Monday, March 31, 2008


Wasup game freaks out there! You game freak, I game freak! XD Okay okay.. lets just get back to the main point of this post.

Guess what?? This is an addition incident in my ChengMeng trip back to Kedah. Day two, my family paid a trip to the supermarket just to visit my uncle. Like always.. mostly supermarket will have GAMES STORES!! XD Soo i entered the games store looking for games.. And guess what!? I found Megaman Legends 1!! d8 I feel goood nanananana~ XD


Next this is a incident right before ChengMeng's incident. I was sitting beside Megan that day, Lyn Kam was suppose to sit beside her but unfortunately she didnt came. So im being a gentleman and teman her.. XD (You owe me big time Megan! XD) I spotted a cool guitar key chain hanging around her bag and guess what?? She gave it to me!! XD God bless her~ X)


Another one!! I few days ago after KRS kem. I heard that Vanessa (my sister's dancing sifu) was back from Australia. I missed that day's sunday deal to the KRS kem, so thats means i missed see-ing Vanessa. Well even knw i didnt go, but still she did passed something to my sister. My sister gave me this very cute Kiwi from Vanessa! XD God bless her too~ X)


Recomanded Games

Im feeling bored now.. so here are some games for game freaks out there. These are the game that I recomanded to play...

For PSP users:

Issit Obvious!? Crisis Core Rocks!! XD

For PS3 users:

Devil May Cry 4!! The US version is out! Hunt for it! XD

For Xbox360 users:
I dunno much abt this game.. but i heard from my friends that this game is damm cun. I never played this game before.. but listening to them talked abt it makes it sounds cool.. XD

For PS2 users:

Definetely Kingdom Hearts!! One or two or final mix plus all also very nice de!! Highly recomanded!

For Nitendo DS users:

Either one la.. both of them really doesnt makes a diffrence..

For PS1 users:

Of course is Megaman Legends la!! XD Oh ya i have the version 1 adi!! XD You want the game can come and lent from me. X)

For GBA users:

Megaman again.. XD But this one is sooooo much better than pokemon. XD

For GBC users:

Pokemon Gold was the first pokemon generation 2 i played. XD

For GB users:
Pokemon again lo.. Red sounds sooo much better.. XD

I knw I knw im very lifeless now.. XD

My Cheng Meng Trip..

I havent been too ChengMeng for almost.. 5~6 years i guess.. All i knw is i havent been praying to my grandpa these years. So this year i decided to join in the ChengMeng with my family. This weeks is my father's sides..

It was the first time my brother was driving us all the way. We leave the house at 2.30pm right after school.. haiz.. i have to bring my homeworks back to my kampung.. Grandpa would be sooo proud of me. XD

On our back to Kedah, me and my brother spotted this super fast bus, Konsortium. I think the bus was driving around 130~140km/h!!! And that is freaking fast for a bus! My brother was just drving 100~110km/h! In the end my brother cut through the bus my exceeding 150~155km/h! I was freaking scared cos i was just sitting beside him. Luckily my mom was asleep or else she will be nagging all the way. XD

Reach Kedah.. fuh.. happy.. bed time!!

In the midnight, i woke up all in the sudden (dunno why..) and i cant spot where is my father. (FYI, all of us are sleeping in the same room) I dun really care cos mayb he just went to the toilet ba.. But then, the next day i was saw him sleeping right beside of my grandma. Snoring at each other.. This proofs how much my dad loves my grandma.. I respect him.. Give him some applause people!! *clap~clap~clap~* Someday when i grown us i will treat my dad the same way like how he treat my grandma. X)

ChengMeng day, and it was a total jam.. Your car cant move my car cant move. Why didnt we cut line?? Cos there are polis there Kepoching.. In the end we manage to reach there before noon.

Went we reach there, the first thing i did was stare at my grandpa's grave. Think inside.. its been a while ever since i last meet my grandpa's grave.. And im here now. X) The first thing we did was clearing the leafs around the grave. And for my grandpa, i cutted my hand while i was cutting the leafs there.. X)

They are having fun talking and playing with my little cousins out there, and i was in the car doing my homework.. How kesian.. X( My brother and sister entered the car and cheered me up. My sister teached me some accounts thingy that i didnt really knw. And what did my brother do?? Open some techno song just to losen my mind up.. more than distracting my mind i say.. XD Just joking..

