Monday, June 27, 2011

Fill You Guys In

Time to fill you guys in with alittle bit of update. What you guys dont wanna know anything? Well too bad, im still going to fill you guy wheter u like it or not. XD

I've been doing some driving lately. Whenever dad is free he will call me to get some driving practice. And f**k yeah i still havent lose my pro driving skills. (lies) Except for the reverse side parking. That one is a real pain in the ass. Im driving auto lately and soon to start practicing on manual cars. XP

My dad is thinking of buying me a car soon. Just a plain old simple proton saga car just for me. YAY!! The joy in my soul!! I finally get to have a car after having the license from 2 freaking years and I finally get to driving around and not take public transportation already!!

What proton saga only? Its not a good car? Well, i dont care. I actually like proton saga. Why? Cause it was the car that my dad bought when I was first born. (if im not wrong, it was also my family's first car) My mom told me that she hugged me when I was a baby and my dad will be the one driving me around in that proton saga. Ever since then, I have this hidden bond and connection between proton saga. XP (Only Proton Saga)

Sadly, I dont remember the number plate of the car. Dammit. DX

Speaking for cars and driving around. I finally figure out which college am I going. Well its not actually figure it out.. Anyways, INTI finally accepted me in their college. Yes, its a pretty big thing for me. My results are not really that good and they are linking up with a very famous university called the University of Waolonggong. (google that and you'll see.) So, the requirements should be high but thankfully, they accepted me!! XD

To be honest, i cant wait for college to start. (lies) Even know assignments and exams are going to head into my way but its a course that im interested in. Computer Gamese Development. Its like part of what im doing ever since I got my first gameboy. XD

I hope that things will be good when im the course. Cause this is a new course for INTI. Im probably going to be the first batch for this course. Therefore, no one knows its good or bad. So fingers cross ya'll!! DX

Im still spending most of my time hanging out with my high school bros and facing infront of the computer. I havent been talking much to people lately. The only people that came talking to me are people that need my help in something. Its been a silent holiday for me.. and sometimes, I feel lonely.. DX

But still there are people who still my existence and came to have some random update conversation with me. Sincere thank you to all those people who randomly came and talk to me. You know who you are. *winks* (ewwww, thats not what I will normally do. DX)

I guess thats all for the updates.. I hope you guys out there are doing great as well. At least better than I am. XP


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