Sunday, August 31, 2008


I just notice.. i found something extremely coincidents!! Im serious!!!

I and Nomura.. are guys!!!! No no no.. thats NOT the real thing. Its just testing all of u are really focusing on this post anot.

I and Nomura created a song which is almost alike.. alike percentage is like 50%?? or more..

Remember i told u abt my new song called "Sad Memoirs"? Yeap.. he created a song almost alike!! D8 Final Fantasy versus XII main theme song which is called "Somnus Nemoris" the chorus part of the song sounds alot alike my "Sad Memoirs"!!! D8

-Somnus Nemoris-

Abt this is a song with the language Latin. The most oldest language in the world. Thats why they make this song sooo historical.. Cool song issint?? If u hear before my song *especially Suilun* you should focus on the chorus. Its sounded almost alike!!! D8

OMG.. theres another fella how had my song. D8 Does that mean my song is copy writted?? D8 Noooooooo... I dunno wanna be copy writted!!!

Random Questions

1. Why do u always stick with yur psp?? Give 3 reasons plsss:
- I was bored
- I dunno wanna lose it
- Its my freaking psp, duh!!!

2. Does playing psp makes you emo??
- Yes! When i see some game with sad endings. XP

3. Does playing psp makes you happy??
- Not really, cause people might think im not a sosialised person. Thus they might think that im some sort of game freak. Well I am one! XD

4. Having a great love life?
- Nope.. its very complicated..

5. Having a great family life??
- Not really.. someone is blocking the way of life.

6. Having a great friendship life??
- School >> Good
- Sunday School >> Not really..
- Basketball >> BEST

7. If your going to get murdered, what style are u going to die like?
- Kena shoot side ways. XD

8. Whats the best style to kill a person?
- Shoot him side ways too! XD

9. You're perasan?
- very..

10. You're sensative?
- very very..

11. You're quiet?
- very very very NOT!!!

12. Punch or Kick?
- Punch!! then Kick!! XD

13. Jealoused?
- very very very..

14. Pillow or Blanket comes first?
- Pillow!!!

15. Axel or Tiger??
- Tiger!!!

16. Handphone or PSP??
- PSP!!! my handphone cacat mah!!

17. cream or gel?
- Gel~

18. Song or Music?
- Music~

19. Hate yurself?
- yes..

20. Hate your life?
- yes yes..

21. Hate studying??

22. Hate girls or guys more?
- girls.. I mean, some kind of girls only..

23. Think that people hate you?
- thats for sure..

24. Packed your bag?
- havent, no school oso!! XD

25. Did your homework?
- No homework oso! XD

26. Feel like going to school?
- Yeap

27. Feel like going to basketball?
- Depends..

28. Fee like going sunday school?
- Hell YEAH!! XD

29 You have more guy or girl friends?
- Guys duh!

30. Planing to do next?
- Play Piano!! XD

Piano Fever!!

Today i went to sunday school and helped out for cheif's memoria, (issit spelled like that?? Cos i really dunno. XP)

Btw the people who are there are.. Justin, Suilun, Weigin, XinYi, CheeWei, YanLeng, and MunWai. The helping thingy was fun!! Even knw we had to wake up early in the morning. XD

*Btw, i introduced Suilun to watch Kamen Rider Kabuto. He and I got addicted to the show already!! People out there!! No matter yur and idult or a papa or mama or something else!! MUST watch Kamen Rider Kabuto!! You wont regret it!! XD Hyper Clock Up!!!

Okay back to the main story. XP After the me and Suilun done our job. I decided to play piano. So i sorta.. challenge him to a piano song battle?? I knw im gonna kena beat flat already but i wanna try to perform my latest song which is the song i created.

*Again Btw, I got a name for my song already!! Its called "Sad Memiors" I dunno, the song just got the feel for the word "sad" thus since my blog name is "Price of Memories" i mind as well put some to do with "Memories" So i copied the word from "Memiors of Geisha" then it became "Sad Memiors"

*Long story short, equation
MIngz is (Emo) = Sad
(Memiors) of Geisha = Memiors
Therefore its called "Sad Memiors"

Okay enough craping. XD Obviously no one notice that i was playing the piano and of course no one notice that i was playing some other songs. Well not surpising to hear that anyway..

We took turns to play. So Suilun play first and then only play. His frist song was Digimon-Butterfly. That song is enough to beat me flat. When it was my turn, i decided to try out my new song. So i played Sad Memiors.

Round 2, he played Konayuki. OMG.. this match is like lvl99 versus a lvl1 character. XD Then we duet together and played Roxas. I think that was the best song i played cause his helping me. XD

Round 3 (Final), he won me by using his best song which is Double Action. Since his using his best song, i mind as well use my best song too!! I played The Price of Freedom. XD But i screw up that song, cause i've been focusing on other songs and not been focusing on TPOF anymore!! D8

Long story short, He beat my flat!! I shall continue upgrading my Sad Memoirs and then sooner or later i will beat him flat. Just once.. XP

Im Scared..

This post is to proof how coward am i. So laugh me if you want..

Im scared.. of what?? Myself.. What does that suppose to mean??

As u can see, i have a bad attitude.. a real BIG bad attitude. Which is i talk or say something without going through my brains. Well that is definately no big deal..

I showed off around the corner with my mouth until the end of the day or even few hours later, i notice... i just insulted or showed off around. OMG...

I insulted my friends.. even good friends.. without noticing.. i made them shed a few tears.. of course i notice. On the end of the day!!!

I dunno.. im scared.. scared to talk to people around me. thats why i was thinking.. should i just SHUT UP?? or just sit still right at a corner.. people might think that im emo and then tried to avoid cause im such a sensative person. Mayb.. Mayb not..