We leave Kedah and on our way back, me paid a visit to my father's old friend. Then we have dinner together. And i tell den dinner was DELICIOUS!! First time eating Thailand + Vietnam foods. Mmmm...

At night my brother was incharge of driving us home again.. Our hero of the day! XD And guess what?? On my way back to KL, i heard "How to save a life" in Hitz.FM!! XD Love Hitz.FM!! And our journey back to KL was very smooth.. My brother put it full energy in the driving! Applause people!! *clap~clap~clap~*

Reach back home at around 2.30am.. dammit.. and still i have school for tomolo.. Gotta get to bed ASAP.. Yawns.. good night..

Friday, March 28, 2008

Lame Joke..

I heard this joke from Chao and Fai and it made me laugh the crap out of my stomach. I bring the joke to school and tell my friends and their reaction was the same thing. Posting it out wouldnt be very funny i think.. but still lets give it a shot shall we!

Read it out loud!!

This jokes is called..
The Jungle Incident!!!

One day.. Tommy, Bobby and Ronny are walking around the jungles but then they have been caught by a clan of red indians...

Humbaba... Humbaba.. Humbaba...

The leader of the red indians stood up and said..

Red Indian: You have stepped into our sacred land.. You must complete two task or your be burned alive.. The first task is.. You must find 10 pieces of the same fruit!

Tommy: Is that all??

Bobby: This should be easy!! XD

Ronny: Still we must keep ourself safety..I could be a trap..

A few minutes later.. Tommy was the first person to found 10 pieces of the samefruit. The fruit that he was holding is bananas. Tommy was glad that he was the first one to appoarch the leader of the red indian..

Tommy: I found ten pieces of the same fruit!

Red Indian: Well done.. now the second task is.. YOU MUST PUT THE FRUITS UP YOUR BUTT WITH NO SIGN OF EMOTION!!

Tommy: Oh shit... 1..... ARH!!!!

Tommy was dragged away and burn alive..

Another few minutes later, Bobby came back with his fruits which are cherries..

Bobby: I found ten pieces of the same fruit!

Red Indian: Well done.. now the second task is.. YOU MUST PUT THE FRUITS UP YOUR BUTT WITH NO SIGN OF EMOTION!!

Bobby: Oh well.. here goes nothing..











When Bobby was about to finishbut he suddenly laughed out loud. Bobby was dragged away and burn alive..

In heaven.. Tommy was talking to Bobby.

Tommy: You we're soooo close! Why did you laugh!!

Bobby: I couldnt help it!! Hahaha!!

Tommy: Whats the matter!?

Bobby: Cos...




Funny issint?? XD
Share with me your jokes and post out in your blog! XD

Tag Along: Currently...

I saw some of my friends did this tag.. so i mind as well follow! XD Okay lets just say did is a tag original from my friend but it was created by me! XD

Im Currently...

Currently listening:
-The Price of Freedom -Crisis Core-
-How to Save a Life -The Fray-

Currently Playing:
-Computer?? XD

Currently Waiting:
-For tution to start..

Currently Wishing:
- For a PSP...

Currently Finding:
- For Megaman Legends 1!! Want it badly..

Currently Hitting:
- the buttons of the keyboard! XD

Currently Bullying:
- Megan... and Jin Hwei! XD

Currently Working as:
- A student.. a blogger.. a comedian.. XD

Currently status:
- On the outside: happy On the inside: emo..

Currently Loving:
- I have no idea..

Currently Having:
- Homeworks..

Currently Hugging:
- Tiger!! And Axel! XD

Currently Holding:
- A can of 100plus

Currently Reading:
- Megan's blog!

Currently Watching:
- "Tian Ha De Ei Bi" (Hokien show) 8TV

Currently Eating:
- Mangoes!!! XD And WanTan mee... yum..

Currently Doing:
- Blogging la Duh!!!

Currently Tagging:
-Yuen Hee!!
-Justin Lee
-Sui Lun
- you, you and YOU!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Pictures

Random phots in the past which i was lazy to post. XP
You can see the pro in action anot!? XD This photo was taken in the Youth Outing that time. XP Is been a while i think i should post something abt it.. XP Next time ba..
Guess who paid a visit into the house? Jasper!! Issit he cute?? XD
Jasper: "Get lost or i'll bite you.. i mean it!"
Did every camwhore infront of the canteen?? We did! XD JueLiang was talking the camera walking around the corner. YuenHee suggested to talk a photo together. Me and Tarvin we're like "............okay lets do it!" And so it is.. Tadaaaa...

