Monday, April 5, 2010

Cutting My Hair

Yeap, i think its about time to cut the thick long bush on top of my head.

Why? Simple..

Its thick-ing HOT! Its kinda annoying with the frinch. And its kinda gives me headache whenever i woke up or something.. its always makes me think that i have fever again! XD Then, cause my mom is noisy.. cause my dad is getting annoyed as well and Mandy keep saying that my hair is ugly. (but no hard feelings~ XP)

So, i've decided.. After sunday school and everything. Im going to cut my hair! And fortunately enuf, YanLeng followed along to help me see my hair! 8D (sadly to say, i a person who dunno how to style or cut my hair one. XP)

Cut Cut Cut..

Trim Trim Trim..

And walah!

When i went home and imediately i told my dad..

Me: Pa, look i cut my hair already! XD

*dad stares at me for a few seconds*

Dad: You sure u got cut hair ah!? Still so long one!?

Me: D8

Yanleng was at the scene and she stared laughing all the way.. XD

Yeap, my new hair and old hair doesnt really make much of a difference. XP Its just a little less thicker and a little bit more shorter than last time. Overall.. Im still me! XD (unlike high school where i look super different! XD)

Nothing related to the topic:
I slept at 8pm cause after i finished my english oral presentation and i was super tired. Then i got woke up at 1.30am by my brother cause he was watching some really really scary Cantonese catching ghost clip. SUPERB freaky! D8 After that i cannot sleep until 4.30am. XP

There you go! I cut my hair already! I like it and so should you! XP