Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two different Worlds

I really really dont believe that two different people from two different worlds cannot be together. I dont believe that when they are together they wont be happy. I really really dont believe. (been repeating 'really dont believe' alot here. XD)

And I when say cannot be together, I meant when both sides like each other but dont want to be together cause they are just different from one another.

If you two are two different people in terms on attitude wise, i will accept that. Like the guy is farked up, he smokes, he drinks and you are too polite, nice, sweet. Thats fine. I dont blame that you two dont want/cannot be together. (even I wouldnt wanna be with that person) But some people just gives the worst excuse about why they dont wanna be with each other.

Here are some of the examples. I heard these single handed, no fakes and this is all real shyt excuse that I hear from people.

"I cannot be with that guy because his too into sports and I dont."

"I cannot be with that girl because she cannot go out as often as I am."

"I cannot be with that guy because his more chinese educated and I more english educated."

"I cannot be with the girl because shes too smart for me."

Seriously.. cause of those reason you dont wanna be together with him/her? Really? This is just shyt loads of crap.

I know two people that are from two different worlds are living happily together, right here, right now, right this moment. Its not full time happily together but at least they are not divorce or something. In any relationship there is always a screwed up moment and there will be a fight. I've seen these two couples fight but guess what? they still love each other. They have been married for more than 30 years now. They have 3 kids and very happy life.

Yeah, some of you guys might already know.. they are my parents. X)

My dad is a hawker who cant really speak english. My mom is a well educated teacher and she owns a masters degree. My dad is a carefree and easy going guy. My mom is hardworking and she always want things to be done the right way.

Tell me if thats not two different people from two different worlds.

If you dont like the person cause he/she is not the one, then i dont blame you.

If you dont like the person cause he/she has a farked up attitude, i dont blame you.

If you dont like that person cause he/she is completely different from you. Then your just really really choosy, Thats all im saying.

Its all about your mind. Its all about your understanding. It all about what you think of that person.

Nah, im just really pissed at people who are like that. People are willing to change themselves into someone they dont really like to be just for these choosy people. They say its a the power of love, I say its the power of stupidity.

I done.. I hope you guys understand and learn something new from this blogpost.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vlog once Again

I finally get to steal the laptop from my brother for one whole day just to make a vlog for you guys. No seriously, the vlogs are for you guys. XD

I manage to cut, edit, and upload the two vlog materials that I have with me in one single day. Fuh~ Im very impressed with myself. (actually, its not a big deal.)

So enjoy the video~ XP

Some of you guys might notice, i started putting background musics for my vlogs. Well that is just to make my vlog more interesting. And plus I made some extras in the end which is also part of my vlog improvements. XP

For the cover that is made by Me and Tarvin is going to be upload in my youtube music channel. Be sure to check it out soon. It will be up when I want it to be uploaded. XD

I have another vlog material coming up. Its not much of a vlog about myself but there is Panda (my ferret) in it. So yeah, if you guys are interested in meeting my Panda then be sure to stay tune.

If you like my vlogs be sure to LIKE, subscribe and comment anything you like. XP


Monday, June 27, 2011

Fill You Guys In

Time to fill you guys in with alittle bit of update. What you guys dont wanna know anything? Well too bad, im still going to fill you guy wheter u like it or not. XD

I've been doing some driving lately. Whenever dad is free he will call me to get some driving practice. And f**k yeah i still havent lose my pro driving skills. (lies) Except for the reverse side parking. That one is a real pain in the ass. Im driving auto lately and soon to start practicing on manual cars. XP

My dad is thinking of buying me a car soon. Just a plain old simple proton saga car just for me. YAY!! The joy in my soul!! I finally get to have a car after having the license from 2 freaking years and I finally get to driving around and not take public transportation already!!

What proton saga only? Its not a good car? Well, i dont care. I actually like proton saga. Why? Cause it was the car that my dad bought when I was first born. (if im not wrong, it was also my family's first car) My mom told me that she hugged me when I was a baby and my dad will be the one driving me around in that proton saga. Ever since then, I have this hidden bond and connection between proton saga. XP (Only Proton Saga)

Sadly, I dont remember the number plate of the car. Dammit. DX

Speaking for cars and driving around. I finally figure out which college am I going. Well its not actually figure it out.. Anyways, INTI finally accepted me in their college. Yes, its a pretty big thing for me. My results are not really that good and they are linking up with a very famous university called the University of Waolonggong. (google that and you'll see.) So, the requirements should be high but thankfully, they accepted me!! XD

To be honest, i cant wait for college to start. (lies) Even know assignments and exams are going to head into my way but its a course that im interested in. Computer Gamese Development. Its like part of what im doing ever since I got my first gameboy. XD

