Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ttyl, ttynt, nttya

Dont know what does the title mean? Read on and you'll understand. XP

I have some friends who are annoyed with the word 'ttyl' also known as 'talk to you later' in short form. This usually happens in sms, skype, msn, any messager you have in this word that involves texting la.

Is like everytime they talked a girl or a guy, the conversation starts go get along very well. Both of them are chatting nicely until.. one of them says 'ttyl'. Psychological sense or I should say even using common sense, that person who got the message saying 'ttyl' will be waiting for that person to talk to him/her again.

That person will then keep waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting for the whole day and doesnt get the reply. Then they got sick and tired of waiting, they get pissed off. Then what do they do? They come and talk to lifeless, free roam, college free people like me to listen to their problems. DX XD (no seriously.)

Alright to all people who you 'ttyl' and never talk to that person again after. Im just saying that you shouldnt use 'ttyl' in that way. English sense, 'later' simply means afterwards. If you want to end the conversation for the day and carry on talking next time. i think you should say 'ttynt' instead. It means 'talk to you next time'. Simple~ XP

Now, im not going to side my friends who gets pissed off with people using 'ttyl' and not continue-ing the conversation. Im mutual. Im not siding this or that. To make things fair, im going to say a few things for the other side as well.

You guys just need to be a little bit more understanding sometime. Who knows that person is in serious crisis and need to do that thing. You should be thankful that the person is replying your message saying 'ttyl' and not 'nttya'. Means 'not talking to you again'. XD

What im saying is that, just be alittle bit understand and try not to get pissed off cause people use 'ttyl' and not talk to you after that. Really? You get pissed off for such a small matter? really? On such small matter? If thats the case, you sir/madam need to grow up alittle bit. Thank you~

Take my suggestion, use 'ttynt' next time. Its better. Causes less problems for you and people who gets the complains like me. XD

I use it sometimes in my conversation but just that i dont really go 'ttynt'. I go 'ttynexttime'. XD


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