Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Answering the Questions.

Alrights, I got a 3 question in my list right now. I not going to drag this until i achieve 10 questions. 3 questions is good enough for me. XP

Before I begin, I would like to thank Kaiboon, OC and Max for putting the effort think of a question to ask me. (Although Max's question is ridiculous. XD) Plus, extra special thanks to Kaiboon for recommending some blogpost topics to talk about. I will keep those recommendations in mind. XP

Like I promise, I will answer my questions. Short answer style. XP

Question from KaiBoon:
Whats the most badass thing that you've ever done in your life? XD

Most badass thing? Wow, seriously I've done tons of badass stuffs in my life. But I cant figure out which one is the most badass one! XD Maybe this one shud be badass enough. Okay, here goes nothing. DX

When I was young I was sooo into pokemon cards. Like CRAZY!!! (until now i sorta do but not to the crazy extent.) But i couldnt affort the money to buy booster pack for the cards. So guess what I did? I steal money from my parents. I will like steal rm50 every week just to buy like 3 booster pack.

When my family notice their money missing, they will question and I just act normal. (bad boy eh?) One day, my parents start to accusing that my maid was the one stealing money.

I was scared that if I tell my parents they will whack me up nicely. But i was also scared that they will fire my innocent maid. So, I stop taking the money and didnt say anything at all. I start saving my own money to buy pokemon cards ever since that day. Once the money missing story stop, everything stopped. No one start accusing anyone and everything is back to normal.

Seriously, if my parents found out the existance of this blog, im screwed. BIG time.

So is that badass enough for you Kaiboon? XP

Question from OC:
What would you do if you can change lives with your blog?

Good question. Actually is a very interesting question. I like it. XD

I will write inspirational blog post that can boost people's motivation or just blog post ideas that can really help people out in their situation. (bad relationships, low self esteem, point of suicide, etc..) Besides that, I will rant and blog post about how cruel this freaking world is, so that people can read and know whats going on.

To be honest, thats actually what Im trying to do now but not to much. I spend most of the time talking about my sadass life. XP Im currently more towards post blogpost that make people laugh (i doubt that) at what im doing. So i guess that kinda answer the question. XP

Question from Max:
Broo, what you had for breakfast on the 6th of June 2011? ;)

Another random breakfast question of yours again eh Max? Okay, I'll play along. XD

6th June ah? It was a monday. And I was staying up late the night before monday trying out Eden Eternal and playing HON with friends. So the time that I woke up is about 12pm on that day. SO, I didnt have breakfast. TAADAAA!! XD

Done with all 3 questions. Thanks again for putting the effort to ask me these kind of questions guys. Sincere thank you. X)

So does that mean the question thingy is over? NOOOOOO!!!! Its still going on as long as Im alive. Im going to take in as many questions as I can. Why? Cause answering questions is fun and that way u guys get to know me alittle bit better. XP

How do you post a question? Simple, leave a comment on the lastest post that i've made everytime. (you can do it by following me on blog post or just go with annonymous.) or leave a message at the cbox on the left side. XP

Promise you guys that I will answer your questions. (as long as its nothing too personal and overboard) and I will post it up whenever I can. (since im still free these days.)


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