Monday, April 5, 2010

English Oral Presentation Day

Next day.. was English Oral Presentation day.. and i have confident and i think im prepared for it! XP Maybe im not a stage fright person.

Early in the morning.. when i reached campus. Everyone was having this look on their face when they saw my hair was cut. Well, its not a bad or weird looks.. nor neither its happy. XP Overall.. they still think my hair is long and theres no difference! XD (just what i wanted!)

P/S: Mandy cut her hair too! XD

After that, we played with Candy's magic 8 ball and start predicting this and that.. One of them is that we predict that Corliss is going to wear blue shirt! XD (keep reading on for the answer) Then, head to english class for presentation! *semangat-ed* XD

Everyone did a very very interesting topic! and most of the time, im actually listening to them! XP I think everyone did a great job..

I would like to thank Dex for letting me kick his crouch during my demonstrations.. Trish for lending me his awesome laptop and everyone (including Ms Annie) for listening to me today. I think i did it extremely funny and alot of hand motions.. but still i think i have done good enuf. X)

To make things interesting, Ms Annie asked give everyone to have a feedback paper about the people who present that day. And i got lots of good and some pretty bad/funny feedbacks.

Most of the good one are like.. Good presentations, good slides, interesting demonstration, funny.. etc..

And most of the bad one are like.. Not complete formal dress (i was wearing my sport shoes), Bad Shoes, too rushing, and bad time management.

I can explain about the wearing sport shoes in my formals! How am i suppose to demonstrate about Self Defense in formal shoes wear!? XD (just a little excuse.. XP)

After that, i go and kepo Candy's english class as well. XP Im surprise that non of them used power point as their visual aids. D8 They all used items and white board for their explanations.. cool..

I was there for a reason! I was there to help out with Esther's basketball presentation.. and I understand her presentation the most! XP I was called out to be her assistant and demonstator. (well thats the reasons why i can stay in that class.)

Overall, they did a great job as well. XP

After that free time here and there, went out makan with Corliss, Candy, Danial, Max and Faris at Pizzahut. (after being so long there, i've never step foot in that pizzahut before. XD) Then they started talking about parrot disease which is super funny! Plus, we talked about some little ghost stories and funny ghost stories. Long story short, we talked alot! XD

After that teman-ed Elaine makan and played Chi Ku Pak with Mandy. Mandy's hand motions are soooo easy to predict. I can win her 8 times straight in a row! XD try playing with her next time la. XP

After that go makan with Candy, Daniel, Corliss, Max, Dex and Faris again. XD (spend most of time with them today. XP) Then we start talking about April's orientation night and wednesday's dress code day.

HAT DAY or TIE DAY. You decide. XP

Well.. its been a long and tiring day.. (i kinda dooze of there a few a times) but still.. its a nice day.. and IM HAPPY! =)

Sometimes.. Its not that i dont want to say.. Its just that i CANNOT say!