Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog Q&A

OMG, i got 3 questions in less than 5 days!! This is freaking amazing!! 8D
Special thanks to Jennifer, Kenneth and Jenny for taking the time to visit my blog and also asking me some interesting questions.

Whats freaking amazing is about this is thar, Jennifer is a girl that I dont know. I guess shes a blog walker who randomly found out abt this blogspot. XD Anyways, extra special thanks to you, Jennifer. X)

Alrights, lets not waste anymore time and letters. Lets do this!! XD

Question from Jennifer:
This weblog seems to get a great deal of visitors. It offers a nice unique spin on things. How do you promote it?

Well honestly Jennifer, the only promoting I've done in my blog is thru my friends and facebook. I will like once in awhile wall post my blogspot on facebook. Simple as that. XP

I think this blog has so many views is because I like to post famous famous stuffs like celebrities, games, movies and stuffs. And when people google it, they found my blog cause its related. So i guess thats why it has so many views. XD

Question from Kenneth:
Okay Yu Ming, this should be an interesting yet challenging question for you. My question is... Why do you blog??? Have fun~ ;D

Interesting, yes. Challenging, not so much. XP I blog to fill up my free and lifeless time. And of course like any other people, I blog to voice out my feelings and share stories to the world. I also sometimes blog to promote somethings that I find very interesting so I can share with my readers. Nowathese days I rant as well but I guess thats under the expressing feelings part. XD

Question from Jenny:
Hey YuMing, you asked me to visit your blog and so here I am. :D And here is a random question for you, what is your favorite movie of all time? good luck and have fun~ ;)

Favorite movie of all time? Hrmm.. now this is a tough one. I have TONS of favorite movies!!! XD Okay but one of my most favorite is definately Ip Man. I prefer the first one although the second is good as well. XP

I like it mainly because its an action movie with full of kung-fu fighthing moves. XP The story line is also very nice. Its shows how strong chinese people are during the war years. And its all based on a true story! 8D Not to mention, im a Donnie Yen fan as well. XP

Keep those question coming alright?

How do you post a question again? Simple, leave a comment on the lastest post that i've made everytime. (you can do it by following me on blog post or just go with annonymous.) or leave a message at the cbox on the left side. XP


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