I hope that things will be good when im the course. Cause this is a new course for INTI. Im probably going to be the first batch for this course. Therefore, no one knows its good or bad. So fingers cross ya'll!! DX

Im still spending most of my time hanging out with my high school bros and facing infront of the computer. I havent been talking much to people lately. The only people that came talking to me are people that need my help in something. Its been a silent holiday for me.. and sometimes, I feel lonely.. DX

But still there are people who still my existence and came to have some random update conversation with me. Sincere thank you to all those people who randomly came and talk to me. You know who you are. *winks* (ewwww, thats not what I will normally do. DX)

I guess thats all for the updates.. I hope you guys out there are doing great as well. At least better than I am. XP


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Now, He wins

Few days ago, when I was in my high school friend's house, we are having like a bros night out. We meet up and one person's place, make that place a HQ, then we hang out there with out laptops playing HON or doing some IT stuffs. (yeah, what a bunch of nerds right?)

While was on facebook, he showed us an event that was organized by his college. It was culinary arts event (cooking competition) where future chiefs are there to perform their cooking skills and win home a prize. Pretty successful event organized.

Then for a moment, I spotted one of my friend in high school in that competition. He wasnt any normal friend, he was actually a love rival back then in high school. (pretty childish issint it? XP)

As we continue flipping thru the photo album, I saw that guy participate in that culinary event. Doing some awesome cooking skills and making an awesome dish. Turns out, he won second place on that event. From what I heard from my friend, it was a pretty big event by their college. So, winning that competition was definitely not easy.

Looking at him doing so good in his college life makes me think, what if both of us are still love rivals? What if both of us are still after-ing that girl that we are going after back then?

Come to think of it, he was not a bad guy at all. Some guys will hate their love rivals for some reason. But this guy didnt even hate me one single bit. I still remember we played some online game together. All he did was came up to me and told me this..

"I know you liked her too and Im not going to stop you. May the best man win alright? *smile*"

Really, you can hardly see guys who react like that and say things like that when they are talk to their love rivals. (Trust me, that smile of his is no grin smile.) If that girl actually heard what this guy said to me, they would have been closer together.

Back then I was having a slight lead going after the girl. Thats because I talked to the girl more and both of us known each other longer. But if it was the now me and the now him, he would have won that relationship.

Im not putting myself low here, but let just face it. if you compare both of us together, his a better man for her now. More charming than I am, like definately. XD Like what he said last time, may the best man win. X)

Im awesome but his just AWESOME-R. (for now) XD


P/s: none of us won that girl back then. XP

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog Q&A 3

Alright another Q&A time. Again, I wanna thank those free time people for thinking question for me. Although most of them are same people but still good enough. XP

Kudos to Ken, Jia Hui (again), Kenny (again) and Jhao for asking me the questions this time. Arigatos. XP

Okay, now lets do it!! XD

Question from Ken:
What makes you happy?

To be honest, Im a very easy guy to get happy. But the easiest way to make me happy is like any other guy in this world. When a small boy is sad, you either buy him a toy that he likes, or give him a very hot girl. Simple as that. XD (no kidding about both parts)

Question from Jia Hui:
What do you think your good at? Thats my random question~ Enjoy

Wow, thats really random.. So random to the extend that I have a hard time answer it. XD I want to say that im good at gaming but I cant cause im not like an all time pro. I wanna say im good in drawing but its been a long time ever since i draw stuffs. Like extremely long time!! Sleep? nah. Basketball? No more stamina (getting old) I would say im good at talking crap! Yes!! I guess thats what im good at. XD

Question from Kenny:
Since you had my feeling so curious now.. What other kind of people do you have problems talking to? Gotcha

Yeah you got be there. I shall reveal one more kind of person that I couldnt talk to in my life. No more questions similar to this no more. Cause revealing too much just make me sound like a guy who really cannot talk people. XP

I have a hard time to talk to people who I like. Like for example, I have a date with her. I will actually plan and write down a list of topics in my head before the date starts. When the date is on, the topics that I wrote down in my head tends to just disappear. It works the same on phone. We will have that awkwards silent moment on the phone. If shes the same kind of person like me, then awkward silent moment it is. But things like that never happen when we are in a relationship. Weird eh? XD

Yeah, I just reveal a very bad fact about me. HUGE sacrifice here. DX

Question from Jhao:
If your a superhero, what power will you want to have? I know I asked you this before.. but just wanna know if you changed ur mind before. XD

Thats like a very old question.. You asked me that alot of times in high school when you can find a random conversations for me. XD

My answer still didnt change at all. If I have a superpowers, I would want the power to control time. Reverse, Forward, Slow, Fast Forward, Stop time. Pretty uber strong power. Come to think of it, if i got those power. People around the around the world is going to hunt me down and kill me. XD

Alrights, there goes another blog Q&A time.. Keep those question coming guys. As you can see im really really slacking these days. Need some extra motivations from u guys. XP

How do you post a question again? Simple, leave a comment on the lastest post that i've made everytime. (you can do it by following me on blog post or just go with annonymous.) or leave a message at the cbox on the left side. XP


Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Man Who I want to be..

