Friday, April 30, 2010


Today, went back to campus again.. just to set my timetable and make up my mine for my future road..

I offically change from FIS into FIA!! 8D (just incase anyone of u dont know.. its from Foundation is Science into Foundation in Arts)

Well, honestly im not very sure about this.. but of course.. its better than staying in FIS. (thats what i get from my advisers and counselors) Its definately a STUPID choice la.. but i think im better not suffer and waste my time in FIS..

I made mistake for not booking my subjects timetable.. BIG BIG mistake.. now my timetables are extremely screwed up.. i only can take 3 comfrim subjects this sem.. dammit! D8 Thanks to that.. i have to take 5 subjects next sem and this sem i cant fail anyone of them! D8

All thanks to Internet Principle (IP) .. if only there are more classes for IP. Theres only one class for this subject! D8 There is a bright side of this IP subject.. Mr.Siva is my lecturer again! 8D

The dark side of this time table is.. im going back home very late for 4 days.. my class ends around 3~5pm. D8 but the bright side is.. i have some free interval break times. 8D but the dark side is.. there are lots and lots to cramping classes as well.

There are dark sides and bright sides of my new timetable. Overall is mostly dark sides.. DX

Mom kinda screwed me a little.. okay not a little.. SCREWED ME BIG TIME!! Oh well, its my fault for not studying very hard.. she kinda banned me from computer-ing at home. And i also think that she shud banned me as well. I totally agree..

Let me try to use computer only in colleges la. X) And also.. i have to change my studying style.. i gotta change everything! If i change these mistakes i have done in the past.. i wont face sooo much problems right now.. plus, second sem is the most busiest sem every! D8

Surprised that im saying these words of wisdom huh? XD But trust.. it wont last.. unless my mom is really really strict about it. XD But im willing to change seriously.. no more fooling around now.