Friday, April 23, 2010

The Trip to Genting!

Dex, Mandy, Alex, Corliss and Candy. Including me, 6 of us decided to have small group of trip to Genting. Well.. heres how this short trip turns out.. (more pictures will be coming from Candy and Alex soon)

I cant really sleep the night before this trip. Why? I guess the word is excited. XD So, i woke up extremly early, around 7am just to get myself ready and everything. I went my facebook for the last time before i leave my house. And it was nice that my brother was willing to wake up early to fetch me all the way to 1U. (although he is a little bit angry about it.)

Reached 1U around 8.20am and not long later.. the other show up except Candy. Plus, we are forced to get into the bus early cause the bus IS leaving early. But Candy still hasnt show up! D8 For a moment there i thought shes not going to come anymore or something.. but luckily the person incharge lets her into the next bus. XD

Reach there.. lepak for awhile until Candy comes.. the went she cames.. off we got to the cable car! XD We were all scared as hell when we are in the cable car. XD

It was pretty high up there. XP

Mandy and Dex were sitting beside of me.

After we reached, we left our stuffs at Highlands Hotel and went off to the theme park!! XD Since we are all cheap bastard.. we only bought the one which is 1 day outdoor only. XP

We had a few rides.. but suddenly the rain came and some of us are a little tired due to lack to resting. So we stopped around and take a rest.

Candy wants cotton Candy. XD

The other two are still doing their things.. XD

Candy's Candid shot. XP

Alex taking a quick and nice nap.. XD

The rain was still coming down.. so we went to a fast food shop and eat (again) and hang out there for awhile.. XP We cant check-in into the hotel cause the person who check in was my mom. XP So we need to wait for her to come and only can check in.

The rain stopped for awhile so we took turns going out and play. Dex and Alex went out and play first and leaving Me, Candy, Mandy and Corliss. Corliss felt asleep.. so left me, Candy and Mandy chatting. We start talking about Shin-Chan and got very excited about it. XD

The rain came back and so is Alex and Dex. Both of them were kinda pissed cause it was about their turn to sit the spaceshot. XD Then, the rain stopped again. (the weather was horrible wei) Then it was Me, Candy and Alex's turn to go out and play.

Once we take a step out.. the rain come again.. (seriously.. WTF!?) we end up going around and buy stuffs here and there.. But of course we did sat on some rides. XP The sat on the old antic car ride and Alex was our driver! XD

After that my mom came. So all of us quickly head back to the Highlands hotel and bring in our stuffs. Its was an awesome 5 star hotel and we can get it for a extremely cheap price. (they dont call my mom a professional counselor for nothing. XD)

Candy got a little tired..

Alex: "You wanna come on me?"



Everyone was tired..

The view there was fantastic! XD

Candy helped Alex to massage.

This may look wrong but she was massaging Corliss as well. XD

Guess whose hands are these.. XD

Theres a bath tab there! 8D

Since the rain doesnt wanna stop, we took a very very long afternoon+evening nap. XP Some of us are not feeling very well as well.. so that a good time to take a quick break.

I was sooo not tired.. i went out and have a walk myself.. XP It was fun and i get to see kids playing with MushiKing again! XD (i used to love that game.. XP) In the mean time i bought some food for them since we are ALREADY running out of food. XP

The evening view was fantastic as well. X)

When i get back there.. everyone was already half awake.. well except Corliss. She was extremely tired.. XP And of course we cant leave Corliss alone in the hotel while we go out and have our dinner. So me, Alex and Candy volunteer to go down a tapao for them.

We had dinner at Sushi King and also do a little shopping here and there. (I bet the others must be furious about the late coming food. XD)

Spotted Girls Generation poster! XD

When we came back Mandy was like "OMG!! FOOOOOD!!" XD

We all suddenly become tired and very lazy to go out already.. so we hang around the hotel room and chit chat a little bit..

Mandy felt asleep again.. XD

Meet Corliss's retarded bear! XD

Its head is sanget already! XD thats why its retarded.. XP

We had a little bit of pillow talk about this and that.. then we suddenly just ZzZzZz.. Overall a good night sleep. XP

The next day.. i woke up early again just to wash up. After that, Corliss woke up and continue one with Alex, then Candy and then Dex and Mandy. All thanks to me, i woke everyone up! XP

Me and Candy showing our sexy backs. XD

A little bit of rape-ing in the morning already! XD

Then after rape-ing got a little bit of drama.. XD

We check out from the hotel and quick have our last minute shopping. XD I brought a little gunblade keychain just for fun. XP And the other did alot of shopping.. XP

Some extreme shirt that attracted my attention. XD

I had a little bit of fun changing jackets with Corliss's awesome jacket. The jacket make so me so alike Kamen Rider Black RX! (Minami Kotaro) XD



Yeah, the guy in the middle is who im talking about. XD

The jacket look sooo alike man! XD

Please say that i look like him. XD

After that we are out of our time schedule.. XP So we quickly sit the cable car and quick sat the bus back. Thank god we manage to make it on time. XD

After that its time to break off and get back to our homes.. Well, since no one is at home i mind as well hang around for little more longer. XD So, me, Corliss and Candy went to the Curve and chiong K. XD

First, we made a quick stop at Corliss's place. XP It was my first time stepping into her house. The house might look normal but its actually full of technology! D8 Even the rubbish bin is technologified! XD

Head to the Curve and started singing again.. XD Both of the girls have great voices.. and something more surprising is i know how to sing some of the chinese song that they choose. 8D Pretty good eh? XD

After that we ate at some Taiwan restoran and start talking about alittle this and that.. XP When we finished our food.. we leave and its time to go home. X)

Some random picture of Jasper when he was still very very young.. XD SUPER CUTE MAN! XD

Although there alot this trip have alot of spoilers (for example the rain..) but still.. overall i think it was a good trip. X) Lets do it again some other time! With more people of course. XP

I need to buy some balls.. for some reasons.. XP