One day when I was young, me and dad are working in the night market. And then, heres what I said to him..

Me: "Dad!!! When I grow up, I want to be just like you. "XD

Dad: "Oh NOO!!! Hell No!!" (he didnt say hell no.. just giving an impression. XD)

Okay, Dad totally got the wrong idea of what I was trying to tell him. He thought I meant that I wanted to be a hawker like him when I grow up (Actually thats not a bad idea.) but I was trying to tell him that I wanted to be HIM. XD

Thats my grandma and thats my dad. See how lovely and caring he is? X')

Im always wanted to be like my dad. Cause proud to have a dad like him. When I was young, I will go around telling people..

"My dad is awesome. the best dad in the whole world!! What? You think your dad is better? Yeah right!!! Can your dad cook like my dad? I dont think so!!"

Awww come on, I was young. Its not a bad thing to show off and brag about how good your dad is. At least its better than brag about my father than to brag about myself. (there is nothing much for me to brag about anyways. DX)

I believe everyone's dad is awesome.. BUT not as awesome as mine!! XD

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! X)

To all the daddies in the world. Happy father's day to you too. Hope you guys have a great day with your fathers. X)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

People who I talk to..

It may seem that I talk to alot of people in my life. But the truth is, the people who I talk to are very limit. I wouldnt say that its little but I wouldnt say its alot as well.

I may seem to be a guy who can talk to almost everyone but the truth is I have my weakness as well. There are some people in my life that I couldnt talk to. (Pretty scary huh?) Like for example, I cant really talk to girl who I think are VERY pretty. No Kidding.

I have a warm and nice family but to be honest sometimes I have a hard time talking to them too. It may seem that we all get along and talk alot most of them but the actually its not really true.

My dad is a pretty busy guy even know he sells only in the morning and nights. In the afternoon he needs his nap time and evening he needs to get ready his stuffs for his night market business then head offs at night and comes back at 11pm. The best time for him to talk to me is when we are having family night and mahjong night. XD

My mom.. well.. lets just say she doesnt know me very well. She does have alot of free time at home cause he work time is morning till afternoon. But the conversations that she brings up are not the ones that I like to hear. It was never 'hows your day?' or 'what did you do today?' like those american moms in the movie. Hers are more towards studying, money, and my future life. Its not to say a bad thing but its just not the ones that I like to hear early in the morning when i JUST woke up. But what shes doing is definately for my own good la. XP

My brother, we do get along but there are times where he has this ego side of him and he starts becoming a real show off. (aka a pain in the ass) Like my exams results are bad then he will start saying that im stupid (not in a joking way, seriously) or when I sucked in gaming, he will start calling me a noob. It sometimes really pisses me off. Althought his my brother, but i dont tell him personal things like how I feel about stuffs and all cause he will make replies that make me sound like im a dumbass or something. And plus, my brother is out with his friends most of the time, so its pretty hard for us to communicate that way. DX

My sister? I would say that among the whole family member, me and sister communicate and talk the most. Maybe because I tend to listen to her half of the time and she listens to mine. XP But my sister loves to randomly budge into my room and talk to me. (or just came in cause my room has air-con.) I will have to say, my sister is the only person who I can talk to in the whole family although sometimes she can be a pain in the ass. XD

Lets see.. who else did i left out? Owh yeah, Oreo and Panda! XD

I like dogs who can sit down quietly and listen to their owner. Like Jasper! But sadly, Oreo issint the kind of dog that would just sit still and listen to you. The moment that he saw us, he gets hyper up and jumps around the corner! XD Panda? Well, that thing only know how to get scared, excited and bite. So lets talk about it. XD

I wont call this a sad family life cause seriously, there are more sad-er people with more cruel family in this world. Who am I to complain about it? I will just call this is a silent family life. XP

I been on holidays these days but most of my friends are in college busy with assignments or having exams. Most of them dont have the time to entertain a lifeless child like me. Even if I have a girl friend, I dont think she will entertain me as well. XD

That is why I made this blog. If I cant talk to my friends face to face anymore, I can just let them know im doing okay with this blogspot going on. Since when Im around them, I like to tell stories and brag about my life. True Story. XP