Oppsss.. cant help it! Crisis Core rocks!!! XD

A Bad Thursday!

Usually, thursday suppose to be super fun!! Get to hang out with YuenHee, Jin Hwei, Khai Sern, etc.. my librarian friends! X) But today.. i was a little bit.. NO should i say VERY DIFFRENT!!

After school, i manage to pass Pn. Harminder's tough class. Everyone in the library saw us and they we like "kesian betul.." But guess its all over! For now... XD

Get to canteen.. i wanted to teman my librarian friends makan de.. but.. the GUY that im hated was there.. (You people should knw who if your smart or if you really knw me) Haiyo.. i was sooo freaking dissappointed lo.. Everyone was there!! Haiz.. no choice la.. have to go to sit another side den.

Sitting on the side wasnt such a bad idea anyways.. I did have fun sitting with Kaarthink, Roshan, Shekar and Kim Ngiam. We all have fun! We not as fun as i sit with the librarian friends la. XD Me, Shekar and Roshan having fun beatboxing there! (I dun really knw beatboxing but just join in la! XD)

Off to the library! I temaned Hui Ee back to the library and asked her to help me spy and see is that bastard that i hate there. Wel thank god he wasnt there!! XD I can chat with my friends yipieee!!! But not for long.. that bastard came out from no where! I was like shit!! RUN!!

Hrm.. that guy is a fucking bad luck bastard i tell you! Move and walk around the school. And guess who i spotted?? Vivian Teoh!! XD AKA Hui Ee's sister.. and she is evil i tell you! Continue walking around.. head to basketball court no one bring basketball!!! Damm its f**king bad day!!

Time passes and finally Rumah Biru starts.. guess i can have a little fun on high jumping. But NOoooo... there no high jumping today.. F**K!! Dammit! Lucky Jin Hwei came and teman me... shes not the only one.. Hui Ee, Sharon and some new girl i just meet Zati.. was it?? Wheres YuenHee?? I have no idea.. XP

We played volleyball den suddenly i heard basketball bouncing sounds. I reacted quickly as a high level chemical reation.. Spotted a basketball!! XD Jumps around and head to the basketball court.

Luckily JinHwei and HuiEe decided to play basketball and their shooting ar good... NOT! XD I give them a few teachings just to show off.. XP I think i gettin the hang on volleyball! XD

Temaned JinHwei walk home with KayJun.. end of the story..

I wasnt such a BAD day after all.. I can hang out with Muimui which i SELDOM get to.. Thus its a surpisig day for me as well..

A Poem..

Infernate in Mystery,
Is the gift of the goddess..
We seek in thus,
And it takes it to the sky..
Ripples falls on the waters surface..
The wondering soul knows no rest..
Loveless at once..

Where is this copy righted??
Crisis Core>> Tetsuya Nomura>> William Shakespeare

A Story done by an Idiot

Let me tell you first that this story will be very very very long! I suggest that you lazy bumps outside there reading this post now, dont read.. cos i tell you really very long.. Dont say i didnt warn you..

The next thing is, this story is a real story.. please understand.. Since is a real story, i wont be reavealing the fella's names cos its a sensative issue.. so please understand..

People that i recomended to read:
- Tarvin
- Justin Lee
- Sui Lun

-A Story Done By An Idiot-

M was a guy who is tall and a lame retarded fella. M was in the school walking around and then he suddenly stops and hides at a corner and stare.. M was looking at the girl that he falled in love with who is G. After looking at G at a corner M begins to move forward and talked to G.

M known G for quite a long time.. Should i say around 1 and a half years?? And G treated him as one of her best friend even knw his a sad fella. Everytime that G enters the basketball court, M will try to show off around as if that he knws how to play basketball. What ever it means, M just wanted to proof himself cool..

M has a good friend which is called V. V was some sort of victim to M. Everytime that V meets M, M will always talked abt his dream lover G 24/7. V has been forced to hear his compliment abt how cute or kind that G was..

One day, T another friend of M had a guy talk with him. M told T the lover that he likes and T was impressed with his sense of taste. T suggested M to go for her. M was a pretty shy and weak hearted fella.. he doesnt knw how to make a move. but still he wanted that girl desperately. Soo the question keep sticking in his mind abt going for G or not.

