Saturday, April 17, 2010

Typical Weirdly Me

Sometimes.. I hope that i can think lesser.. think a little less solutions.. think a little less of problems.. I just dont want to be that kind..

Sensative is the key word to all of these problems im facing.. If i be a little less sensative, i wont be thinking sooo many negative things in my head.

Once i start thinking to much.. i will start getting emo and start getting sacred of this and that.. depends on what the main topic is..

Soon enough, little voices will start coming into my head.. when it starts to get really annoying.. i tent to get angry extremely fast..

Now, since it sem break.. its the prefect time to be alone and think about what have i done these few months..

I've said this to many people..

"In College Life, Im going to Change My Life!"

The first few months is good.. but then.. lately.. i have become more and more sensative.. and i suspect/judge people alot.

You know what does that mean?

YuMing is coming back!!

Not good.. very very not good.. this is proven after getting soooo many symptoms i've got to be more aware of what am i doing and what im saying..

Im going to chill and break the chains around me.. and i got music to help out here. XP

I just want to let 'you' know.. that im not being myself lately..