Wednesday, June 15, 2011

People who I talk to..

It may seem that I talk to alot of people in my life. But the truth is, the people who I talk to are very limit. I wouldnt say that its little but I wouldnt say its alot as well.

I may seem to be a guy who can talk to almost everyone but the truth is I have my weakness as well. There are some people in my life that I couldnt talk to. (Pretty scary huh?) Like for example, I cant really talk to girl who I think are VERY pretty. No Kidding.

I have a warm and nice family but to be honest sometimes I have a hard time talking to them too. It may seem that we all get along and talk alot most of them but the actually its not really true.

My dad is a pretty busy guy even know he sells only in the morning and nights. In the afternoon he needs his nap time and evening he needs to get ready his stuffs for his night market business then head offs at night and comes back at 11pm. The best time for him to talk to me is when we are having family night and mahjong night. XD

My mom.. well.. lets just say she doesnt know me very well. She does have alot of free time at home cause he work time is morning till afternoon. But the conversations that she brings up are not the ones that I like to hear. It was never 'hows your day?' or 'what did you do today?' like those american moms in the movie. Hers are more towards studying, money, and my future life. Its not to say a bad thing but its just not the ones that I like to hear early in the morning when i JUST woke up. But what shes doing is definately for my own good la. XP

My brother, we do get along but there are times where he has this ego side of him and he starts becoming a real show off. (aka a pain in the ass) Like my exams results are bad then he will start saying that im stupid (not in a joking way, seriously) or when I sucked in gaming, he will start calling me a noob. It sometimes really pisses me off. Althought his my brother, but i dont tell him personal things like how I feel about stuffs and all cause he will make replies that make me sound like im a dumbass or something. And plus, my brother is out with his friends most of the time, so its pretty hard for us to communicate that way. DX

My sister? I would say that among the whole family member, me and sister communicate and talk the most. Maybe because I tend to listen to her half of the time and she listens to mine. XP But my sister loves to randomly budge into my room and talk to me. (or just came in cause my room has air-con.) I will have to say, my sister is the only person who I can talk to in the whole family although sometimes she can be a pain in the ass. XD

Lets see.. who else did i left out? Owh yeah, Oreo and Panda! XD

I like dogs who can sit down quietly and listen to their owner. Like Jasper! But sadly, Oreo issint the kind of dog that would just sit still and listen to you. The moment that he saw us, he gets hyper up and jumps around the corner! XD Panda? Well, that thing only know how to get scared, excited and bite. So lets talk about it. XD

I wont call this a sad family life cause seriously, there are more sad-er people with more cruel family in this world. Who am I to complain about it? I will just call this is a silent family life. XP

I been on holidays these days but most of my friends are in college busy with assignments or having exams. Most of them dont have the time to entertain a lifeless child like me. Even if I have a girl friend, I dont think she will entertain me as well. XD

That is why I made this blog. If I cant talk to my friends face to face anymore, I can just let them know im doing okay with this blogspot going on. Since when Im around them, I like to tell stories and brag about my life. True Story. XP

And also, I made this blog so that I can communicate with each and everyone of you out there who actually reads it. And I wanna say Thank YOU for reading my pathetic life blog. XD

I hope everyone will read on, leave comments and keep asking me random questions!! I makes me feel alot better to know that someone actually reads and comment on your blog. XP


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