And also, I made this blog so that I can communicate with each and everyone of you out there who actually reads it. And I wanna say Thank YOU for reading my pathetic life blog. XD

I hope everyone will read on, leave comments and keep asking me random questions!! I makes me feel alot better to know that someone actually reads and comment on your blog. XP


Monday, June 13, 2011

His still barking (Oreo 9)

As some of you have read my previous post about Oreo. It sounds like his facing some deadly big tummy disease, the good news is there is no big tummy disease for Oreo. 8D The bad news is, his still bold due to parasite issues. DX

So long story short, Oreo is still healthy. All he did was gave me a heart attack and a very emotional time. (That son of bitch..) Why did he had that big tummy for a moment? Well I really dont know, the next day I woke up I found Oreo's tummy shrink back to normal. I guess maybe he has lots and lots of gas in his tummy that time. Which i dunno how did those air get into his tummy. XD

I can see very very very little hair growing out from his forehead. I think thats a good sign. Means his healing already! YAY~ XD (just hope that those hair dont drop off again the next day.)

Oreo is living a good life now, Im treating the fella like king now. I giving him walks, giving him his meal at a specific time, giving him snacks at random times, feeding him his medicine.. Basically, im like his servant now. DX

Today, I did a new thing with him. Usually my sister will be one giving Oreo his bath but today was the first time I freaking gave that little punk a bath. And its a real big pain in the neck, hands, ass, and wtv body parts I have with me.

Oreo hates bathing, like really really really hates it. Once u are lock in the toilet with him, he knows that his screwed and he starts scratching the door seeking for a way out. Then when Im bathing his, he makes noises sounds like im torturing him or something. Whats worst that, he never stays still!! DX

Well which dog doesnt hate bath, tell me? Actually, Jasper doesnt really hate baths. He doesnt jump around, move around, bark, bite, or yell like im torturing him. He just like, stays there and let me rub his body. Ahhh... If only Oreo is like that. XD

The shampoo for Oreo is different. Its like a medical shampoo that you have to put it on him and then wait for 10minutes with the thing on him. After that only you can water it away.

But since Oreo likes to move, you cant be holding him for 10 freaking minutes in the toilet. So what my sister do is bring him into the toilet, shower him, put the shampoo on and go bath with him around u while ur waiting. Yeah, so Oreo is basically gonna see whoever is bathing with him naked.

Its very awkward for Oreo to like sit beside of me in the toilet and stare at me while im bathing. Sometimes its scares me a little bit.. D8

So yeah, Oreo is still barking and his still a pain in the ass. But without this pain in the ass at home, my life would be boring. At least I have something to do at home now. X)

Oh btw, the vet doctor said that Oreo have DEAD parasites on his body. THATS FREAKING GOOD NEWS!!! XD


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nice MPPJs!?

Just so some of you guys out there dont know, MPPJs are some kind of government people who catchs people who sells illegally without a license in the morning/night market. (I hope I got it correct. XP)

When I was young, my favorite part of helping my dad is when everyone who sells stuffs illegally in the night market panics when the MPPJs arrives. When the MPPJs arrives and they caught people selling stuffs illegally they will take away their items and never return them. So getting caught by them is like a big big lost no matter what. So, the salesmen will panic, quickly keep their stuffs, and run for it.

When a MPPJs officer caught the fella selling stuffs without a license, he ask the fella to hand over all his items. My next favorite part is when the fella refuses to hand over the stuffs and negotiate with the officer. When the negotiation fails the officers will ask his men to help him clean the mess up. Then the salesmen gets mad and start fighting with the officer.

Yeah damm bitch right? Me enjoy seeing people fighting with each other. You cant blame me. I was young. Watching people fight is like watching a like kamen rider show. The difference is that I dunno which one is the good or the bad one. XD

Okay back to the main topic. Yeah, the one before was not the main topic. It was all just explanation for those who dont understand. XP

So, one day I was helping my dad in the morning market. The MPPJs arrived like always and do their thing. Scouting around the market looking for illegal salesmen. The lucky salesmen will hear them coming thru the passing message (im very lazy to explain what the passing message means.) the unlucky ones.. well lets just say that they are unlucky.

There was one salesmen working near my dad's stall didnt hear the calling of the MPPJs. It was a malay couple selling corn. The MPPJ officer notice them and walk over towards their stall. When the couple saw the officer walking over they started to panic.

I was alittle bit excited cause there might be a fight among people with the same raise. (yeah, im a bitch right? XP) and its been awhile ever since I've seen a fight in the market.

Apparently, all they did was ask the malay couple to keep their stuffs and leave the market. Thats all. THATS ALL!? No rampas? No trying to bribe!? No rejecting and getting mad!? No fighthing!? D8

I told my dad that nothing happened and my dad already expected that to happen. He said that maybe it because they of are the same raise and religious people. Now thats a little bit raisist issint it?

