HON at the same time. (movie at the big com, HON at Ferrari.) Pirate of the Caribbean 1 rocks man! XD

So to summarize the whole thing for the day is..

-Corliss and Daniel have taste the legendary ss2 carrot cake.

-Alex is a guy who change his mind like a girl..

-Max cut his hair finally.

-and I still have no luck at all. Not doing any good progress.. X)

I've been playing with fire from the start.. so i know what will happens if i burn myself.. but as we all know fire has heat.. even a small slight error.. u might get burn alittle bit.. and as we all know, little bit by little bit.. it might become big and big.

I just wanna shut this fire off.. and also become used to it.. its not easy.. thats why i need balls to do so..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

One long and Boring Update

After the genting trip (which was like 2 days ago) everything has been completely back to normal boring-ness again.

Its not that i dont wanna go out, its because im too broke to go out! Alex understands how i feel..

Its not that i dont wanna to play some video games to entertain myself, its because i dont have video games to entertain myself.

The 'best' entertaining thing that i have with me right now is my guitar, my phone and facebook. Well facebook not very much since its kinda lifeless at some certain point.

These days im just downloading more and more kingdom hearts instrumental music into my phone.. and stalk a little bit of Yoona (from Girls Generation/SNSD).

Kingdom hearts instrumental music are soooo touching and yet sad.. well cause the story is always a sad ending and sometimes there might have people dying.. its always touching music. Well i like it since im the kind of emotional guy! XD

Of course i download some epic battle theme music as well la. Cause they are epic thats why i download them! Well i think i download them for no farking reason actually. XP

Having alittle bit of fun with my Ferrari laptop these days. It deserve to be called Ferrari cause the speed of the laptop is super duper fast. Mayb cause its a new laptop.. XD But most of the time my brother will take it out and use or something. So yeah.. XP

Sometimes, it pretty awesome to talk with ur close high school friends again. I've been talking to Alvin KCY alot lately.. and i just had a dinner with WeiSoong. Beside Tarvin and Nat, these two are the best friend around me in high school.

Its funny that KCY knows my kind of taste very well.. XP And WeiSoong understand the situation of it. Its weird and funny cause.. i only talk to them through internet and they understand me! Shud meet up with my other high school friends more often. XD

Mom: 'Well its sem break, ever thought of what to take next sem?'

Well, honestly.. No.. I havent been really thinking of anything about my future right now. I have very lack of confident in what im going to be in the future already. (all thanks to calculus)

We'll see how the results really goes than only i decided.

Corliss: 'You should be a Psychologist'

Well.. never thought of taking that before.. but thanks for suggesting corliss. I have been doing a little bit of research about psychologist. I even watch a movie about psychologist. Its actually kinda cool.. its like u can read people's mind or something.

But i think im not really that kind of person who can deal with such things. I cant really control my emotionals.. so yeah, its tough.

Yes, some of you who know about it.. im am taking a big risk of my life.. i have been playing with fire from the start already.. so, since i already know about the risk to taking it, i should know how to to control it. X) Its never going to be easy.. but i will try. X) Lets just wish me the best of luck la. XP

but of course, first i need to get myself some balls.. XD And i rmbr one of Corliss's message was like.. 'Grab your balls.. NOW!!' XD

I think thats enough update for the day la.. XP thank god im getting out from my house tomorrow, and im going to campus to tour guide new intakers! XD Lets hope theres a good turn out la. X)

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Trip to Genting!

Dex, Mandy, Alex, Corliss and Candy. Including me, 6 of us decided to have small group of trip to Genting. Well.. heres how this short trip turns out.. (more pictures will be coming from Candy and Alex soon)

I cant really sleep the night before this trip. Why? I guess the word is excited. XD So, i woke up extremly early, around 7am just to get myself ready and everything. I went my facebook for the last time before i leave my house. And it was nice that my brother was willing to wake up early to fetch me all the way to 1U. (although he is a little bit angry about it.)

