Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Another Day

Today, i came back to campus even know its my semester break holidays. XD I came back cause i missed campus, i missed my friends, and we have something important to do. XD

Heres a random question.. Do i look like Max to you all? o.O

We have our 2nd important interview for our march intakers.. While people are having interview.. we are having fun outside around DSA. XD

Candy listening to music and sleeping. XP

Ever seen Death Note? L and Kira?

I like this picture for deu to that reason. XP

This is how we communicate inside out. XD

A little quick photo taking after the interview. XP

Then.. we took a quick trip to KLCC just for some reasons.. (I shall not expose why and what is going on? let the pictures do the talking..)

People who havent been to KL twin towers.. this is it! XD

And our adventure begins.. XD

Walk around the inside...

Walk around the mall..

Walk around the parks of KLCC. (good shot to Agnes)

Awesome sight at the evening of KLCC. X)

Walk till night, since the night never ends! XD

A few jacoons that never seen fire before.. XD

Around the area of KLCC, some of us started to be more jacoon. XD

I find this picture disgusting.. (thats pretty obvious.)

I change my mind.. this picture is more disgusting. XD

Alex was caught sleeping by the streets. XD

Looks like Corliss and Daniel are about to interrupt a wedding! XD

It was lots and lots of walking.. as in LOTS and LOTS of walking! XD Overall we did have fun.. we kinda spend the whole day together again.. XP

After that we went and makan at KLCC, also have a little chitchat here and there. X)

Special thanks to Faris for belanja-ing me the chicken rice! XD

Then we made fun of Alex as Justin Bieber (wtv u spell his name). Well lets not make FUN of HER too much la.. cause SHE has feelings too! XD (get what i mean about making fun of Alex now? XD)

After that, all of us have to go back to our own ways..

I know more a little bit more about Daniel that night..

For the first time in my life, someone actually called me CUTE. D8 (im surprised too dont worry..)

Head back home.. and faced some really pissing of situations going on.. shall not talk about it since its thankfully over.

Sometimes.. people think that they understand you.. but the truth is they dont understand at all.. which is extremely dissapointing..

TRUST is a very dangerous word..

bah.. im tired of thinking.. lets just head to bed and sleep..