Sunday, June 26, 2011

Now, He wins

Few days ago, when I was in my high school friend's house, we are having like a bros night out. We meet up and one person's place, make that place a HQ, then we hang out there with out laptops playing HON or doing some IT stuffs. (yeah, what a bunch of nerds right?)

While was on facebook, he showed us an event that was organized by his college. It was culinary arts event (cooking competition) where future chiefs are there to perform their cooking skills and win home a prize. Pretty successful event organized.

Then for a moment, I spotted one of my friend in high school in that competition. He wasnt any normal friend, he was actually a love rival back then in high school. (pretty childish issint it? XP)

As we continue flipping thru the photo album, I saw that guy participate in that culinary event. Doing some awesome cooking skills and making an awesome dish. Turns out, he won second place on that event. From what I heard from my friend, it was a pretty big event by their college. So, winning that competition was definitely not easy.

Looking at him doing so good in his college life makes me think, what if both of us are still love rivals? What if both of us are still after-ing that girl that we are going after back then?

Come to think of it, he was not a bad guy at all. Some guys will hate their love rivals for some reason. But this guy didnt even hate me one single bit. I still remember we played some online game together. All he did was came up to me and told me this..

"I know you liked her too and Im not going to stop you. May the best man win alright? *smile*"

Really, you can hardly see guys who react like that and say things like that when they are talk to their love rivals. (Trust me, that smile of his is no grin smile.) If that girl actually heard what this guy said to me, they would have been closer together.

Back then I was having a slight lead going after the girl. Thats because I talked to the girl more and both of us known each other longer. But if it was the now me and the now him, he would have won that relationship.

Im not putting myself low here, but let just face it. if you compare both of us together, his a better man for her now. More charming than I am, like definately. XD Like what he said last time, may the best man win. X)

Im awesome but his just AWESOME-R. (for now) XD


P/s: none of us won that girl back then. XP

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