Monday, April 12, 2010

Instrumental Musics

Lately i have been very very IN to Instrumental music.. (some of u must be like.. cheh.. now only listen.. noob. XD)

Nah.. not those which are slow and TOO piano-ish. Its more to smooth and slow at start.. then starts to be Rocking in the middle! XD

Well, all thanks to Death Note, i got all the instrumental stuffs stuck in my head. Well, the movie have lots of good/cool instrumental background music. XD

These days.. i like to wear long selves cloths these days! XD Mayb cause of the Death Note.. L's style is getting into my head again.. XD

L is my inspiration!! XD

(btw, to those of who dunno what's L, this is him. XP)

I've been doing alot and extra alot of thinking these days.. solving equations and solutions..

Well, its up to everything.. and everything shall be decided in another 2 days or 17 days..

Lets just wait.. and see.. XP