After 2 weeks plus of thinking, M finally manage to picked his choice! M decided to go for G and he told the whole thing to V again. After asking people around M was in high confidence. It was a wednesday after school, M went and hold G's hand and pulled her a corner. M confessed to G abt his feeling and asked her to be a girlfriend.

G was stunted for a few seconds and think and think in her mind. M understands what G was thinking so he gave G some time to think. After confessing to G, M was very happy and confident that he can obtain G's heart. He keep thinking abt it every night..

The next day, he told T abt everything that he did. He told people around him to pray hard for his happiness and bla.. bla.. bla.. But the whole day he was shy to talk to G. But still he wanted to knw the answer desperately. But then..

After school he saw his friend V hold G's hand walking around the corner. He couldnt belive what he just saw. After that he heard people around talking abt the new couple in school which are V and G. M had the shock of his life and he ran home immediaty..

At home M was thinking how stupid he was to take such a long time to make a move. Crying on the bed.. as if he has lost a lover.. But it was real.. Keep thinking in mind that it was only a dream but still the tears in his eyes tells him that it was real.. M stood up from his bed and walk out his house in the middle of the night..

The next day.. a news report appeared abt a boy aged 16 sucide himself by jumping down from a 14 floor building..

M was dead..


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

To those people who are the fan of this game, let me tell you that the english version is out! NOW!! Okay lets get on with the main story.
I finally understand Crisis Core ending more (cos its in english).. after knwing the ending, i can tell you the story line really really is smooth!! Real Awesome!! The story is really really conected right towards FFVII.

The Ending was very sad.. Zack died in the final battle..
A fallen Hero..
Oh My God...
Cloud came out from no where..
Zack passes Angeal's Buster Sword to Cloud.
Paid his respects and leaves..
few years later..
A first class soilder..
Approaching to a tower..
To Be Continue in FFVII (PS3)..
Arhhhhhhh!!! Love the story line!! I respect Zack!!

My Choice..

I have finally settled my mind!! What mind?? If you kwn nothing please refer back to the blog post called "The Incident that Happend again!".

My choice is to go on!!! <3

Sorry bro.. but i LOVE her sooo much i couldnt let her go.. X( Please forgive me for doing so. And also i dun wanna the same incident to happend on me again.. i dun want to get hurt by just looking at aside.. sorry..

Should i make my move NOW?? Or what??

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kaarthik's Cool Watch!!

Whose Kaarthink?? Aiya.. my school friend la! XD Lets just get on with the whole story..

Today i found that Kaarthik's watch is freaking cool!!! Why?? His watch can actually record sounds!!! D8 Sounds you knw!! And you can play it! D8 Sooooo freaking cool!! But the back thing is, you can only record for 30 seconds. But its better than nothing! XD

I have a watch as well and i called it the Power Ranger's watch! XD Why?? Cos my watch have 7~8 diffrent colours of light! Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Light Green, RAINBOW, light yellow, blue and back to red again! Cool!! XD

Kaathik felt bored with his recording watch and i felt bored with my Power Ranger watch. Sooooo we decided to change our watch with each other! XD But just for a few days of course.

Sooo now wearing his watch. XD And im making good use of it!! Im putting some songs inside the watch!! But only the courus part since it only can record for 30 seconds. XD

Basicly, this post is just watches. XD

Tag Along: About Me

Another Tag by Gloria~Chan. XP The Tag was nameless again.. so i created the name myself! XP Sorry for making such a pafthetic name.. X( Sorry x100

-About Me-

1. Real name => Tan Yu Ming
2. Nickname => MIngz, Ming Zai, Takumi, TakuMingz
3. Married => Noooooooooo.....
4. Male or Female => Male
5. Highschool => SMK Taman SEA
6. College => wish to go.. sobs.. X(
7. Short or long hair => What do you think? Short la!
8. Are you a health freak => I exercise a lot though. X)
9.Height => 180~182 cm i think..
10. Do you have a crush on someone => Yesh!
11. Do you like yourself => Sometimes yesh, sometimes no..
12. Piercings => Noooooooooo....
13. Righty or Lefty => I do the RIGHT thing! XD

14. First surgery => Yes, got burn somewhere near the legs.
15. First piercing(s) => Nooooooo....
16. First person you see in the morning => Axel!! XD
17. First award => Singing competition when i was eight. XP
18. First sport you joined => Badmintoon!
19. First pet => Jasperboy!! XD (even now!)
20. First vacation => Hong Kong!! X)
21. First concert => Jolin!!!!! XD
22. First crush => Of course!

