Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two different Worlds

I really really dont believe that two different people from two different worlds cannot be together. I dont believe that when they are together they wont be happy. I really really dont believe. (been repeating 'really dont believe' alot here. XD)

And I when say cannot be together, I meant when both sides like each other but dont want to be together cause they are just different from one another.

If you two are two different people in terms on attitude wise, i will accept that. Like the guy is farked up, he smokes, he drinks and you are too polite, nice, sweet. Thats fine. I dont blame that you two dont want/cannot be together. (even I wouldnt wanna be with that person) But some people just gives the worst excuse about why they dont wanna be with each other.

Here are some of the examples. I heard these single handed, no fakes and this is all real shyt excuse that I hear from people.

"I cannot be with that guy because his too into sports and I dont."

"I cannot be with that girl because she cannot go out as often as I am."

"I cannot be with that guy because his more chinese educated and I more english educated."

"I cannot be with the girl because shes too smart for me."

Seriously.. cause of those reason you dont wanna be together with him/her? Really? This is just shyt loads of crap.

I know two people that are from two different worlds are living happily together, right here, right now, right this moment. Its not full time happily together but at least they are not divorce or something. In any relationship there is always a screwed up moment and there will be a fight. I've seen these two couples fight but guess what? they still love each other. They have been married for more than 30 years now. They have 3 kids and very happy life.

Yeah, some of you guys might already know.. they are my parents. X)

My dad is a hawker who cant really speak english. My mom is a well educated teacher and she owns a masters degree. My dad is a carefree and easy going guy. My mom is hardworking and she always want things to be done the right way.

Tell me if thats not two different people from two different worlds.

If you dont like the person cause he/she is not the one, then i dont blame you.

If you dont like the person cause he/she has a farked up attitude, i dont blame you.

If you dont like that person cause he/she is completely different from you. Then your just really really choosy, Thats all im saying.

Its all about your mind. Its all about your understanding. It all about what you think of that person.

Nah, im just really pissed at people who are like that. People are willing to change themselves into someone they dont really like to be just for these choosy people. They say its a the power of love, I say its the power of stupidity.

I done.. I hope you guys understand and learn something new from this blogpost.


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