Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nice MPPJs!?

Just so some of you guys out there dont know, MPPJs are some kind of government people who catchs people who sells illegally without a license in the morning/night market. (I hope I got it correct. XP)

When I was young, my favorite part of helping my dad is when everyone who sells stuffs illegally in the night market panics when the MPPJs arrives. When the MPPJs arrives and they caught people selling stuffs illegally they will take away their items and never return them. So getting caught by them is like a big big lost no matter what. So, the salesmen will panic, quickly keep their stuffs, and run for it.

When a MPPJs officer caught the fella selling stuffs without a license, he ask the fella to hand over all his items. My next favorite part is when the fella refuses to hand over the stuffs and negotiate with the officer. When the negotiation fails the officers will ask his men to help him clean the mess up. Then the salesmen gets mad and start fighting with the officer.

Yeah damm bitch right? Me enjoy seeing people fighting with each other. You cant blame me. I was young. Watching people fight is like watching a like kamen rider show. The difference is that I dunno which one is the good or the bad one. XD

Okay back to the main topic. Yeah, the one before was not the main topic. It was all just explanation for those who dont understand. XP

So, one day I was helping my dad in the morning market. The MPPJs arrived like always and do their thing. Scouting around the market looking for illegal salesmen. The lucky salesmen will hear them coming thru the passing message (im very lazy to explain what the passing message means.) the unlucky ones.. well lets just say that they are unlucky.

There was one salesmen working near my dad's stall didnt hear the calling of the MPPJs. It was a malay couple selling corn. The MPPJ officer notice them and walk over towards their stall. When the couple saw the officer walking over they started to panic.

I was alittle bit excited cause there might be a fight among people with the same raise. (yeah, im a bitch right? XP) and its been awhile ever since I've seen a fight in the market.

Apparently, all they did was ask the malay couple to keep their stuffs and leave the market. Thats all. THATS ALL!? No rampas? No trying to bribe!? No rejecting and getting mad!? No fighthing!? D8

I told my dad that nothing happened and my dad already expected that to happen. He said that maybe it because they of are the same raise and religious people. Now thats a little bit raisist issint it?

Then just this week, I was helping my dad in the morning market again. The same thing happened. But this time, the two people who didnt heard the call was two chinese guys. Its two difference raises now, so im kinda expecting some dramas to go on. (still a bitch eh? XD)

The offcer saw the two chinese salesmen, walks up to them and begin the negotiation. The talk was about 4~5minutes. I can tell that the chinese salesmen is not very happy. (who wouldnt be right?) As for the officer, his just standing there saying something which I cant really hear. Probably giving the fella a warning and explaining the rules or something..

I was really really expecting a fight at that moment. (what a bitch right?) After the talk, the officers was cleaning up the hawker's stall. The hawkers were cleaning up their stalls with the looks of dissapointment. So really, at this point, you really really expect a fight coming next.

BUT guess what? It turns out the officers were actually helping the hawkers to clean their stuffs. Apparently, the MPPJ officer gave a warning to the chinese fellas and also gave them another chance. So, no rampas, no fights, nothing.. again.. DX

I guess MPPJs these days are getting really nice. (I think..) Totally different from rude ones like the ones when I was young. Not only they help their own raises but the others as well. One Malaysia? Yeah you can say that. XD


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