23. Eating => Fruits + Rojak sause! XD
24. Drinking => Mineral waters
25. I'm about to => facebook..
26. Want kids => As my future girlfriend abt it! XD
27. Want to get married => refer to answer num 26
28. Careers in mind => Basketball team!! XD

29. Lips or eyes => Dunno? XP
30. Hugs or kisses => Both! XP
31. Shorter or taller => Taller! I wanna slam! XD
32. Romantic or spontaneous => dunno?? XP
33. Sensitive or loud => both.. XP
34. Trouble maker or hesitant => Hesitant i guess..

35. Kissed a stranger => Young that time yes, now NO!!
36. Drank bubbles => bubble tea yes, real bubbles NO!!
37. Lost glasses/contacts => Plenty of times! XD
38. Ran away from home => Never.. love my family!
39. Liked someone younger => Of course!
40. Liked someone older => Once..
41. Broken someone's heart => Y..e...s... (sorry..)
42. Been arrested => Hell No!! Good boy mah! XD
43. Cried when someone died => Yes.. love my grandpa..
44. Liked a friend => Liked is of course! Love is mayb..

45. Yourself => Not away.. but yes!
46. Miracles => Yes but it will be a one is a zillion la.
47. Heaven => YESH!!
48. Santa claus => Did any one send you present when its christmas?? Nooooo...
49. Angels => I am one! XD Yes la...

50. Is there one person you want to be with right now => Yes..
51. Do you believe in God => OF COURSE!!
52. Tag 5 people => Justin, SuiLun, John, Suelyn, ZhiYuen

The Incident that Happend again!

Okay... this f**king incident happend again... what incident?? Well remember the post "i give up" around last year?? Abt my good friend going for the girl that i like?? Yes... this year it happend again!!

After basketball training, i came back to my house and online.. I was chating with my good friend and we have a guy talk. I ask him who he like, but then he asked me to say first. Then i told him whose the lucky girl. Coincidently!! I like the same person that im liking now!! D8

This is some shit of problem.. for my good friend or for my love one?? Should i stop or go on?? Should make way or should walk the way??

My last choice was to give up.. and that is a good choice! XD Should i do the same thing or change of plans??

You guys out there dun have to gimme any answers. What this blog for?? Releasing my confuse-ness. Soooo lets just say is a unless post. XP

Back in Basketball!

Today my mom's tution released all of us early cos she had to attend a meeting. So this means i have some extra time to play basketball!! XD Yiiiipieeee!!!

Back in basketball court.. I was lucky that almost everyone was there! Weng, Chao, Jon, Fai, etc... Well the first reaction they did was.. "Ming Zai!!!" , It was a lot of back slapping and handshaking, and of course im happy to see them too! XD

Weng was a cool like usual. His relationship with Rebbeca is still deep.. X) Oh Rebbeca?? She still hot like usual!! XD Jon was still in good shooting shape. Chao was lame as usual.. oh oh and so is Fai! XP I couldnt forcus my shooting cos both of them are doing the gay sounds. XD

We have a few games and according to what Weng said, i have improve!! XD Thus Weng also said i think faster already! XP My shooting are a little bit better then last time. Well thanks Weng for the awesome comment.

Rebbeca can shoot!!

I tell you Rebbeca's shooting will kick my ass la i tell you! She can shooting in three 3 pointers ball in a row!! No slide board and pure air!! D8 I thought i was the one improving.. XP

Im glad im back in basketball.. still i made some mistakes in the game.. im losing my touch.. damm!! Okay guys im going to basketball training this sunday!!! No no.. wait.. sunday i got cheng meng.. Sooo den next week la! XD

Monday, March 24, 2008

Back in School..

Woke up early in the morning and my legs are KILLING ME!! X( The kem's side effects are still runing on.. mayb is the day 3's morning exercise and lack of sleeping gua.. Arh who cares im back in school anyways.

Im back in school and the first thing i do was to check and see is there any homework that i lefted out. But luckily i didnt left out anything! *Yeay!!*

I looked around in the morning and almost 40% of our classmates are not in class. They have to go for some sort of MSSS thingy. Means no lame fellas in the class for 5 freaking days! Sobs.. But still Tarvin came today!

Yaya.. congrats Tarvin who sucessfully downloaded FFVII: Crisis Core. Have Fun with it la..