I dunno.. i really dunno.. Im just scared to hurt my friends around me..

If only i can hold on to someone.. someone that i really really trust and really talk too.. my rainy days should be over..

Im afaird of the rains.. but the rains just keep coming.. Im afaid of the bright sun, but the it still keeps shining.. I need a cloud.. I cloud who i really can hold on to.. Pray to God that its "you"

MIngz is Lost~

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tag Along

OMG... my third tag of the month. This time the tag is from Izzaty. (Im gonna drag more people to do these tags with me!!) Lets get it started!!!

Instructions:Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
- Lets see.. hrm.. 25??

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
- Play PSP!! XD

3. If you have a close close close friend since childhood who loves to take away whatever you like, including guys/girls, and he/she always wins, will you still consider him/her your friend?
- Do u even still consider this person a human?? NO WAY!!

4. What would you give up in return to eat all you want in the world and not get fat ?
- No matter how much i eat i wont get fat. Useless question.. XD

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
- Pray i get a real good life.. that includes love life!!

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
- No way.. No money, No Talk!!

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
- Everyone around me..

8. What do you feel like doing, right now?
- Play Piano!! XP

9. If there's someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
- Be a man!!! Take the move!!! XD

10. Do you believe in fate ?
- Hell Yeah..

11. Who Is The One You Love ??
- Shuuu... Secret.. XP

12. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
- Shes not bad!!!! Shes a nice girl!!

13. What is your ambition?
- Become a successful game creator like Nomura!! 8)

14. Is anyone really perfect?
- No one is perfect..

15. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick ?
- Happy of course!!! Money cant buy everything.

16. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
- Become a better person..

17. Friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend is more important?
- Girlfriend comes first only friends.. XP Sorry guys..

18. Where do you think is the best place to get married?
- The place i where she loves and i loves it too. X)

19. If the Earth were to end one day, what would you do for the last 24 hours?
- Change the World!! Just like L!! XP

20.what if u going to die tonight what r u gonna to do?
- Going right to her house and tell her how much i lover her! 8)

My Dear Tag Victims.. Fufufu~
- Suilun
- Weigin
- XinYi
- Tarvin
- Megan

*End Tag*

A Created Song??

Yesterday i have nothing to do.. so i was thinking of playing piano. But i only got 3 songs to play. In the end i get over bored and start simply playing songs.

End out theres something jumps in my mind abt the notes that i just played! Then i started simply playing.. then i found out i sounded pretty good! 8D Then i started to think for the left hands since im the weakest in that part.

Continue... continue.. continue then i finally figure out the left hand!!! 8D When i play it together.. i sounded emo and yet challenging.. I dunno how to describe la. XP But lets just say i created my own song!! 8D

Now im finding a way to add in the guitar for Tarvina and Violin for Nat so we can perform. XD And too i need a name for this song. XP I was thinking of putting a code.. hehehe.. Wish me luck playing!!!

Me and JinHwei~

It took me forever to look found this picture.. but glad i found it. 8)

I shall play on the music and mastered it and make history!!! XD

I Sanged!!!

Yeap.. remembe abt tell u guys abt the patrotik singing competition im going?? Yeap.. I SANGED!!! XD

In my mind, what i was thinking is these two song which is "Keranamu" and "Gemilang". I took my sister's advice.. just sing something that u really feel like singing. So i sang Gemilang!!! Since thats the only song which i have the most feel in it. XP

I just notice there are a few students in my school which can sing. I mean really can sing!!! They should join my BISDS choir group. XP There are 3 particapants in form 3 and all three of them sang Gemilang too! D8 And all 3 can sing!!! D8 Thank god they are not my competitors.. fuh..

Im in form 4 session. So i sang-ed!!! XD Ming Long is one of my competitor. Well should i say the best competitor!! But i have confident in this competition. But still like what Nat said to me.. "Dont get too high hopes.." Yeah.. its pretty sure.. i shall keep that in mind. X)

I just found out that 'someone' likes Gemilang~ SWEET!!! XD I shall make my sunday school people proud! I shall make my choir sifu, Vanessa proud!!! I will win the first prize!! Wait.. silver is my favourite colour!! D8 How how how??

My school's is freaking falling a part. The KRS in other schools are definately 100 times funnier to be with. My school?? Why SO SERIOUS!? Pathetic fellas!! takes things soo serious! I think i knw why am i not in the comittee list anymore. Cause im not serious?? Taking things too lighty?? I think thats for sure.. They knw that the member hate them (Or are they stupid enough to not knw that!!) still they wanna take things too serious!!! WTF wei!!! That day they scolded Nat, Sharon and Huiee right infront of everyone in the canteen. WTF!? Just because they are late for marching doesnt mean you could scold people in front of everyone!! Its embrassing!!! Can you just let them pump then enough ady?? They too are humans!!! And they too are KRS!!! If u are the victim how would u feel?? How are u going to get a good KRS team if u take them are yur underlings!! WTF!!! All u wanna do is WIN WIN WIN!!! Fuck You ALL!!! If you cant committee yur members, be friends with yur team and be more unserious-ness. HOW ARE U GOING TO FUCKING WIN!? All you of u are just worried of yurselfs!! Fuck me sideways!!! Im saying this not only for myself, but for all my friends!!! Friends who u think you can pick on cause yur higher pangkat then them!! Just because yur vice president!!! Doesnt mean no one can harm u, no one cant talk to u loudly, no one CANT FUCK U!! If they think yur a good vice president, let it be.. but i dont think soo.. What are u going to do?? Sue ME!? Come on!!! HERE I STAND!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tag Along

