Friday, June 10, 2011

Plese let him be okay (Oreo 8)

As some of you might know if you keep track in my blog, Oreo is a little bit sick. He have skin parasite issues where dumbass worms will bite off its hair and skin, making him look bold.

Honestly, Oreo is not as cute as before.. My sister was like "OMG, Oreo looked so cute last time!" You cant really blame him, blame the stupid parasites that is biting his hair and skin off making him look very ugly.

His looks doesnt really matters to me, to me is his health. He has to eat medicine everyday at a specific time in order to heal. (like any other sickness.) His the only thing that I will stop whatever important shyt that im doing and go down and feed him the medicine. This shows how important is he to me.

I really want him to be okay, faster heal up and I wanna hear everyone say that his cute again. X)

But apparently, just today I found out that this tummy getting bigger. Its like abnormal big. Then, i remember seeing a picture of a little puppy with a huge abnormal in the vet. It was a disease, like a pretty deadly disease.

Im afraid that Oreo got the same disease. I wish that he doesnt get it. I bring out for the walk and wait for him to poop. Maybe his tummy is big because he havent poop? In the end, he did poop. His poop was very very watery. Its like diarrhea. But his tummy didnt shrink one bit.

Im very very afraid that he will get infected with that particular disease. If that really happens, means that we have to let him go.. I have to let another dog go in less than a year.

Please, god, buddha, jesus, or whoever that is up there looking after me. I wish that Oreo could heal, be better and dont get infected by that tummy disease. His the only thing that is with me right now.. I cannot afford to lose him.

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  1. Bring him to the vet again. You can't just pray to god and leave him like that. :(


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