Paid a visit to Gloria in class.. as usual having fun doing homework! XD Chang Nien was a little bit emo today.. Mayb cos of the kem gua.. but dun worry! Kem Pertaulihan we both make the craziest game ever! XD I think..

In class we feeded back abt the kem thingy. Lyn Kam, Ranee, Megan, Vania, Racheal and Germaine joined with our conversation and they gimme a few suggestion on what to do with my next kem. Visit XinWei in her class gave her the suggestion and off to bilik tayangan.

Recess was pretty boring to day cos of my freaking leg i cant really go anywhere. Visited the library but is close. Talked to Justin in the canteen.

I think other things are all abt studies la.. nthing much. X)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tag Along: (Nameless Tag)

Okay please keep in mind that this tag has no name arh! XD

This is a tag from my beloved friend, Gloria! XD So here goes nothing!

Remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. Who is your all-time inspiration?
- Tatsuya Nomura (kingdom hearts creator) XD

2. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you? Why?
- Tarvin, cos he makes lame and partical jokes, Vincent Tan, i need scouts to support our living! XD Gloria, cos she can teman me ma.. XD

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
- Japan!! Or either Taiwan!! Make it both!! XD

4. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
- Have good life! Thats will be great! XD

5. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
- Is see sky almost everyday.. sooo do you think i'll believe it or not?? DUH!! Of course i do la!! XD

6. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
- The girl that im aiming now has a boy friend? D8

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
- I'll be very honest! 300 thou for me! 100 thou for my brother, 100 thou for my sister, 300 thou for my dad and mom. If there is left out bank in la! Or give to my relative some. X)

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
- Eh guys, be a man! Do the right thing! Go for her!! XD But mine will take a longer time.. have myself very confident only go for it de. XP

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
- Sporting, lovely, concerning! X) (happy???? XD)

10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
- As long as she really really really loves me la.. thats enough la. X)

11. Which type of person do you hate the most?
- Person who likes to bother me around! Person who backstabbed me! Person who stop me from having funw ith my friends! Aiyo.. if i start this up that will take forever la. XD

12. Highlight of the week?
- No perhimpunan! Most of the teachers didnt come! Sister May dont teach us!

13. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
- Stupid question. Point out la!! Unless your the person that seriously go real offensive arh. I suggest you keep quiet or somebody is gonna get hurt real bad..

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
- Friends and love ones..

15. Are you a shopaholic or not?
- Not really.. it depends la.

16. What's on ur mind right now?
- Homeworks.. and love...

17. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
- Try to keep my bad talkings away.. try not to offened people, have to use the right words for the right time. I want to be more confident on myself!

18. Whats the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?
- JinHwei poping out her head in front of me in arts club. XD

19. What's bothering you lately?
- Studies and Stress. X(

20. Are you afraid of love? (made myself)
- I dunno.. mayb yes mayb no.. i scared i hurt myself or the other..

Eh! Do my tag or i'll kick your ass! XD
1. Justin Lee
2. Suelyn
3. Peiyin
4. John Wong
5. Sui Lun
6. Michelle
7. Wen Jun
8. You! You! and YOU!! XD

Saturday, March 22, 2008

KRS Kem Tahunan

I have been joining KRS for 4 years already and joined 4 years of kem. This year's kem is best among all.. NOT!!! Is the WORST kem i eve had for 4 years la!!

The kem SUCKs i tell you.. there are just a one things that is good in this kem. One, is that im in the same team as Tarvinder!! XD If that guy is not in my group arh.. the kem will be a whole lot suckier..

I tell you RED is always not a lucky colour.. So when valentines day or whne you want to give you girlfriends present DONT EVER PICK RED!! Pick pink la that will be a lot romantic la.. XD My team was the red colour team. Even knw that Tarvin is in my team arh but my teamate are a little bit too.. quiet.. Our team is sooooo quiet that we have hard time figuring out our group name. Our group name is called "Ang Pao" pretty lame right?? XP

Day 1
Day 1... just day one la they make our kem spirits down already.. Tarvin cannot eat Garlic but the FORCED him to swollow it! Beat that la! Thus all of the committe are laughing at aside. They made a girl cried.. they still laughing!! What kind of committe is this!!

That night Kim Ngiam brought his guitar which is a life saver to us. We sang and sang all night in our rooms. X) Ronda was the best activity of the day!! Cos was just walk around the corner.