Another tag along!!! This time is tagged my the pathetic mantis Huiee!! XD Lets do it!!!

question N1 : The person who taqqed you is?
The Super Dumb Pathatic Mantis (SDPM) Huiee!! XD

question N2 : Your relationshiip with him/her?
The Furious 5!!! XD

question N3 : Your 5 impressions of him/her?
Woaw!! Are u sure u want only 5?? I can say more than that!!
(i) Pathatic
(ii) Short
(iii) Keeps Secrets. *shuuuu*
(iv) Kind (Give face, say something nice la..)
(v) Cute.. *coughs*

question N4 : The most memorable thing he/she has done for you?
Hrm... keeping secrets?? XD

question N5 : Th most memorable thing he/she said to you?

question N6 : If he/she becomes ur lover you would ?
Shoot me side ways!!!

questions N7 : If he/ she becomes ur lover , she needs to improve on?
her brains... XD

question N8 : If he /she becomes ur enemy you will ..
Kick her, slap her, punch her, tell her secrets, backstab her!! (now u knw what will i do if u break my secret arh!)

question N9 : If he / she becomes ur enemy the reason would be?
Telling out my secrets or backstabbing me!

question N10 : The most desired thing u want for him/her will be?
Nothing.. Oh oh!! Her PSP!! XD

question N11 : Your overall impression of him/her will be?
Mantis... XD

question N12 : How do u think other people will feel about you?
Noisy, showoff, wannabee, offender.. (these are truths..)

question N13 : The characters you love about urself is ?
Gaming Pro!! XD

question N14 : The characteristics you hate about urself is ?
Bad Mouth..

question N15 : The most ideal person you want to be?
Tetsuya Nomura!!!

question N16 : For people that care and love you ; what do you wanna say ?

questions N17 : Pass this quiz onto 10 people that u wish to know how they feel about you?

1. Tarvin
2. Megan
3. Nathanael
4. Justin Lee
5. Suilun
6. Weigin
7. XinYi
8. Yuenhee
9. Matthew
10. XinWei


question N18 : who is 6 having a r/s with?
Not having.. YET!!!! XD

question N19 : is number 9 a male/female ?
His name is WOOman.. but his a male.. XD

question N20 : if number 7 and 10 are together ; would it be a good thing?
Not bad eh.. Xin and Xin together. NOT!!! No les plsss..

question N22 : what is number 2 studying about?
Business?? I dunno!!

question N23 : when was the lasst time u had a chat with Number 3?
Lets see.. erm.. 8 hours ago??

question N24 : what kind of music band does number 8 like ?
No Clue.. all i knw is she like Tang Wei Puo only. XD

question N25 : does number 1 have any siblings ?

question N26 : will you woo number 3 ?
Wooo!!! Good going man.. yur one stepforward! XD

question N27 : how about number 7 ?
Wooo!!! Go girl!!! SMILE SING SMILE!! XD

question N28 : is number 4 single?

question N29 : whats the surname of number 5?
Lim Lim LIM!!!

question N30 : Whats the hobby of number 10 ?
Drawing.. NO NO!! Imaginating!! XD

question N31 : does number 5 and 9 get along?
Nope.. they dont knw each other. XD

question N32 : Where is number 2 studying ?
Same school, same class, and just right beside of me! XD

question N33 : Talk something casually about number 1 ?
Brown!! XD

question N34 : Have you tried developing feelings for number 8 ?

question N35 : Where does number 9 live ?
some place called earth

question N36 : What colour does number 4 like ?
Black.. yeah..

question N37 : Are number 5 and 1 best friiends ?
They both knw NUTS abt each other.

question N38 : does number 1 have any pets ?
The prays that i gets a doggie! XD

question N39 : is number 7 the sexiest person in the world?
Not just SEXY!!! HOT as well!! XD

question N40 : What is number 10 doing now ?
Problally playing with her soft toys again.. XD


Singing to Singing

Okay.. the BIG BIG competition which is Nalanda Competition is over. So that means no more singing competition coming anymore?? Thats a No No NO to me!!!

Hari Merdeka is coming.. so my school is organizing some BIG BIG deal singing competition. Well Today's one was the group one tomorrow shall be the solo one. Well my class didnt sing for the group one, so we need to at least join the solo one. Guess who did they picked randomly?? ME!!! D8 Finish adi la.. its going to be sooo embrassing..

If your singing the songs that u like on stage, u wont get embrasses and yet u will have fun. But just because this whole crap is all abt Hari Merdeka, so we have to sing PATROTIK songs!! D8 Thats is going to be soooo sooo bad... SUPER embrassing..

I thought that mostly girls will be the one singing on stage. But in this competition, i noticed there are quite amount of guys joining it. o.O Guys are IN to singing these days.. XD

Hrm.. guess i have no choice but to go up on stage again.. hrm.. What song should i sing?? Negaraku?? Keranamu?? or GEMILANG!!! XD They say Gemilang is not patrotik songs.. so might be unable to be qualify.. hrm..

Well what ever happend, hope i dont embrassed myself. Wish me LUCK!! XD

Monday, August 25, 2008

See me play in Youtube!!!

Do u even knw what does that mean?? Well me explainly shortly.. Remember that my school have this even called MPS?? I bet blog fans should knw.. next, remembered i told u that im playing the price of freedom in that event??

Yeap, we are in YOUTUBE!! XD Someone video taped us while we're playing and put us in Youtube!!! Wooohoooo!!! XD Well that someone is actually Hadi. X) Thanks anyways.

