Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vlog once Again

I finally get to steal the laptop from my brother for one whole day just to make a vlog for you guys. No seriously, the vlogs are for you guys. XD

I manage to cut, edit, and upload the two vlog materials that I have with me in one single day. Fuh~ Im very impressed with myself. (actually, its not a big deal.)

So enjoy the video~ XP

Some of you guys might notice, i started putting background musics for my vlogs. Well that is just to make my vlog more interesting. And plus I made some extras in the end which is also part of my vlog improvements. XP

For the cover that is made by Me and Tarvin is going to be upload in my youtube music channel. Be sure to check it out soon. It will be up when I want it to be uploaded. XD

I have another vlog material coming up. Its not much of a vlog about myself but there is Panda (my ferret) in it. So yeah, if you guys are interested in meeting my Panda then be sure to stay tune.

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