Friday, June 3, 2011

Out of Materials

Im so bored to the extend that i cant really think of a good blog post to talk about. Seriously, im that bored to that extend. DX

I didnt get out much these days or maybe I should say dont have the money and transportation to go out these days. I dont have a car to drive and Im like always broke ever since to stop college. When Im in college dad will give me some allowance everyday, which is a good thing. Now, im just plain broke. And im dont feel comfortable asking my dad for money.. i just find it not really nice.

But I also dont prefer to stay at home and do nothing but gaming all day. Im a badass gamer, like really badass. But I still have my limits. I still get bored with games. HON and MapleStory is just really getting bored already (yes, Im playing maple again.)

Nothing really interesting to talk about my family life. Everyone is busy with their own stuffs and nothing really interesting is going on between us.

Lets not even go to love life.

Oreo is still under medication with his parasites issue so nothing much to talk about.

Panda is still being a biting feret but lately his been a good boy. (but he still bites me.) Im starting to like that small little thing.. just abit..

No camera around to do covers or do video logs.

No inspiration to write a song.

No new comics to read since I already finish reading everything. Including those which I have at home and those which are available online.

So, HELP!!!! I need some blog materials to talk about!! DX DX DX

Therefore, I have a brilliant (also a very cheap idea) way to get something to blog about in my next.

I would like you guys to ask me any questions, like any RANDOM questions that you all wanna know. (Just dont go overboard and ask ridiculous question.)

To ask me please leave a comment on this post. I will do my best to answer all of you question. As long as its not overboard, I promise you guys that I will answer those questions.

Im willing to take up to 10 to 15 questions. I really depends on how well this thing that im planning is going la. XP So feel free to comment on this blog post or just incase in some cases some of you cannot comment on this blog post, do leave a comment in the cbox. Since im like so freaking free now, I will be checking on my cbox like 24/7. XP

One person, one question. Comment on the blog post or at the cbox. the answers will be reveal at the next post. So, have fun brain storming for questions. XD



  1. Go blog something bout like, most memorable event of the year, since as long as you can remember XD

    To stimulate your inspiration, think bout things like, what's the thing that make you feel happiest about, or emo about, etc.

    I know, this is not a question. :P

    If u want a question from me, haha, ok.
    What's the most badass thing that you've ever done in your life? XD

    Enjoy blogging! XD

  2. what would you do if you could change lives with your blog?


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