Well never seen our performance before?? Well its time to show u.. Enjoy!! And Rate it plss.. XP

Piano - YuMing (Me!!)
Guitars - Tarvn and Melvin
Violinist -Nathanael

Pretty neat eh?? Well, come to think of it, there are some funny parts in this video. Well one is, I looked like somesort of freek with and egg shell on the head. XD Two, is Tarvin keeps turning around and look at Nat thus nodding his head around the video time 1.51 cause Nat forgotten his turn to jump into the song. Third is Riyal keep jumping into the picture!!! They should shoot Melvin more!! XD

Sorry for the noisy background by the way.. XP Comment it plsssss!!! Its my first and only video of performance with piano in it! XD


Not to show off but.. poeple have been asking me. How do u play The Price of Freedom. Well i take this time to thank my brother from another father and another mother but the SAME AGE!! XD AKA Suilun for teaching me this song.

Hadi took another video of me teaching how to play the price of freedom. Stop and Stare people!!

Pretty Neat eh?? Want the proof that i played it?? Look until the end of he video and u can see my FACE!!! XD LOA..Well have fun learning and i can tell u.. its a very very easy song. Its all reapeated! XD Sorry for the noisy background again. Blame Tarvin for making sooo much noise.

Adios!!! More pictures to come!!

What Holiday??

WHAT!? Holiday just ended 19hours ago!!! D8 School days again.. first period?? Physics.. ARH!!! Okay lets see what did i did in the holidays??

Day 1: Saturday -Watching Sweeney Todd. XD
Day 2: Sunday -Choir singing for the blinds :)
Day 3: Monday-Stoned at home..
Day 4: Tuesday- Got the most beutiful tuition center!! D8
Day 5: Wednessday- Went out for basketball with friends! 8D
Day 6: Thursday- Choir practie + Helped my dad in pasar malam
Day 7: Friday- Accidentally missed Accounts Tuition. XP
Day 8: Saturday- Nalanda competition and got 2nd!! XD
Day 9: Sunday- Stoned in Sunday School

There are only 2 best days through out whole holiday. First is Wednessday where i get to go out and play basketball. Not with my basketball gang but my school friends. JinHwei, Tarvin, Megan, Nat, MingLong, Izzaty and KhaiSern went for the outing. FUN FUN FUN!!!

The second one is Saturday, Nalanda competition!! We got 2nd place!!! THATS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!!! I love silver more than gold. XP SERIOUS!! I want silver hair (not white), Sweeny Todd love silver too cause of his razor. XD My Maple character silver hair. XD My phone got a litte bit silver.. issint?? XD It was a great day.. FUN to the POWER of Maximum!!!

Holiday ended.. NOW study.. AND?? Organising TC08 (Teens Camp 08) THEN?? Curi-Curi play PSP.. XD

Speak of white and silver.. i just found out!! Besides Me and JinHwei got plenty white hair.. WeiGin also got plenty!! 8D Hor hor.. thinking too much abt boys.. XD

Chao peeps, Going to play PSP, I MEAN..Ahem.. STUDY LARH!! XP

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tag Along

This is the first tag for the month and also the first tag that i got from Nat's blog. Okay lets get on with it shall we??

1. Just follow up and the the tag..
2. Answer all the questions and no cheating..
3. Tag 8 people after the tag...

-Tan Yu ming


-25 Feb 1992. (keep that in mind!)

-Guy nor Girl.. GUY LA!!

Blood type:
-AB i think..

Family Members:

Personal Picture (optional):
-Look around my blog, u will find it. XD


Ever eaten snails:

Ever fell off a bed:
-Yeap, when i was young of course!

Fell in love:

Got into a fight:

Pissed on your pants:
-Yeap, NOT recently!!

Had sex before:
-Wish to! Shuu....

Flirt with someone:

Broken Someones heart:
-Yeah... sorry..

Hurt someone:
-Yes again.. Sorry...

Cummed on your pants/skirt:
-WTF is this? Some sorta joke??

Got Raped:
-You kidding??

Watched porn:
-If i didnt then im not a guy!


Having an orgasm:
-Sick Tag..

Having snails for dinner:
-Its the same question again.. NO!!

In love:
-Again.. YES!!!

Thinking of the person your in love with:
-Every time, everyday, every moment, every minute, every second, ALWAYS!!

Is the person your in love with a Guy/Girl:
-Im a guy, what do u think?? Girl la!

Happy with your family:
-Not really.. lots of things happend

Happy with your life:

-No... YESS!!

Good looking:
-What do u think??

-What do u think again??

A Pervert:
-Yessss!!!!! No....

Did You:

Slapped someone before:
-Yeap.. that fella deserves it

Beat up someone:
-For fun then YES! XD

Eaten a snail:
-Whose the creator of this tag??

just masturbate:
-NO!!! The creator must be some sort of pervert!

have sex before:
-See didnt i told u!! Pervert tag creator!!

Kiss the guy/girl you love:
-I wish.. that will take forever..

- Have a happy love life
- Have a great life line
- Have Sex
- Travel the whole world!!
- Smile

5 Favourite food:
- Cheesey Wedges
- Banana
- French Fries
- Chocolate Ice Cream
- Bak Kut Teh!!
- Snails??? XD

Who you want to be with now:
The only one person in my mind..

Are you fit or healthy:
I think neither.. no pack and no fats..Sobs..

Are you lonely now:
Im always lonely inside..

Who you can trust your secrets with:
-Lets just say TONS of them

Favourite Song:
-I'll be Waiting -Lenny Kravitz
-Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold
-I'm Yours -Jason Mraz
-The Price of Freedom-Takeharu Ishirou
-My Friend -Sweeney Todd

Favourite Drink:
-Mineral Water

-Talking crap and playing games!

