Monday, June 13, 2011

His still barking (Oreo 9)

As some of you have read my previous post about Oreo. It sounds like his facing some deadly big tummy disease, the good news is there is no big tummy disease for Oreo. 8D The bad news is, his still bold due to parasite issues. DX

So long story short, Oreo is still healthy. All he did was gave me a heart attack and a very emotional time. (That son of bitch..) Why did he had that big tummy for a moment? Well I really dont know, the next day I woke up I found Oreo's tummy shrink back to normal. I guess maybe he has lots and lots of gas in his tummy that time. Which i dunno how did those air get into his tummy. XD

I can see very very very little hair growing out from his forehead. I think thats a good sign. Means his healing already! YAY~ XD (just hope that those hair dont drop off again the next day.)

Oreo is living a good life now, Im treating the fella like king now. I giving him walks, giving him his meal at a specific time, giving him snacks at random times, feeding him his medicine.. Basically, im like his servant now. DX

Today, I did a new thing with him. Usually my sister will be one giving Oreo his bath but today was the first time I freaking gave that little punk a bath. And its a real big pain in the neck, hands, ass, and wtv body parts I have with me.

Oreo hates bathing, like really really really hates it. Once u are lock in the toilet with him, he knows that his screwed and he starts scratching the door seeking for a way out. Then when Im bathing his, he makes noises sounds like im torturing him or something. Whats worst that, he never stays still!! DX

Well which dog doesnt hate bath, tell me? Actually, Jasper doesnt really hate baths. He doesnt jump around, move around, bark, bite, or yell like im torturing him. He just like, stays there and let me rub his body. Ahhh... If only Oreo is like that. XD

The shampoo for Oreo is different. Its like a medical shampoo that you have to put it on him and then wait for 10minutes with the thing on him. After that only you can water it away.

But since Oreo likes to move, you cant be holding him for 10 freaking minutes in the toilet. So what my sister do is bring him into the toilet, shower him, put the shampoo on and go bath with him around u while ur waiting. Yeah, so Oreo is basically gonna see whoever is bathing with him naked.

Its very awkward for Oreo to like sit beside of me in the toilet and stare at me while im bathing. Sometimes its scares me a little bit.. D8

So yeah, Oreo is still barking and his still a pain in the ass. But without this pain in the ass at home, my life would be boring. At least I have something to do at home now. X)

Oh btw, the vet doctor said that Oreo have DEAD parasites on his body. THATS FREAKING GOOD NEWS!!! XD


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