Reached 1U around 8.20am and not long later.. the other show up except Candy. Plus, we are forced to get into the bus early cause the bus IS leaving early. But Candy still hasnt show up! D8 For a moment there i thought shes not going to come anymore or something.. but luckily the person incharge lets her into the next bus. XD

Reach there.. lepak for awhile until Candy comes.. the went she cames.. off we got to the cable car! XD We were all scared as hell when we are in the cable car. XD

It was pretty high up there. XP

Mandy and Dex were sitting beside of me.

After we reached, we left our stuffs at Highlands Hotel and went off to the theme park!! XD Since we are all cheap bastard.. we only bought the one which is 1 day outdoor only. XP

We had a few rides.. but suddenly the rain came and some of us are a little tired due to lack to resting. So we stopped around and take a rest.

Candy wants cotton Candy. XD

The other two are still doing their things.. XD

Candy's Candid shot. XP

Alex taking a quick and nice nap.. XD

The rain was still coming down.. so we went to a fast food shop and eat (again) and hang out there for awhile.. XP We cant check-in into the hotel cause the person who check in was my mom. XP So we need to wait for her to come and only can check in.

The rain stopped for awhile so we took turns going out and play. Dex and Alex went out and play first and leaving Me, Candy, Mandy and Corliss. Corliss felt asleep.. so left me, Candy and Mandy chatting. We start talking about Shin-Chan and got very excited about it. XD

The rain came back and so is Alex and Dex. Both of them were kinda pissed cause it was about their turn to sit the spaceshot. XD Then, the rain stopped again. (the weather was horrible wei) Then it was Me, Candy and Alex's turn to go out and play.

Once we take a step out.. the rain come again.. (seriously.. WTF!?) we end up going around and buy stuffs here and there.. But of course we did sat on some rides. XP The sat on the old antic car ride and Alex was our driver! XD

After that my mom came. So all of us quickly head back to the Highlands hotel and bring in our stuffs. Its was an awesome 5 star hotel and we can get it for a extremely cheap price. (they dont call my mom a professional counselor for nothing. XD)

Candy got a little tired..

Alex: "You wanna come on me?"



Everyone was tired..

The view there was fantastic! XD

Candy helped Alex to massage.

This may look wrong but she was massaging Corliss as well. XD

Guess whose hands are these.. XD

Theres a bath tab there! 8D

Since the rain doesnt wanna stop, we took a very very long afternoon+evening nap. XP Some of us are not feeling very well as well.. so that a good time to take a quick break.

I was sooo not tired.. i went out and have a walk myself.. XP It was fun and i get to see kids playing with MushiKing again! XD (i used to love that game.. XP) In the mean time i bought some food for them since we are ALREADY running out of food. XP

The evening view was fantastic as well. X)

When i get back there.. everyone was already half awake.. well except Corliss. She was extremely tired.. XP And of course we cant leave Corliss alone in the hotel while we go out and have our dinner. So me, Alex and Candy volunteer to go down a tapao for them.

We had dinner at Sushi King and also do a little shopping here and there. (I bet the others must be furious about the late coming food. XD)

Spotted Girls Generation poster! XD

When we came back Mandy was like "OMG!! FOOOOOD!!" XD

We all suddenly become tired and very lazy to go out already.. so we hang around the hotel room and chit chat a little bit..

Mandy felt asleep again.. XD

Meet Corliss's retarded bear! XD

Its head is sanget already! XD thats why its retarded.. XP

We had a little bit of pillow talk about this and that.. then we suddenly just ZzZzZz.. Overall a good night sleep. XP

The next day.. i woke up early again just to wash up. After that, Corliss woke up and continue one with Alex, then Candy and then Dex and Mandy. All thanks to me, i woke everyone up! XP

Me and Candy showing our sexy backs. XD

A little bit of rape-ing in the morning already! XD

Then after rape-ing got a little bit of drama.. XD

We check out from the hotel and quick have our last minute shopping. XD I brought a little gunblade keychain just for fun. XP And the other did alot of shopping.. XP