Then just this week, I was helping my dad in the morning market again. The same thing happened. But this time, the two people who didnt heard the call was two chinese guys. Its two difference raises now, so im kinda expecting some dramas to go on. (still a bitch eh? XD)

The offcer saw the two chinese salesmen, walks up to them and begin the negotiation. The talk was about 4~5minutes. I can tell that the chinese salesmen is not very happy. (who wouldnt be right?) As for the officer, his just standing there saying something which I cant really hear. Probably giving the fella a warning and explaining the rules or something..

I was really really expecting a fight at that moment. (what a bitch right?) After the talk, the officers was cleaning up the hawker's stall. The hawkers were cleaning up their stalls with the looks of dissapointment. So really, at this point, you really really expect a fight coming next.

BUT guess what? It turns out the officers were actually helping the hawkers to clean their stuffs. Apparently, the MPPJ officer gave a warning to the chinese fellas and also gave them another chance. So, no rampas, no fights, nothing.. again.. DX

I guess MPPJs these days are getting really nice. (I think..) Totally different from rude ones like the ones when I was young. Not only they help their own raises but the others as well. One Malaysia? Yeah you can say that. XD


Blog Q&A 2

Another blog spot Q&A time but this time there are more questions!! 8D I've gotten 6 random questions in less than 3 days!! XD XD XD

This time is kudos to Dex Shan, Kai Boon(again), Adri Ahmad, Wei Ling, Xiau Wei and Shi Wei for making these questions. Thank You~ XP

Lets get on to the questions shall we? XP

Question from Dex Shan:
Who's your favorite teacher in HMC?

I would have to say Mr.Gobi. He makes his class are very interesting and entertaining. I never really get bored in his classes. Plus, he helps the his students alot. Like you have problems with your groupmates, he will know even if you didnt tell him anything. (freaky eh?) After that, he will do his best to help you and your groupmates out with the assignments. Whats the word for him? Owh yeah, observant. XD

Every teacher in HELP is awesome but to me, Mr.Gobi is the best among all. XP

Question from Kai Boon:
What are your two most favorite kamen rider series and comment on the two riders. XD cheers! ;)

Oh thats really easy. My two most favorite kamen riders will have to be Kabuto and Faiz. I like both of them cause they have the ability to move freaking fast (Clock Up and Start Up) then they make everyone round them move ten times slower than a snail!! XD

Plus, both rider costumes looked the best among the other riders. Both of are fighting styles are very cool and unique as well. Kabuto is the cool counter attack style and Faiz is the hyper hand shaking cool style. XD

If your next question is between these two riders who will i choose, my answer will be Kabuto. XP

Question from Adri:
Are you gay? xD

This is a ridiculous question. NO, im not gay!! Sheesh dude, you have known me for like 3 years and you think im gay?? So, dissapointed in you. DX

Question from Wei Ling:
Whats your favorite month of the year? :P

Definately December. Why? Simple, cause its holidays~ XD Exams free, assignment free, college free, good time to spend with friends too. And thats the month where camps usually will be held. Plus, my dad's birthday is in that month. XP

Question from Xiau Wei:
Hmmmm. Are you okay recently? Do you like to smile? Why?

*Before I start, Xiau Wei. Next time dont post too many question at a time. Cause you know me, I can keep writting and answering all ur questions all day and I wont stop until i finish all ur questions. So it alittle bit unfair to others. XD*

Am I okay recently? Cant you tell from the blog? XD If you cant then my answer will be yeah~ Life is good without college. Spends lots of time hanging out with my high school friends and playing video games at home. XP

Do I like to smile? Well, I like to smile but i dont like to smile with my braises. Why? I dunno, psychological sense, people who have low self esteem on look bases (like me) find smiling with braises makes them look ugly. XP

Question from Shi Wei:
What is your favorite Taylor Swift song? I bet thats challenging. :D

Oh shyt, this IS hard!! I like all Taylor Swifit songs!!! BUT have no fear. I have the answer to your question. XP

I will have to say 'Mine'. Its very hard to explain why.. My feelings towards this song very very deep. I liked it right away when it first came out and I fell in love with the song even more when the music video came out. XP

Maybe cause it was the first single before Taylor's 'Speak Now' album came out. Or Maybe because Taylor just look extra extra pretty in the music video. XD

Alright thats it for another blogspot Q&A time. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the answers. XP

Seriously, THANK YOU ALL for giving me these questions to brain storms stuffs during the holidays. My brains are pretty brain dead now thanks to all bore-ness, same old routines and video gaming.

