Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pyjamas Party!!

I think its been awhile.. but i think its time to post about it.. XP

Pyjama Partay AKA Orientation Night TWO!!

Btw, theres going to be more pictures than typing.. plus i cant remember the whole thing.. so yeah.. XP Just roughing what on what i rmbr la.

It was 6pm and everyone is starting to come in with their pyjamas.. some are not.. and some ARE in their pyjamas.. and of course, we ourself have to be spotting and put on our pyjamas.. well.. at least most of us did.. XD

With an opening.. we have the orchestra club people performing awesome music.. It was Canon, Viva La Vida and one more i dunno what song is that. XD Overall, it was a great performance.. (its kinda long la..) the Viva La Vida was the best.. XD

I think that our MCss, Damian, Nick and Saiful are doing great! Damian was like the best in MC i've heard and have. XP

First, we have this blanket ice breaking game.. well.. a blanket will be blocking the person on the other side.. then when the blanket falls down, we'll see who can guess whose name the fastest. XD I got BEATED by Max.. that bastard knew that i was me! XD

Before dinner.. we have a quick human auction.. and one of them wass...

Candy! XD Some lecturer bought her for RM35. XD

Alright! makan time! XD And everyone is happy to serve..

Esther was already having FUN! XD

Look at the crowd! Everyone was having FUN even waiting for the food! XD

The front people are happier.. XD

Even i was having FUN.. SUPER KLEX! XD

Meet HanHan's Rabbit.. but that night it was Candy's. XD

Happy Alex. XD

Max's Mama was calling him.. XD

Like i said.. That night, Candy OWNS that Rabbit. XD

After all the nyumm nyumm, there was a dancing performance to promote the Latin Dance Club and also to promote the Dance Competition that was about to held.

The guy was a student and the girl is a lecturer. XP

HOT arent they? XP

After that, we have our next event. Which is another game.. Which is the normal game, pillow passing. Simply game eh? Music plays.. the pillow passing around.. when music stops.. the person holding the pillow gets punished. But we dont do passing.. we toss the pillow around! XD Whoever catches it will get punish! Thats the difference of this game.

I was calling everyone to stand up~ XP

Damian was explaining the rules of the game..

Daniel, Alex, Joey and Esther are having evil plans..

I was like "Bah.. No Big Deal.. Its just a punishment! XD"

And the game BEGINS! Looks, pillows are flying!

Now, i was like "Give me the pillow, I'll pass to Amy straight! XD"

Alex was even fun by picking up pillows. XD

One of the punishment was tickle Daniel! XD

*grims* daniel's tickle has nothing to do with me..

Another punishment was asking people to sing the first few verse of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. XD Kiong was doing great RaRa-ing. XD

Everyone is having headache already! XD

After that.. we have another few human auctions.. then we have to choose our Best Dress for the Night! And our two lucky winners are..

For males.. Its Samuel Lim! XD (proud, since his from my school. XP)

For females.. Its Corliss Lee! XD (look at her expression.)

Look at them.. with their happy impressions. XD

Applause for the winners! XD

After that was MY main event.. band performing! XD Yeap, 'No Credit' are going up on stage next! XD Im incharge of playing the guitar and side singing. XP

I was testing my guitar and the mike. XP (ignore the hat.)

Vania, Nick and Reuben setting up as well..

Vania, our HOT lead singer! X)

Nick, our talented solo guitarist!

Reuben, our awesome drummer.

Everyone including the crowds is ready..

Not sooo hyper up at first..

Its getting Hyper.. and Hyper..


They gone so wild.. they even start making train! XD

Everyone was crazy and high! XD

Some of them even start dancing! X)

I was focusing the strumming..

Me and Vania are having FUN even singing. X)

The Band was GREAT! I think we did a great job!

After making all of the crowds high.. we begin our DANCE FLOOR!

We first have to become high ourself. XP My favourite dancing style..

After that everyone gone HIGH and start dancing! XD

Hian Woon dancing with style man! XD

Corliss took off her rubberband and dance! XD

Everyone starts gathering around dancing! XD

I pulled Amy out to dance along with me.. XP

After 30~40 minutes long of dancing with people around.. its time to rap up the day.. X)

Everyone was beated.. look at Max! Plain dead! XD

With my hand sight.. i think that Orientation Night was Great!

Cleaning up.. tired but still cleaning up.. XD

Took an awesome pictures with the girls.. XP

After that.. as a celebration we are going to the mamak! XD Like usual.. but still being tired.. is very very hard to celebrate! XD

Its a good old mamak fun time.. but just that we're all tired. XP

Saiful was telling Candy some stories.. XP

After that, all of us are tired.. so we head home.. I rmbr Corliss have to fetch like 9 of us home! XD Good job doing that Corliss! XP Plus, everyone in Corliss car knew my secret that night.. X)

I missed Pyjamas Party.. everything was nice and prefect..

If time would have turn back in sudden to that night, i dun mind doing everything again! XD

In fact.. i might do thing differently that nigt.. XP

Oh well.. back to the studies.. X)