Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog Q&A 3

Alright another Q&A time. Again, I wanna thank those free time people for thinking question for me. Although most of them are same people but still good enough. XP

Kudos to Ken, Jia Hui (again), Kenny (again) and Jhao for asking me the questions this time. Arigatos. XP

Okay, now lets do it!! XD

Question from Ken:
What makes you happy?

To be honest, Im a very easy guy to get happy. But the easiest way to make me happy is like any other guy in this world. When a small boy is sad, you either buy him a toy that he likes, or give him a very hot girl. Simple as that. XD (no kidding about both parts)

Question from Jia Hui:
What do you think your good at? Thats my random question~ Enjoy

Wow, thats really random.. So random to the extend that I have a hard time answer it. XD I want to say that im good at gaming but I cant cause im not like an all time pro. I wanna say im good in drawing but its been a long time ever since i draw stuffs. Like extremely long time!! Sleep? nah. Basketball? No more stamina (getting old) I would say im good at talking crap! Yes!! I guess thats what im good at. XD

Question from Kenny:
Since you had my feeling so curious now.. What other kind of people do you have problems talking to? Gotcha

Yeah you got be there. I shall reveal one more kind of person that I couldnt talk to in my life. No more questions similar to this no more. Cause revealing too much just make me sound like a guy who really cannot talk people. XP

I have a hard time to talk to people who I like. Like for example, I have a date with her. I will actually plan and write down a list of topics in my head before the date starts. When the date is on, the topics that I wrote down in my head tends to just disappear. It works the same on phone. We will have that awkwards silent moment on the phone. If shes the same kind of person like me, then awkward silent moment it is. But things like that never happen when we are in a relationship. Weird eh? XD

Yeah, I just reveal a very bad fact about me. HUGE sacrifice here. DX

Question from Jhao:
If your a superhero, what power will you want to have? I know I asked you this before.. but just wanna know if you changed ur mind before. XD

Thats like a very old question.. You asked me that alot of times in high school when you can find a random conversations for me. XD

My answer still didnt change at all. If I have a superpowers, I would want the power to control time. Reverse, Forward, Slow, Fast Forward, Stop time. Pretty uber strong power. Come to think of it, if i got those power. People around the around the world is going to hunt me down and kill me. XD

Alrights, there goes another blog Q&A time.. Keep those question coming guys. As you can see im really really slacking these days. Need some extra motivations from u guys. XP

How do you post a question again? Simple, leave a comment on the lastest post that i've made everytime. (you can do it by following me on blog post or just go with annonymous.) or leave a message at the cbox on the left side. XP


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