Some extreme shirt that attracted my attention. XD

I had a little bit of fun changing jackets with Corliss's awesome jacket. The jacket make so me so alike Kamen Rider Black RX! (Minami Kotaro) XD



Yeah, the guy in the middle is who im talking about. XD

The jacket look sooo alike man! XD

Please say that i look like him. XD

After that we are out of our time schedule.. XP So we quickly sit the cable car and quick sat the bus back. Thank god we manage to make it on time. XD

After that its time to break off and get back to our homes.. Well, since no one is at home i mind as well hang around for little more longer. XD So, me, Corliss and Candy went to the Curve and chiong K. XD

First, we made a quick stop at Corliss's place. XP It was my first time stepping into her house. The house might look normal but its actually full of technology! D8 Even the rubbish bin is technologified! XD

Head to the Curve and started singing again.. XD Both of the girls have great voices.. and something more surprising is i know how to sing some of the chinese song that they choose. 8D Pretty good eh? XD

After that we ate at some Taiwan restoran and start talking about alittle this and that.. XP When we finished our food.. we leave and its time to go home. X)

Some random picture of Jasper when he was still very very young.. XD SUPER CUTE MAN! XD

Although there alot this trip have alot of spoilers (for example the rain..) but still.. overall i think it was a good trip. X) Lets do it again some other time! With more people of course. XP

I need to buy some balls.. for some reasons.. XP

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Holidays has already started 2 days ago.. and so far.. these two days are extremely boring.. Well its because all my other friends are busy with their college life, and i am too broke to go out with my college friends. XD

Plus, my brother took my PSP away (like usual) but he did left the computer at home to keep me entertain.. but still.. early in the morning no one will go online one, plus when it comes to evening, my brother will be back home already. So long story short.. im still bored...


If only i can go out and freaking see the green things! Well i actually did.. early in the morning when im bored.. i will bring Jasper (my doggie) out for a quick walk. XP

Dogs are men's best friend. X)

Some of my friends are like.. Are a Girls Generation fan? (GG) I'll be very honestly with u all.. im not a very very big one. I dont even remember most of their names! XD I do listen to their songs.. and look at their bodies.. but im not "AHHHHHHH!!!" crazy of them. XP But i do like one of them.. (its a very normal thing to like one of them only)

Yoona! XD I find her very pretty..

She has like the sweetest smile among all 9 of them. XP

Well.. i dont know about plastic surgery and everything about this one.. but shes good looking. As long as she still looks good without make up then enuf ady la. XD

For some weirdly reason.. she looks like Jia Lin. XP

My theory is like that.. whenever something bad happens to you.. soon and soon.. something good will happened to you. This theory works fine for me so far. I have been boring myself these days.. and guess what happened today?

My brother came home with a small box and he says 'Nah, this one give you.' I open and see what's inside the plastic bag. Guess what i saw..

Its a freaking LAPTOP!! D8

Its the legendary Ferrari laptop! D8

Its a real laptop!! D8 D8 D8

And its freaking MINE!? 8D

I was shocked myself.. that i got my own laptop! That is just crazy!! whats more surprising is that my brother brought that for.. with my mother's money.. XD (and i thought he was freaking rich.)

Well of course the theory works backwards as well.. If something really really good happened to you.. then soon and very soon.. some bad will come along again. And again, my theory works again.

I maybe the owner of the laptop but my brother will be the one using most of the time. So, im the owner who cant really use what he owns. XD Well i dont mind.. as long as i got my konon-nya own laptop. XD

Then, some of my friends start going to my pictures and wall and start writing something like 'SCREW UP MAN!' or something 'I HATE YOU'. Well no big deal.. u guys are just jealous. XD (hinting Candy. XP)

Good things happened.. but whats most important is that.. i miss my friends.. anyone of them! You got good things but u cant share with them about it sucks..

Sometimes.. i wish im like Domokun.XP No matter what happens.. his expression is the same! XD Thats like some god like ability wei! XD

If i can rearrange the alphabets, i will put I and U together.

Tomorrow, im going campus early! I dont care, cause i miss my college and friends! XD