Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blog Q&A 2

Another blog spot Q&A time but this time there are more questions!! 8D I've gotten 6 random questions in less than 3 days!! XD XD XD

This time is kudos to Dex Shan, Kai Boon(again), Adri Ahmad, Wei Ling, Xiau Wei and Shi Wei for making these questions. Thank You~ XP

Lets get on to the questions shall we? XP

Question from Dex Shan:
Who's your favorite teacher in HMC?

I would have to say Mr.Gobi. He makes his class are very interesting and entertaining. I never really get bored in his classes. Plus, he helps the his students alot. Like you have problems with your groupmates, he will know even if you didnt tell him anything. (freaky eh?) After that, he will do his best to help you and your groupmates out with the assignments. Whats the word for him? Owh yeah, observant. XD

Every teacher in HELP is awesome but to me, Mr.Gobi is the best among all. XP

Question from Kai Boon:
What are your two most favorite kamen rider series and comment on the two riders. XD cheers! ;)

Oh thats really easy. My two most favorite kamen riders will have to be Kabuto and Faiz. I like both of them cause they have the ability to move freaking fast (Clock Up and Start Up) then they make everyone round them move ten times slower than a snail!! XD

Plus, both rider costumes looked the best among the other riders. Both of are fighting styles are very cool and unique as well. Kabuto is the cool counter attack style and Faiz is the hyper hand shaking cool style. XD

If your next question is between these two riders who will i choose, my answer will be Kabuto. XP

Question from Adri:
Are you gay? xD

This is a ridiculous question. NO, im not gay!! Sheesh dude, you have known me for like 3 years and you think im gay?? So, dissapointed in you. DX

Question from Wei Ling:
Whats your favorite month of the year? :P

Definately December. Why? Simple, cause its holidays~ XD Exams free, assignment free, college free, good time to spend with friends too. And thats the month where camps usually will be held. Plus, my dad's birthday is in that month. XP

Question from Xiau Wei:
Hmmmm. Are you okay recently? Do you like to smile? Why?

*Before I start, Xiau Wei. Next time dont post too many question at a time. Cause you know me, I can keep writting and answering all ur questions all day and I wont stop until i finish all ur questions. So it alittle bit unfair to others. XD*

Am I okay recently? Cant you tell from the blog? XD If you cant then my answer will be yeah~ Life is good without college. Spends lots of time hanging out with my high school friends and playing video games at home. XP

Do I like to smile? Well, I like to smile but i dont like to smile with my braises. Why? I dunno, psychological sense, people who have low self esteem on look bases (like me) find smiling with braises makes them look ugly. XP

Question from Shi Wei:
What is your favorite Taylor Swift song? I bet thats challenging. :D

Oh shyt, this IS hard!! I like all Taylor Swifit songs!!! BUT have no fear. I have the answer to your question. XP

I will have to say 'Mine'. Its very hard to explain why.. My feelings towards this song very very deep. I liked it right away when it first came out and I fell in love with the song even more when the music video came out. XP

Maybe cause it was the first single before Taylor's 'Speak Now' album came out. Or Maybe because Taylor just look extra extra pretty in the music video. XD

Alright thats it for another blogspot Q&A time. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the answers. XP

Seriously, THANK YOU ALL for giving me these questions to brain storms stuffs during the holidays. My brains are pretty brain dead now thanks to all bore-ness, same old routines and video gaming.

But after you guys gave me these questions, inspirations stucks into my head more often! No kidding~ I have more ideas and stuffs to talk about already! XD

Keep to questions coming. I will not stop answering your questions as long as this blog is freaking alive. XP

How do you post a question again? Simple, leave a comment on the lastest post that i've made everytime. (you can do it by following me on blog post or just go with annonymous.) or leave a message at the cbox on the left side. XP


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