Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Man Who I want to be..

One day when I was young, me and dad are working in the night market. And then, heres what I said to him..

Me: "Dad!!! When I grow up, I want to be just like you. "XD

Dad: "Oh NOO!!! Hell No!!" (he didnt say hell no.. just giving an impression. XD)

Okay, Dad totally got the wrong idea of what I was trying to tell him. He thought I meant that I wanted to be a hawker like him when I grow up (Actually thats not a bad idea.) but I was trying to tell him that I wanted to be HIM. XD

Thats my grandma and thats my dad. See how lovely and caring he is? X')

Im always wanted to be like my dad. Cause proud to have a dad like him. When I was young, I will go around telling people..

"My dad is awesome. the best dad in the whole world!! What? You think your dad is better? Yeah right!!! Can your dad cook like my dad? I dont think so!!"

Awww come on, I was young. Its not a bad thing to show off and brag about how good your dad is. At least its better than brag about my father than to brag about myself. (there is nothing much for me to brag about anyways. DX)

I believe everyone's dad is awesome.. BUT not as awesome as mine!! XD

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! X)

To all the daddies in the world. Happy father's day to you too. Hope you guys have a great day with your fathers. X)


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