Friday, April 2, 2010

Break the Tension

Im back again!! Finished Computer Presentation, Finished Computer Quiz, Finished Calculus Quiz, Finished passing my LCCTI form, Finished burning songs for Pyjamas Party, Finished Pyjamas Party itself, Finished performing for the band.

Yeap, i have finished most of the things in my list already.. Relieved. XP

Wow.. i cant believe.. its already April! D8 Going to next sems, dealing with exams, dealing with more assignments.. those are NOT the things that im concern.

Its already April.. and what is really my concern is that I going to leave HELP in another 8 more months.. Sorry but i just cant stop thinking about it! X(

Knowing soooo many friends and getting so many adventures.. Its really hard not to think about it.. Leaving them is most probably the hardest thing to do..


Im starting to really like Terra's Voice! (birth by sleep) His voice is just sooooo.. erm.. heroic type and yet sound so damm farking strong! (he is farking strong! XD) Plus, i find his story line the most interesting one!

A guy who force himself into darkness for power so that he could protect his friend.

Issint that interesting! XD Plus, the ending for Terra is freaking twisted! BIG twist! Not even Ventus or Aqua's ending can compare to his! If theres a vote for whose the best BBS character, i first vote Terra! then only Vanitas. XP

Pyjamas Party was just last night.. I have to photos to post right now, so i shall not blog abt it yet but still..


I didnt go for the first orientation night but lots of them said its definately better than the first one. 8D Pyjamas party.. HUGE Sucess! XP Especially our band, 'No Credit'. Last night to totally awesome..

People who didnt come.. PLEASE BE REGRET! XD

Alright so far thats all.. i blog abt Pyjamas Party as soon as i the pictures..

Till then! X)