Monday, April 26, 2010

April Orientation Day!

I cant believe its like already the end of april and all the other new intakers are coming in already! D8 Im becoming a senior again! This is tooo soon!

Something not related to the topic:
Now, among the gang of guys that im hanging out with. i finally claim to have the most longest hair among all of them. why? Cause Max cutted his hair!! XD But i have to admit.. his hair looks good.. XP

This picture is nice.. yet wrong for some reason. XD

Well.. everything went well.. honestly.. its almost the same as March Orientation Day. Just that thsi time there are lesser people. XP I think it wont have a hard time to stay 'loyal' for that this patch of intakes la. XD (if u know what mean..)

I became tour guide again.. well, march intakes tour guide was waaaay better. Well mayb cause they are more noisier or something.. or mayb cause during the march intake tour guiding, Justin was inside gua. XD (without that fella, the group wont be noisy one la. XD)

After social sphere meeting, me and Justin started to have obbession towards Ping-Pong. XD At first both of us suck at it. (okay mayb to 'us', mayb its only me. XD) but now, we're starting to get the hang of it! 8D At least i got something sporty to do now im campus. XP (like finally..)

While i was playing ping-ping. Alex took my phone and took some pictures around here and there. Plus, alot of camwhoring. XD

Corliss and the bright light behide her. XD

Daniel macam 'yes' like usual.

Alex the puss face.

After that, we decided to stay as long as we can.. cause all of us are lazy and also dont wanna go home. XP (we=me, daniel, corliss, justin and alex) So we decided to go some where and eat and guess where we decided to eat? SS2!! 8D

Yeap, Corliss drove me and Daniel down to ss2 and have our dinner there. What about Alex and Justin? Well Alez seems to have suddenly have some change of plans (over and over again) and got to go somewhere else. XP And Justin? He memang to go home already. XD

Its been awhile ever since i step foot into ss2 again. I remember the last time i went there was to in the cyber cafe playing COD with my high school friends. Those were the days la. XD and surprisingly, im still pretty popular around that area. (im real, im not being perasan.) Every where i go, there are people who knows me! 8D

Dad was pretty surprise that i appear there. XP

Went to wai sek kai and have our dinner there.. I missed the Chicken Chop There. XP After that, we got tapao my dad's Legendary Carrot Cake and finally go to kei dak sek to have our dessert. XP (we did alot of things in such a short time.. XD)

well since Alex said that he wanted to eat some tong sui and he himself is not there.. we all decided to be evil and take pictures of the dessert we have that. Whose idea was that? My idea! *grims* XD

And this only the menu.. not the food itself. XD

Look how excited we all looked? XD

Corliss's tong sui came first.. mmmmmm~ XD

Well shes kind enuf to try to feed Alex through the camera. XD

On the other hand Daniel has another whole different idea.. *grims*

Look at the ice melt at his mouth! XD *purposely*

It looks sooo good that we have to take another one. XD

Heres what i ordered. Its SUPER SWEET WEI! 8D

Mmmmmmm~ Look the manggo melt there! XD

I bet Alex will regret not following us that day already. XD Well we do all this cause we love u Alex. XP

After that Corliss fetch me home and leaving Daniel at my place to lepak for awhile.. not long later, he have to ciao also.. XP After Daniel, the first thing i thought to do is to take a bath, have my dinner (again) and play my Ferrari. But then suddenly.. ZzZzZzZz

ZzZzZzZz.. all the way to 12am next day in the morning. D8 But my brother was awake, so i watch a movie with him and also see him play HON at the same time. (movie at the big com, HON at Ferrari.) Pirate of the Caribbean 1 rocks man! XD

So to summarize the whole thing for the day is..

-Corliss and Daniel have taste the legendary ss2 carrot cake.

-Alex is a guy who change his mind like a girl..

-Max cut his hair finally.

-and I still have no luck at all. Not doing any good progress.. X)

I've been playing with fire from the start.. so i know what will happens if i burn myself.. but as we all know fire has heat.. even a small slight error.. u might get burn alittle bit.. and as we all know, little bit by little bit.. it might become big and big.

I just wanna shut this fire off.. and also become used to it.. its not easy.. thats why i need balls to do so..