Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Day Together

Today another EXCITING DAY in college. XP

I went for Mr Siva's final lecturing class and all we left together was his tutorial class and his lab class.. Its kinda sad sometime cause the sem is going to end.. X(

Corliss and I are being bad boy and girl today.. we shall not say why.. XP (if anyone of your know.. just KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!)

After that, went 1U with Corliss, Candy, Saiful, Nick, Daniel, Alex and Dex. No we didnt watch movie.. and No we didnt study.. All we did was eat, chat and have FUN! XD

Today, i know more about Corliss and Alex.. X)

Today, i just found out that Daniel and I have a look of thinking skills in common. XP

Today, i just found out that Dex and I can jump!! XD

Long story short!

Today, was an amazing day.. X)

Look at everyone having FUN.. XD

Dont you just love the sky~ (btw, picture is taken by me.. XP)

Your World is My World.. X)