Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A dream? A Sign?

Im pretty sure that Im a very imaginative guy. According to google, it says that people who have good imagination tends to have imaginative dream. Pretty obvious issint it?

Some of you might have known that I do dream alot.. alot of weird kind of dreams and also dreams that sounds so real. Like one time, I thought I got a birthday present to meet Taylor Swift but apparently its a dream.

I did a blog post about it.. heres the link. XP The Best Present!?

I just got another dream recently, but this dream is not that beautiful.. its kinda scary and yet its like a sign. Although I cant remember some of the parts of the dream but hear me out and try to understand the whole picture okay??

The dream took place in my college. Yes, HELP college, the underground one. So, it involves only my college friends this time. And during the dream time, I was involve in some amazing race competition with my fellow college brothers. I remember Max, Nick, Faris and King were in my dream and the other people around me are kinda blurry.

The weird thing about this competition is that, everyone including students and lecturers are not having class. They are around the college cheering for the teams that are involved in the event. Us and the participated students will be running around doing the tasks of the competition. Each one of us have to complete a task in order to get a piece of a puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete, that team win. (I cant believe I actually remember those minor important stuffs. XD)

Everyone have done their part and the final part was up to me. I have to go all the way upstairs to complete my final task. Once I finished that task then my team will win the competition.

As I recall, I was at the lower foyer. (Dont ask me why am I there, I was just there.) So the nearest and quickest way to the outside was the stair case near the upper foyer. I quickly run towards that direction. While I was running I can hear all the crowds shouting my name asking me to run faster. That feeling was extremely real..

I reached the stairs and before I begin walking up the stairs towards the exit, 'she' appeared right infront of me. 'She' said that 'she' wanted to tell me about something. I guess it was something really important as 'She' has that really really sad looks on her face. Next thing I know, she just cried and fall into my arms. I was shocked..

Whats really strange and farked up is that, during that moment when she was trying to tell me something (probably the reason why is she so sad and everything.) I couldnt hear her at all!! Everything around me was mute, even the crowds that was cheering, my teammates that was shouting and asking me to run just suddenly turn mute. I cannot hear anything around me.

When I was about to tell her to something, something hit on the head..

Next thing I know, I was in my room, on my bed, with Panda (the feret) on my head. My sister quickly carry Panda away and my brother was laughing at what Panda just did. Then I knew, it was only a dream and I was woke up by Panda jumping on my head.

But the dream felt very real.. just too real.. when I woke up my heart was pounding extremely fast. Was it because the dream turn mute all in the sudden? Was it because I was about to win an epic competition? Or was it because I saw 'her' crying infront of my eyes?

I was worried, so I immediately texted her asking whether shes sad or anything recently. Thankfully, she was fine and nothing happened to her. X)

Thank god that this dream is not a sign or anything.. But I have to say, that was one hell of a dream. XP


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