- Playing Piano
- Basketball
- Drawing
- Singing
- Bloggin!

- Suilun
- Weigin
- Tarvin
- Yuenhee
- Megan
- XinYi
- Justin
- you, You and YOU!!!

MPS Flashbacks

A few flash back photo of MPS. Here we go!!
Pn. Zaini and Pn. Ang on their way to the library.
And so is En. Allen and En. Zaidi!! D8
Its says WELCOME!! XD
They are looking at the Anime and Manga stall!!
Still looking...
Still not coming in to see our performance yet??
Camera taking Camera pictures.
Still Waiting...
OMG!! OMG!! They are here!! TENSION!!!
Focus... Focus.. Focus...
Still focusing...
They are nothing taking each others cloth of are they???
Minato into Ichigo, Ichigo in Minato
This is what they called CROSSOVER!!! XD
Missed MPS.. sobs.......

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweeney Todd

I heard that this show is something like phantom of opera so i thought it would be as boring as phantom of opera. THis show is all abt walking between then storyline and also sing at the same time.

I thought that this show is gonna be suxy. But after watching it.. it show.. ROCKS wei!! I love the show sooo much!! Its sooo much better than phantom of opera. It has a 100 times better storyling and songs than phantom of opera. This show is totally diffrent.

Im not here to introduce abt this show. Im here to introduce the songs of this show. The songs are really really nice. You should listen and sing as well. Thus most of the songs are profesianally sang-ed.

Songs that recomanded from Sweeney Todd:

1. No place like London

2. My Friends

3. Johanna

4. Pirelli's Miracle Elixir

5. Pretty Women

6. Not While Im Around

"No place like London" is the intro of the song. Its yet a pretty chilly and sad intro. Sweeney Todd will tell his past story while singing this song. The story is pretty sad..

"My Friends" is the best song i ever heard in Sweeney Todd. Its a duet song. This song is not easy to sing. At first it sounds easy but after the duet part comes, fuh.. blur and mixed. This song was sang when Sweeney Todd found his Razor.

"Johanna" is a pretty romantic song. It sang by a sailor (which was the person so save Sweeney Todd) when he first found Johanna sitting in a tower. Johanna is actually Sweeney Todd's daughter.

"Pirelli's Miracle Elixir" is actually a pretty funny song. Thats why i love it! XD Its the part where Sweeney Todd heard abt this unprofesional barber called Pirelli selling some sort of cacated hair Elixir. Hear how Sweeney Todd says abt his elixir. XD

"Pretty Women" is also one of the best song in Sweeney Todd. Also another duet song. The song is beutifully sang by both of the characters. This song was sang at the part where Sweeny Todd is giving Judge Turpin (which was the person who spoiled Sweeney Todd's past) a shave but his actually abt to kill him.

"Not While Im Around" is a very sweet song sang by a boy to Mrs Lovett (who is Sweeney Todd's old friend) This song is most suitable to sing for girls. XD

Thats all the songs that i recommended from the show Sweeney Todd. Hope you guys enjoy it. X)

300th Post

Wooohooooo!!! Yes!! Im down to my 300th post!! Yaaataaahhh!!! XD

Okay lets talk crap for this post. XD

- Nalanda competition coming soon!! D8

- "I'll be waiting" is the best of the best emo! XD

- Kai Yuan is one step forward..

- 9th August is a day to remember for my brown friend..

- 20th August was the best day for the whole month! XD

- I've learn Roxas for piano!! XD

- I should smile more.. 8)

- Waiting to make my first step

- Nat is one step forward..

- Sakurams is pretty darn laggy!!

- Maple character Zanggetsu lvl 158!!! XD

- Love Sweeney Todd's songs!!

- Sometimes i should just SHUT UP!!

- Now is 11.37am

- My sister hated her new hair cut. o.O

- I need new games for my PSP!!

- Holiday is the worst time to stay in the house

- Its not raining now.. XD

- Suilun is one step forward..

- Fai is one step forward..

- Hate piano lessons but love piano! XD

- Jealousy is out..

- People!! Play maple private server! XD

- Afterlife rocks..

- Can she just stop talking abt Money and Studies!!

- Tiger is going for piano exams

- Mantis is still blur and stupid like usuall. XD

- Nat wanna be one of the furious 5?? XD

- Nat, Megan, Tarvin, Jin Hwei, and Me!! Own basketball!! XD

- People are afaird to talk to me..

- It sucks to be me..

I think thats enough crap la.. XD Well thats my 300th post! XD

Btw's birthday is coming soon! XD

The odd one...

Me, Weng and Fai played this game among all of us. Well is actually some sort of IQ game. It too me awhile to understand the whole thing.

The whole game thing is abt names only. Then Weng asked me "Whose the odd one among all of us??" I dun really get the question neither the whole thing. All the clues they give are only names. Nothing else..

These are the names given.. these are true names from my basketball gang.

Jimmy Ng



Chee Kay


Chai Wen

Yu Ming

Fiona Lim


Raine Wong

Wei Zian

Get any clue?? I knw nuts abt anything. Fai manage to get the answer.. but still it took him awhile. I told Weng that i give up..

Weng told me I was the odd one! o.O I still dont get it.. until the tells me the answer. Then i get it. Its pretty darn simple.. If your smart enough then u will knw the answer.

Okay looks like u guys are pretty much using yur brains already. So let me tell u guys the answer.

Everyone's name begins with W, F , C , R ,J except me!

Told u its pretty darn simple!!! Weng also told that not just that.. Im the only one with is not really smiling that day.. Thats why Im the odd one.. After hearing that, i bring to feel really lefted out.. Weng wasnt the only one that said that. Most of my friends told me that as well.