But after you guys gave me these questions, inspirations stucks into my head more often! No kidding~ I have more ideas and stuffs to talk about already! XD

Keep to questions coming. I will not stop answering your questions as long as this blog is freaking alive. XP

How do you post a question again? Simple, leave a comment on the lastest post that i've made everytime. (you can do it by following me on blog post or just go with annonymous.) or leave a message at the cbox on the left side. XP


Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog Q&A

OMG, i got 3 questions in less than 5 days!! This is freaking amazing!! 8D
Special thanks to Jennifer, Kenneth and Jenny for taking the time to visit my blog and also asking me some interesting questions.

Whats freaking amazing is about this is thar, Jennifer is a girl that I dont know. I guess shes a blog walker who randomly found out abt this blogspot. XD Anyways, extra special thanks to you, Jennifer. X)

Alrights, lets not waste anymore time and letters. Lets do this!! XD

Question from Jennifer:
This weblog seems to get a great deal of visitors. It offers a nice unique spin on things. How do you promote it?

Well honestly Jennifer, the only promoting I've done in my blog is thru my friends and facebook. I will like once in awhile wall post my blogspot on facebook. Simple as that. XP

I think this blog has so many views is because I like to post famous famous stuffs like celebrities, games, movies and stuffs. And when people google it, they found my blog cause its related. So i guess thats why it has so many views. XD

Question from Kenneth:
Okay Yu Ming, this should be an interesting yet challenging question for you. My question is... Why do you blog??? Have fun~ ;D

Interesting, yes. Challenging, not so much. XP I blog to fill up my free and lifeless time. And of course like any other people, I blog to voice out my feelings and share stories to the world. I also sometimes blog to promote somethings that I find very interesting so I can share with my readers. Nowathese days I rant as well but I guess thats under the expressing feelings part. XD

Question from Jenny:
Hey YuMing, you asked me to visit your blog and so here I am. :D And here is a random question for you, what is your favorite movie of all time? good luck and have fun~ ;)

Favorite movie of all time? Hrmm.. now this is a tough one. I have TONS of favorite movies!!! XD Okay but one of my most favorite is definately Ip Man. I prefer the first one although the second is good as well. XP

I like it mainly because its an action movie with full of kung-fu fighthing moves. XP The story line is also very nice. Its shows how strong chinese people are during the war years. And its all based on a true story! 8D Not to mention, im a Donnie Yen fan as well. XP

Keep those question coming alright?

How do you post a question again? Simple, leave a comment on the lastest post that i've made everytime. (you can do it by following me on blog post or just go with annonymous.) or leave a message at the cbox on the left side. XP


Plese let him be okay (Oreo 8)

As some of you might know if you keep track in my blog, Oreo is a little bit sick. He have skin parasite issues where dumbass worms will bite off its hair and skin, making him look bold.

Honestly, Oreo is not as cute as before.. My sister was like "OMG, Oreo looked so cute last time!" You cant really blame him, blame the stupid parasites that is biting his hair and skin off making him look very ugly.

His looks doesnt really matters to me, to me is his health. He has to eat medicine everyday at a specific time in order to heal. (like any other sickness.) His the only thing that I will stop whatever important shyt that im doing and go down and feed him the medicine. This shows how important is he to me.

I really want him to be okay, faster heal up and I wanna hear everyone say that his cute again. X)

But apparently, just today I found out that this tummy getting bigger. Its like abnormal big. Then, i remember seeing a picture of a little puppy with a huge abnormal in the vet. It was a disease, like a pretty deadly disease.

Im afraid that Oreo got the same disease. I wish that he doesnt get it. I bring out for the walk and wait for him to poop. Maybe his tummy is big because he havent poop? In the end, he did poop. His poop was very very watery. Its like diarrhea. But his tummy didnt shrink one bit.

Im very very afraid that he will get infected with that particular disease. If that really happens, means that we have to let him go.. I have to let another dog go in less than a year.

Please, god, buddha, jesus, or whoever that is up there looking after me. I wish that Oreo could heal, be better and dont get infected by that tummy disease. His the only thing that is with me right now.. I cannot afford to lose him.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A dream? A Sign?

Im pretty sure that Im a very imaginative guy. According to google, it says that people who have good imagination tends to have imaginative dream. Pretty obvious issint it?

Some of you might have known that I do dream alot.. alot of weird kind of dreams and also dreams that sounds so real. Like one time, I thought I got a birthday present to meet Taylor Swift but apparently its a dream.

I did a blog post about it.. heres the link. XP The Best Present!?

I just got another dream recently, but this dream is not that beautiful.. its kinda scary and yet its like a sign. Although I cant remember some of the parts of the dream but hear me out and try to understand the whole picture okay??

