Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I wont Even Start..

Last day of exams.. so, this is it. My first semester was a total hectic 3~4months.

I just knew that i over underestimated college life.. i thought i can get a very more slacking that high school life.. but i OVER slacked and now i have to face the consequences. Like what i said.. no pain.. No gain..

I thought i can be like my brother, have fun and slack but still get good results. But i forgotten that my brother was like a born genius..

Sem One and im ready face hell.. and they said that second sem is worst.. Guess.. i've have to become more un-slacking.. and more hardworking..
Last Day of Final Exams, Me, Alex, Max, Saiful, Esther, Candy, Corliss, Nick, Ivan, Daniel, KimNgiam, Justin, Amy, Xiau Wei, Wai Sin and Faris went to TCM for alittle bit outing..

How to Dragon your dragon was an AWESOME! I want a dragon now.. XP Why? Cause i can protect you, bash away bad people, and mack on chicks.. XD

Then we start loafing around.. doing NOTHING! XD well we did take some pictures and talk a little bit.. XP

Daniel and I offically have the same thinking thoughts just that he got more guts to say or do it and i dont! XP

Alex, cut his hair again! XD

Corliss and Candy bought a dress all thanks to me! XD


Looks like i cant go anywhere for awhile..

Some voices are stuck in my head.. telling me what to do.. telling me not to do.. telling me to think more.. and make a decision..

I ran back home pitifully.. just like 3 years ago..

whats worst is.. 'she' don't even care..

Nah.. i just wanna say that to the little voice in my head. XD

For now.. 'Wont Even Start' is my background music.. for some reason..

Sometimes.. things are not meant to be happening..

Your emo? Sorta.. well.. dont mind me posting this in the blog, cause.. thats what blog do. XD Im just letting to do its responsibility.
Not to say College friends are not nice or something..

Sometimes.. i really wish my high school friends can be around..