Midnight, Operasi burung hantu was okay.. but cos its after raining, mosquitoes are around the corner stinging us. Thus that night got police come you knw!! For what?? i dunno..

Day 2
There is a happy incident on that day.. the morning exercise which is sucky and broken my day. But that day was a Scouts meeting day... shoooo.. I saw Gloria!!! XD But looking at her didnt really brighten up my day cos she went home early.. X( The telematch was a total disaster cos of the rain. But im happy cos i dun know what will the committes do this time.

Back in the class they made this very very dangerous chair game. They maded the game up that kind of game and they call us dun play so rough. Pafhetic committe la i tell you. That day night BBQ was normal as usual.

Malam kebudayaan is the best activity of that day. Woon Zhein, Yu Jie, Kim Ngiam, Me and Tarvin. These lame fellas are in diffrent team (except me and Tarvin la) What kind of sketch you think they will do?? That night we laugh the crap out of us. Woon Zhien and Yu Jie's one was the funniest among all. XD

After Malam kebudayaan they made this un-organized treasure hunt for us to play. My team's first location was canteen. We have to find the paper to our next clue. We search EVERYWHERE in the canteen for 20+minutes! And the next thing you kwn they hide it in the car park! WTF wei!!

Day 3
Morning exercise was WORST morning exercise i ever had la! I have to respect the seniors cos i promised Xin Wei so but they over did it la!! At first i thought that Marcus was a good guy.. but in this kem his like crap!! His bossing us all around!! He.. no i mean they!! Didnt even joined us for morning exercise and they made us to this super hard exercise which is a pain in the ass la.

There is this activity called Reka Cipta. We have to make somthing which is related to our group name. Again.. there are the 5 lame bastards there, what do you think we will make. LAME STUFFS!! And all of us laugh like crap again! XD

Cooking time was the best activity of the day la. Me and Kah Hee are experienced KRS member (and got fired committes as well) so lighting us a fire shouldnt be a problem. I think.. we are the first team that manage to start cooking in that activity.

Gotong Royong was also crap la.. well gotong royong is always bored!! The closing cermony was a relief!!! After that we have volleyball fun fun fun!! XD (thanks to Jin Hwei i kwn how to play. XD) That was also a good activity.. cos is planned by us!! XD


To the Committes who are reading this:
You guys really needs to improve with your understanding participants thingy.. I just hope you'll try not to cause BAD impression towards the participants next time.. stay cool.. and you will see things will be a lot better. The participants respect you and you must also show some respects towards them even knw they are older than you.

Is good that you take the camp serious.. but TOO serious is bad.. I believe that most of you guys are participants as well. Remember the days you have in kem?? You have fun right?? I knw cos im one of you guys. So try to make the camp a little bit fun.. serious 24/3 will make the whole thingy real bad.. really really bad.. that will give participants lack of confident to join the kem next year..

If you did real bad this year.. dont cry.. try again next time. Organise another kem in other kokurikulum or something. Change some plans and it will be all right.. X) Remember, understand the participant's feelings and everything will be well done.

Best Committe this year:
-Chang Nien
-Timothy Leong
-Hui Ee

Greeting!! XD

Im finally back from KRS kem tahunan.. Aiyo.. very tired wei.. Is not cos of the kem!! Please keep that in mind!!

Aiyo.. i missed all the fun in SundaySchool for this pafhetic kem.. Haiyoyo.. miss lots of people la.. Feeling like not joining the kem anymore..

Gloria... i miss you.. why you go home early that day.. X(

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The girl that Cheer my day up. X)

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:
ello meimu!!

*HwEi* WinNie says:
hey not going to school yet?

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:
whats wrong??

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:
it starts at 7pm doink

*HwEi* WinNie says:
dunno just asking

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:
its starts at 7 la..

*HwEi* WinNie says:

*HwEi* WinNie says:
you're not in the committee?

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:
still got 5 1/2 hours more to go

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:
wish too be one la..

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:
but no..

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:
im nto even in the committe list anymore.. sobs..

*HwEi* WinNie says:
awww.. nvm la can go there and have fun ma

*HwEi* WinNie says:
dont have to work

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:
thats the good point! XD

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:
but the bad point is ill get bullied by seniors.. X(

*HwEi* WinNie says:
haha dont worry la

*HwEi* WinNie says:
they'll give way abit

*HwEi* WinNie says:
youre yu ming maaa

*_ [M][I][n][g][z] _* How to Save a Life?? says:

*HwEi* WinNie says:

Such a sweet pet sister i have.. X) Love her!! XD

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holiday but its Thursday

Aiyo.. why the holiday must fall on Thursday de.. haiz.. Its good cos its a holiday but its bad cos its a thursday.. I have sooo many things to do at thursdays. Meeting Librarian friends and also rumah biru. Both wonderful moments lar.. Hate it la..