The dream took place in my college. Yes, HELP college, the underground one. So, it involves only my college friends this time. And during the dream time, I was involve in some amazing race competition with my fellow college brothers. I remember Max, Nick, Faris and King were in my dream and the other people around me are kinda blurry.

The weird thing about this competition is that, everyone including students and lecturers are not having class. They are around the college cheering for the teams that are involved in the event. Us and the participated students will be running around doing the tasks of the competition. Each one of us have to complete a task in order to get a piece of a puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete, that team win. (I cant believe I actually remember those minor important stuffs. XD)

Everyone have done their part and the final part was up to me. I have to go all the way upstairs to complete my final task. Once I finished that task then my team will win the competition.

As I recall, I was at the lower foyer. (Dont ask me why am I there, I was just there.) So the nearest and quickest way to the outside was the stair case near the upper foyer. I quickly run towards that direction. While I was running I can hear all the crowds shouting my name asking me to run faster. That feeling was extremely real..

I reached the stairs and before I begin walking up the stairs towards the exit, 'she' appeared right infront of me. 'She' said that 'she' wanted to tell me about something. I guess it was something really important as 'She' has that really really sad looks on her face. Next thing I know, she just cried and fall into my arms. I was shocked..

Whats really strange and farked up is that, during that moment when she was trying to tell me something (probably the reason why is she so sad and everything.) I couldnt hear her at all!! Everything around me was mute, even the crowds that was cheering, my teammates that was shouting and asking me to run just suddenly turn mute. I cannot hear anything around me.

When I was about to tell her to something, something hit on the head..

Next thing I know, I was in my room, on my bed, with Panda (the feret) on my head. My sister quickly carry Panda away and my brother was laughing at what Panda just did. Then I knew, it was only a dream and I was woke up by Panda jumping on my head.

But the dream felt very real.. just too real.. when I woke up my heart was pounding extremely fast. Was it because the dream turn mute all in the sudden? Was it because I was about to win an epic competition? Or was it because I saw 'her' crying infront of my eyes?

I was worried, so I immediately texted her asking whether shes sad or anything recently. Thankfully, she was fine and nothing happened to her. X)

Thank god that this dream is not a sign or anything.. But I have to say, that was one hell of a dream. XP


ttyl, ttynt, nttya

Dont know what does the title mean? Read on and you'll understand. XP

I have some friends who are annoyed with the word 'ttyl' also known as 'talk to you later' in short form. This usually happens in sms, skype, msn, any messager you have in this word that involves texting la.

Is like everytime they talked a girl or a guy, the conversation starts go get along very well. Both of them are chatting nicely until.. one of them says 'ttyl'. Psychological sense or I should say even using common sense, that person who got the message saying 'ttyl' will be waiting for that person to talk to him/her again.

That person will then keep waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting for the whole day and doesnt get the reply. Then they got sick and tired of waiting, they get pissed off. Then what do they do? They come and talk to lifeless, free roam, college free people like me to listen to their problems. DX XD (no seriously.)

Alright to all people who you 'ttyl' and never talk to that person again after. Im just saying that you shouldnt use 'ttyl' in that way. English sense, 'later' simply means afterwards. If you want to end the conversation for the day and carry on talking next time. i think you should say 'ttynt' instead. It means 'talk to you next time'. Simple~ XP

Now, im not going to side my friends who gets pissed off with people using 'ttyl' and not continue-ing the conversation. Im mutual. Im not siding this or that. To make things fair, im going to say a few things for the other side as well.

You guys just need to be a little bit more understanding sometime. Who knows that person is in serious crisis and need to do that thing. You should be thankful that the person is replying your message saying 'ttyl' and not 'nttya'. Means 'not talking to you again'. XD

What im saying is that, just be alittle bit understand and try not to get pissed off cause people use 'ttyl' and not talk to you after that. Really? You get pissed off for such a small matter? really? On such small matter? If thats the case, you sir/madam need to grow up alittle bit. Thank you~

Take my suggestion, use 'ttynt' next time. Its better. Causes less problems for you and people who gets the complains like me. XD

I use it sometimes in my conversation but just that i dont really go 'ttynt'. I go 'ttynexttime'. XD


Answering the Questions.

