Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Little This and That..

Well this is also some random pictures in my phone.. but just that i dun wanna use the same title name again.. so.. yeah! XD

I took some picture with my lecturers again. XP

The awesome computer principle lecturer, Mr Siva.

And the hot and good looking study skills lecturer, Ms Selena. X)

I did took a picture with Mr.Joel but some how.. i dunno where issit now.. i think its in my brother's computer. XD (my brother's computer break down.. AGAIN)

Some thing happend to Corliss's car..

Yeah.. thats what happened..
Dont worry.. nothing happened to the car or to Corliss. XD

Yeap, her behide window breaked! D8 Yeap, thats faris's hand. XP

Faris was the maid of the day.. helping Corliss to clean up her car. XD

Wanna know what happened? i think is best that u guys ask Corliss your self.. I dont wanna steal her thunder telling the awesome story abt it. XD

Wanna knows who are the awesome X-FOURS?? XD Lemme show u..

Meet Alex, Dex, Klex and Max.
See why we are awesome yet? XD

The AWESOMES in 007 style.. XD

Try saying our names together, quickly.. XD Its a big tongue twister..

Now these are just really really random stuffs.. XD

Meet the meow meow that scares the crap out of Vanessa. XD

Honestly.. im not interested in the girl.. but the bag! XD

Suelyn having a hard time opening the Staff room door. XD

Honestly.. i've been missing someone that i loved for a long long time already..

Its been awhile ever since i actually listen to her voice..

Its been awhile ever since i actually find her and stalk her..

Its been awhile ever since i actually close my eyes and dreamt of her..

Honestly.. i missed her.. alot..

Wondering how is she doing everyday and second..

Well.. i got a confession to make..

And im not afaird to expose it..

Since most of them have already know..

Guess who??


I missed her alot.. i wonder how is she doing.. X)

But still..


Thats the key word.. XP

Its been awhile ever since i made a long post... hrm...

We'll see.. XD