A lot of things have been happening at home.. Which are NOT good things.. I really sick of staying at home listening to people blabing around.. I pray very hard that the times which im not have home, people could really cheer me up. 1 hour or 2 will do just fine. Just that short time is enough to make my day..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Music of the Month

Yesh! Now time for another music of the month!! XD

Actually there are two music of the month in my mind. One from a game and another one is from a movie. I took me a hard time thinking which one will be my music of the month. The one from the game is rocking and the one from the movie is a little bit sad and emo. Since im more of the emo type one i pick the movie one. XD

Okay let me introduce this song to u all. Have u watch "L Change the World" yet?? Its the third death note movie. Yeap. its an english song. The song that L died.. This song is called..

I'll be Waiting -Lenny Kravitz-
[verse 1]
He broke your heart
He took your soul
You're hurt inside
Because there's a hole
You need some time
To be alone
Then you will find
What you always know
I'm the one who really loves you baby
I've been knocking at your door
As long as I'm living, I'll be waiting
As long as I'm breathing, I'll be there
Whenever you call me, I'll be waiting
Whenever you need me, I'll be there
[Verse 2]
I've seen you cry
Into the night
I feel your pain
Can I make it right
I realized there's no end inside
Yet still I'll wait
For you to see the light
I'm the one who really loves you baby
I can't take it anymore
As long as I'm living, I'll be waiting
As long as I'm breathing, I'll be there
Whenever you call me, I'll be waiting
Whenever you need me, I'll be there
You are my only I've ever known
That makes me feel this way
Couldn't on my own
I want to be with you until we're old
You have the love you need right in front of you
Please come home
[Final Chorus]
As long as I'm living, I'll be waiting
As long as I'm breathing, I'll be there
Whenever you call me, I'll be waiting
Whenever you need me, I'll be there
As long as I'm living, I'll be waiting
As long as I'm breathing, I'll be there
Whenever you call me, I'll be waiting
Whenever you need me, I'll be there

I'll be Waiting -MV-

I love this song.. its makes a lot sense.. thus i suit my condition now. X) Should i say this is a love song or a sad song?? Lets just say i love this song. And thus i reminds me of L.. X)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gaming News

Its been a long time ever since i obtain some news abt game. Well thank god that square-enix is finally making a move!! Yesh!!!

There are a Square-Enix private party which is called the DKΣ3713. Dunno why they put that name right?? This is why they called it..

D- Dissida

K- Kingdom Heart

Σ- Sigma Harmonix

3- The 3rd Birthday

7- Final Fantasy VII Complete

13- Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII

Makes a lot of sense now issint?? Okay.. in that private party lots of things have been reveal. Of course games that all of us have been waiting for have finally have their coming updates.

The 3rd Birthday which is i dunno what kind of game issit. Will be coming out in PSP!! Wooohooo a game for me!! XD Its originally for a mobile phone game but they decided to change it into PSP!! Woohooo!!!

Next, Final Fantasy Agito which is orginally for mobile phone also have been change into PSP game!! Yesh! Another one!! I'll be looking forward for this game!!

Final Fantasy VII Complete which is the game of FFVII included with Advent Children will be coming out in 2009 March and its going to be in PS3. Dammit!! Sad to hear that.. Thus 2009 March there will be a playable demo for this freaking game!! D8

Kingdom Heart 356/2 days will still stick with DS. And it will be out around winter.. which is around December or something time around there la. But they didnt mention issit in 2008 or 2009. D8 If its in 2008 it will be out in winter but if is 2009 it will be coming early around that year. Even knw i dun have a DS but still i wish it could come out this year. XD

Kingdom Heart Birth By Sleep is not going to come out after 2009. Damm!! oh oh!! Aqua is finally revealed!! Wooohoooo!! There is a new battling system which is the shot lock system which i dun really get it. Thus the demo gameplay has been revealed in the party and people get to play it for FREE!! D8

Final Fantasy versus 13 didnt show any gameplay but game cut scenes yes. In the video there are no game play system showed yet.. Thus the game is still going to stick in PS3. Shucks...

Dissida trailer is out!! I mean the second trailer of course. In the party, people get to have a FREE game play of it as well!! D8 Thus there are a few new characters in the game. Lucky i found the video of this trailer. So have fun watching!! XD

Dissidia 2nd Trailer

Thus theres an extra video of the DKΣ3713 party. Here take a look at the news and the gameplay graphics and system of every single game. Its awesome!!!

DKΣ3713 Private Party.

Still waiting for new news to come. Lets just keep waiting for the games to come la. Since there are soo many new games for PSP. I need to get a bigger memory stick!!! Arhhhhhhhhh!!! Money!!! Sobs..

Monday, August 18, 2008

After MPS (Friday)

This is just some extra story right after MPS. Lets just make this real short.

Friday, i was super bored cos i was in the class not in the library. Sobs.. Me, Tarvin and Nat are like stoning in the class. Lets just say have no mood to study for that day. Yet 2 period of Chem, BM and Add-Maths. Dang!!!

I miss so many things!!! I miss taking pictures!!! I miss cosplaying!! I miss looking at other cosplayers!! I miss... er.. SO MANY THINGS LA!!!

Oh btw, there are more picture just coming soon. Pray that it will com early. XP

I wish that i could turn back time and make a better day. XD

Sunday, August 17, 2008

MPS Day 3 (Thursay)

Dont just start from the last day!!! Scroll down a few post and begin from the begining! XD

Thursday is always my most favourite day! My today's one was the best of the best!! XD Its the last day of MPS at its kinda dissapointing..

