Thursday, April 29, 2010


Thursday.. went to Campus for meeting again.. but i went there early because i wanna play a little ping pong there. Got a little addicted to it. XP

Went there and found Zhen Pei, Li Huey and Amanda there. Well.. Amanda is doing something which i dunno what.. and Zhen Pei and Li Huey keeps camwhoring.. Well makes no difference.. me and Justin are still going to play ping pong anyways. XD

After that went out and have lunch with Saiful, Faris, Candy and Daniel. Its weird.. today i cant eat much.. something must be not right.. very very not right! D8

Then we had a long long meeting for Social Sphere..

After that I went and check out on my results.. Unlike PMR or SPM, im willing to expose my results already.. mayb cause its only 4 subjects. XP I got Distinction for English, Credits for Computer and Study Skills and finally i FAILED my calculus.

You know what? im going to change my course into foundation in Arts. And of course, if im going to change into FIA, then im going to change my future career path.. D8 Yeah, its hard.. but if i just think that im not science material person..

Now.. i have change my path of road into a Computer Science IT future.. well its waaaay lousier than Computer Engineering but overall what both of them are doing is just the same way. X) So i've my path of career. X)

After settling everything.. its time for FUN! 8D Me, Corliss, Esther, Daniel, Justin, Saiful, Nick, Candy and Faris went for a movie! and we watched IRON MAN 2! 8D And guess who i spotted there? I spotted KCY, Ming Yap, Dinesh and Kee Wei! 8D My old high school buddies good to see them again. XP

Iron Man 2 was dammmm good.. love it! XD Especially War Machine. XP

After that.. Walked home with KCY. Its been awhile ever since we walked home. Sounds gay.. but yeah! what can u do? XD I told him everything that i feel so far.. and honestly.. I felt a little bit better after that. X) Thank for listeing KCY.

Well everything that has happened.. i think its best that i just sleep it off.. X)