Alrights, I got a 3 question in my list right now. I not going to drag this until i achieve 10 questions. 3 questions is good enough for me. XP

Before I begin, I would like to thank Kaiboon, OC and Max for putting the effort think of a question to ask me. (Although Max's question is ridiculous. XD) Plus, extra special thanks to Kaiboon for recommending some blogpost topics to talk about. I will keep those recommendations in mind. XP

Like I promise, I will answer my questions. Short answer style. XP

Question from KaiBoon:
Whats the most badass thing that you've ever done in your life? XD

Most badass thing? Wow, seriously I've done tons of badass stuffs in my life. But I cant figure out which one is the most badass one! XD Maybe this one shud be badass enough. Okay, here goes nothing. DX

When I was young I was sooo into pokemon cards. Like CRAZY!!! (until now i sorta do but not to the crazy extent.) But i couldnt affort the money to buy booster pack for the cards. So guess what I did? I steal money from my parents. I will like steal rm50 every week just to buy like 3 booster pack.

When my family notice their money missing, they will question and I just act normal. (bad boy eh?) One day, my parents start to accusing that my maid was the one stealing money.

I was scared that if I tell my parents they will whack me up nicely. But i was also scared that they will fire my innocent maid. So, I stop taking the money and didnt say anything at all. I start saving my own money to buy pokemon cards ever since that day. Once the money missing story stop, everything stopped. No one start accusing anyone and everything is back to normal.

Seriously, if my parents found out the existance of this blog, im screwed. BIG time.

So is that badass enough for you Kaiboon? XP

Question from OC:
What would you do if you can change lives with your blog?

Good question. Actually is a very interesting question. I like it. XD

I will write inspirational blog post that can boost people's motivation or just blog post ideas that can really help people out in their situation. (bad relationships, low self esteem, point of suicide, etc..) Besides that, I will rant and blog post about how cruel this freaking world is, so that people can read and know whats going on.

To be honest, thats actually what Im trying to do now but not to much. I spend most of the time talking about my sadass life. XP Im currently more towards post blogpost that make people laugh (i doubt that) at what im doing. So i guess that kinda answer the question. XP

Question from Max:
Broo, what you had for breakfast on the 6th of June 2011? ;)

Another random breakfast question of yours again eh Max? Okay, I'll play along. XD

6th June ah? It was a monday. And I was staying up late the night before monday trying out Eden Eternal and playing HON with friends. So the time that I woke up is about 12pm on that day. SO, I didnt have breakfast. TAADAAA!! XD

Done with all 3 questions. Thanks again for putting the effort to ask me these kind of questions guys. Sincere thank you. X)

So does that mean the question thingy is over? NOOOOOO!!!! Its still going on as long as Im alive. Im going to take in as many questions as I can. Why? Cause answering questions is fun and that way u guys get to know me alittle bit better. XP

How do you post a question? Simple, leave a comment on the lastest post that i've made everytime. (you can do it by following me on blog post or just go with annonymous.) or leave a message at the cbox on the left side. XP

Promise you guys that I will answer your questions. (as long as its nothing too personal and overboard) and I will post it up whenever I can. (since im still free these days.)


Friday, June 3, 2011

Out of Materials

Im so bored to the extend that i cant really think of a good blog post to talk about. Seriously, im that bored to that extend. DX

I didnt get out much these days or maybe I should say dont have the money and transportation to go out these days. I dont have a car to drive and Im like always broke ever since to stop college. When Im in college dad will give me some allowance everyday, which is a good thing. Now, im just plain broke. And im dont feel comfortable asking my dad for money.. i just find it not really nice.

But I also dont prefer to stay at home and do nothing but gaming all day. Im a badass gamer, like really badass. But I still have my limits. I still get bored with games. HON and MapleStory is just really getting bored already (yes, Im playing maple again.)

Nothing really interesting to talk about my family life. Everyone is busy with their own stuffs and nothing really interesting is going on between us.

Lets not even go to love life.

Oreo is still under medication with his parasites issue so nothing much to talk about.

Panda is still being a biting feret but lately his been a good boy. (but he still bites me.) Im starting to like that small little thing.. just abit..

No camera around to do covers or do video logs.

No inspiration to write a song.

No new comics to read since I already finish reading everything. Including those which I have at home and those which are available online.

So, HELP!!!! I need some blog materials to talk about!! DX DX DX

Therefore, I have a brilliant (also a very cheap idea) way to get something to blog about in my next.

I would like you guys to ask me any questions, like any RANDOM questions that you all wanna know. (Just dont go overboard and ask ridiculous question.)

To ask me please leave a comment on this post. I will do my best to answer all of you question. As long as its not overboard, I promise you guys that I will answer those questions.

Im willing to take up to 10 to 15 questions. I really depends on how well this thing that im planning is going la. XP So feel free to comment on this blog post or just incase in some cases some of you cannot comment on this blog post, do leave a comment in the cbox. Since im like so freaking free now, I will be checking on my cbox like 24/7. XP

One person, one question. Comment on the blog post or at the cbox. the answers will be reveal at the next post. So, have fun brain storming for questions. XD