Like usual, get there early in the morning start changing, hair dressing and walah!! THis time im not using a cloth and tie around my body, i pick to use a white T-shirt and just wear it inside. Not original oso nvm la.. XP

So the day begin.. everybody get dressed up.. L, N, Ichigo, Minato, Ikki, Luffy, Neo, Kimonos, Geishas and Yukatas. Sadly my shinigami (Ronald) is not here to cosplay with us.. sad..

Me as Ichigo Bankai from Bleach

Ming Long as Minato from Persona 3 fes

The only two fellas with coloured hair. XD

Kay Jun as Neo from Matrix.

Timothy as Luffy from One Piece.

Screw the Minato just focus on Luffy. *Kicks MingLong a side*

Nat as Ikki from AirGear. Does Ikki hold a staff?? o.O

Huiee as.. er.. Some sort of Ichigo wannabe??

After doing my hair golden (yeah, my hair was golden all the time. XD) I entered the BBM room. And shocking i saw little tiger wearing a kimono. FYI tiger = Jin Hwei. XD Soooo.. she was changing as well.. Well i wasnt the only one said that she was pretty. lets just say almost everyone in there. Well thats my little sister. XD

Jin Hwei wearing kimono. Pretty issint she?? X)

Ring the recess bell rings.. and everybody bashed in. Everybody looked aroud the corner a found out some new cosplayers. This time they are more hyper active, they played along with us. Unlike usual, they use to take away our swords or knock us on the head.

Me, L and Minato are challenging who will get the most photo among all of us. Poeple will come in and take picture with us for RM3. They get to chose with cosplayer they want and since 3 of us are the most famouse one (i think..) so we decided to have a challenge. In the end I WON!!! XD I got 5 photos, Minato got 4 photo and L got 2 photos. Not bad eh?? XD nat was disaapointed not to join us cos he was busy in the BBm rooms. XP

After 12pm, Pn Zaini recommanded us to take a good rest since there will be a second round for afternoon session. So we decided to go down to the canteen and makan. Makan with our COSPLAYS!! XD Every student in the canteen was looking at us.Kinda show off. XP

Megan ponteng Siviks period us to teman us for a couple minutes. In the mean time..


Thats my rocking, sexy, horny little babe. XD

It was her birthday that day. So we sang the birthday song in the canteen loudly. X) (Oh shit.. forgotten the present. XD)

After makan u went back up and chit chat. Me and MingLong went HIGH and we decided to do the Ultraman Dance. But in the end we fail badly.. XD

We got the punch!!!

And we got the eagle style. XD

Dragon Ball!!! Fusion.. HA!!! XD

Afternoon session came in and we begin our cosplaying session again. Some form one came to asked me "Is that mask of sale??" Should i answer yes or no?? XP I chose NO. XP

Afternoon session are still kids, so they got freaked out by our freaky make ups. XD For the afternoon session, they change kimonos and yukata users. They changed into Gan Ying, Vivian, Charmaine. They looks super short which is CUTE!!!

We decided to play a game while we are cosplaying. WE decided to play a freeze post game. We shall freeze at a spot for 3 minutes and then we change post. This is not a easy job. Lets just let the pictures do the talking.. X)

The 14 hand god!? D8

Ikki and Minato freezing.. I love Minato's post. XD

Xin Wei potong steam!!! XD Just joking.. XP

I looked like i was sleeping but i was actually freezing.

The Chipmunk potong steam this time. XP

Ahhhhh.. thats much better.

At least i dont looked sleepy. XP


Ichigo: Dont tell Senna!!! D8

Freezing session..

Nat.. what are u trying to do with the stick??

OMG!!! Issit Click 5!? D8

Mayb the Furious 5!!! D8

Ichigo Stabs Minato in the chest..

Byebye.. no more fathers day.. XD

YuJie as a happy guy. XD

Btw Kelvin was our second L. But people said that Riyal was the best L. X)


Fuh what a day.. but sadly it was the last day of MPS i hope that the day could be longer.. X( But still we have 100% of funs!!!! Especailly the last day, all of us get high. X) 3 days, and it shall be the day to be remember..

I went home and take of the cosplay cloths and then hang it in my cupboard. Safe and sound..


Friday, August 15, 2008

MPS Day 2 (Wednessday)

Wanna knw the story before?? Go back and find the old ones only read this!!!

Yawn.. another early morning. But today.. i was especially early.. Its my turn to cosplay!!! Muahaha!!! What am I cosplaying again?? Kurosaki Ichigo!!! Yeah.. that doesnt really suits my character.. I knw.. I knw..

Early in the morning im suppose to bandage my whole body with white cloth. Bleach fans should knw why.. its a part of the cosplay. The my cloak is all done.. sword.. mask.. and walah!! Kurosaki Ichigo is done!!

So the second day me, Tarvin and Nat have to perform again. Nat was cosplaying that day as well. But Sadly L wasnt around.. cause people love him! XD Then Ronald was in too!! But his cosplaying as a normal shinigami. He said he wanna be Kenpachi, but his lack of the hairs.. and also the white cloak. Too bad..

Everybody got shocked cos.. Ichigo and Ikki are playing instruments!! XD Ichigo does nothing but hold the sword running killing hollows and Ikki does nothing but roller skating. But Me and Nat which is cosplaying as Ichigo and Ikki are playing Piano and Violin!! XD Funny issint??

They day went pretty wel.. everybody was surpise to see an Ichigo appearing cause there wasnt any on the first day. XP They wanna know who issit, then when i take of the mask, everybody goes cheh...

Izzaty and Huiee are wearing the japanese cloths today. And today, WenJun is specially wearing the guys Yukata. XD Lets just say his the only boy there which is wearing it.. XP

Well nothing really much happend on the second day.. wait for the last day.. its gonna be a boom! Cos all cosplayers IN!! XD Okay lets get to day 2's pictures.. hehe

Yee Zhian and Ichigo

Chipmunk and Ichigo (my body is like.. arh..)

Ichigo, Yu Jie, Minato

I like this picture.. cos everybody is in! And.. i like my pose! XD

The Click 4?? XD The best picture of the day~

Shinigami, Ikki, Minato, Ichigo

Man.. my costume is a little bit tooo exposing.. Gotta thing of something else..

MPS Day 1 (Tuesday)


Early in the morning i reached school.. and Kay Jun had opened the library door. Almost everything is ready. Kelab seni stall was 80% done. The other stall?? I dun care.. XD

I was suppose to cosplay today. But my costume wasnt ready... so i will be cosplaying tommorow. Sad.. But anyways, i have performance on that day. So i will be busy if i was cosplaying at the same time. XD

First day is the opening ceremony. Soooo ITS IMPORTANT!! Cos there are like head master, ketua HAM, Guru Displine coming in and out. Soooo its important!! Pn. Zaini, suggested some music.. so me, Tarvin and Nat deciding to take the job.

Guess what song are we playing?? We're playing The Price of Freedom. The whole thing is a last minute preparation!! We are only done with half of the song only! And we got like 2 hours of finish it off!!

Thank god that Melvin was willing to bring his keyboard and borrow me. He rocks wei.. XD Me, Piano. Tarvin, Guitar and Nat, Violin. The main character of this song is...


His violin can melt almost everysingle girls heart! Me and Tarvin are just backuppers.. XD Thus his skills of playing the violin is unbelivable!! Sooo nice.. yet so sad.. which is GOOD! XD

Huiee, Izzaty and Yuenhee felt in love with the song while we are practising. Huiee and Izzaty said that they wont get bored with the song we played. Seeee!! I found more Price of Freedom lovers! XD

The ceremony begins.. everything is ready!! Me, Tarvin and Nat are a little tension.. Once the VIPS came in..we intro ourselfs and the song starts..

And after we played finish, what happnd?? Everyone loved us!!! They say the song as very nice!! Tons of people claping all the way!! Of course, all of us are relieve la.. Nat was the main character of the whole thing la!! Nat your the best!!!

Tarvin: See I told u!!!

Nat: Told me what??

YuMing: He said that you can get chicks by just playing the violin.

Nat: *blush*

That day was Minato (Ming Long), L (Riyal), Kimono (PeiNing and Sharon) and Geisha (Lyn) turn of walk around the room.

Riyal is the Best L i ever seen!! Tarvin was showing off around the corner cos hes the one that made his hard. A lot of people dont knw who is Ming Long. XD Sad.. Lyn and PeiNing are just beutiful.. Wow..

Nat was actually cosplaying that day.. but his costume got a little bit screwed up.. so he dont wanna do it. XD The whole library was packed and everyone is gathering around the cosplayers. Haiyo.. i think the people simply touch here and there already. XD

First day.. and wat a day.. fuh.. well tommorrow its my turn to show up!! Muahahaha!!!

MInggu Pusat Sumber (Explanation)

Whats Minggu Pusat Sumber have to do with me?? OH btw, Minggu Pusat Sumber means.. Librarian week. XD Well let just explain this in a long long way shall we?? Let just say this will be a pretty long post..

Okay.. As u all knw that im definately not a librarian.. So what does this have to do with me?? Librarian week is doing a Japanese Culture thingy and other clubs are free to help out. I am in Club seni so that makes me a part of it! XD

Sooooo does that mean im sorta like a small role in this thing?? Noooo... Im not a big role neither a small role in this thing. XD My club seni is opening a stall that is Anime and Manga since its something to do with Japanese. They got pictures, comic, movies and what is the most important thing in an anime and manga event?? COSPLAY!!! Thats my role.. hehe...

You wouldnt believe what am i cosplaying as.. Well lets just introduce the other then only back to me okay?? Hehe..

1. L (DeathNote) - Riyal and Kelvin
2. N (DeathNote) -Ee Lig
3. Ikki (AirGear) - Nat
4. Minato (Persona) - Ming Long
5. Neo (Matrix) - Kay Jun
6. Shinigami (Bleach) - Ronald
7. Mr Scream (ScaryMovie) - Boon Kang
8. Kimono - Pei Ning, Sharon, Huiee, Jin Hwei
9. Geisha -Lyn Kam, Izzaty
10. Yukata - Huiee, Izzaty, Vivian, GanYing
11. Luffy (One Peace) - Timothy

and last but not least...

12. Kurosaki Ichigo + Bankai + Hollow Mask (Bleach)
>>>>>>>>>>> Yu Ming!

Yeah.. got the shock of your lifes huh?? I knw i dont suit the character. Thus.. i dun even have the looks!!! But according to what they said.. i got the height and the hair.. thats why i got the character!! XD Thus to cover my look.. i got the mask to cover!! XD

Its a 3 long day.. and it was SUPER DUPER FUN!!! Man.. it was one of the best thing that ever happend for the whole year!! But sadly.. it end just like that *snaps* I missed cosplay.. Nat missed it too.. XD We are like no mood to study in the class adi..

Some people said last year was better... BUT I SAID NO!!!! This year is better!!! Shit ya'all!!! XD *pointing middle finger around the corner*

Well this only the explanation.. Want to hear the real story?? Wait.. the next post la! Include pictures too! XD