Up Coming Events:
-MIngz versus Sunway College event coming soon!! (today..)
-Going for KRS kem coming soon!! (tomolo)
-MIngz going to propose.. (coming soon)
Sien la.. I just dont like Holidays falling at Thursdays.. Tomolo still need to go school again! Haiz.. I have to see that pathetic Akauns teacher in class.. Dissapointed la..

Lucky Student form other school gets to have good friday tomolo!! Grrrr!!! I'll kick your ass next!! XD (just joking..)

KRS Kem Tahunan!!

Yiiiipieee!!! KRS kem is coming again!! And im soooo excited!! Even knw im not a senior this year but.. people must get bullied by others once in a while one right?? XD

Im excited cause of what?? Well i heard that most of my friends in class are going to this kem. For example: Tarvin , Wei Soong, Natanel, etc... but stupid betul!! Roshan dun wanna go cos got something on.. or just that he wanted to play game! XD

I just dont knw la... i just have a feeling that this kem will be a total mess.. I think.. just mayb..

Is SuiLun joining us!? Can anyone tell me is SuiLun joining us in this kem!! Cos i dun wanna get bullied by him! XD (joking...) I remembered that SuiLun told me that he will be joining us in some sort of kem.. Well you be coming SuiLun!? XD

Sad part is.. the scouts wont be joining us.. sobs.. At first, scout's kem was on the same date like ours, but just that something happend... they have to change/pospone it! D8 Haiz.. no chances of see-ing my scouts friends AKA my libraian firends.. X(

I hope the weather is great for the 3 days and 2 night. Thus i hope there are no mostiqoes in that 2 night.. sounds kinda im impossible.. okay mayb lesser mostiqoes compare to the past few year's camp. XD

Gotta get packing up now!! Hrm... where is my tooth brush??

Random Pictures

Title: Me!!!
From: Photo Album
Guess when did i took this photo?? Tehee... Keep guessing.. Its a long long time ago. Believe or not? This picture was tooken when i was form 2!!! D8 I have to say, i think i look better when i was form 2.. i think..

Title: Me + Squeezed Bread
From: Wen Jun's Blog
Whats wrong with people eating squeezed bread!? I do that in almost everysingle bread i eat! Except Pizza la.. XD This photo looks like im saying "I'll kill you!!" XD

Title: Emo or Not??
From: Sien Dee's Blog
Remember the day that i went to 1U alone and I met Sien Dee?? This is the picture that Sien Dee took when i was emo-ing... NOT!! I was just sms-ing Justin!! XD But just that Sien Dee putted some speacial effects in this picture and made my handphone invinsible.. XD

Title: Bad Picture.. X(
From: Sien Dee's Blog
The bad picture doesnt mean Sien Dee is not good looking.. is me that is not good looking!! I think i spoiled this picture la.. i looked like a retard in here.. XP

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

CFC Facilators Wanted!!!

To all my fellow school friends.. this is not CF camp!! XD This is CFC camp!! Which means Children Fellow Ship camp! XP Soo... dont get it wrong.. im just concern.. X)


Cos this it!! The 10th CFC camp is finally here!! Coming soon!! Really really soon!! Sooooo.... we need facilators again!!

What is facilator??? For short you have to take care of the kids which are in the camp. AKA you are their father/mother in the camp!! XD It will be a great time to gain experience or re-gain experience! XD

To become a Facilator, all you have to do is...
1. Tell Me!! XD (first come first serve)
2. Talk to Sui Yuan (head of Faci)
3. Identify your age plsss (around 15+ age)
4. Wait till the Camp date comes...

Wanted!!! To those who work as Facilators before.. i recomend your all to join again. We need experience facilators more than the unexperience facilators. Sooo... i recomed you guys to join again. In the mean time you can have fun again as well!! XD

Remeber first come, first serve and the are only 20 places (i think..) Still please be comfirm with your parents!! And of course.. No more FFKssss!! Pleaseesssss!!

Link abt this event>>>

Monday, March 17, 2008

Today's Arts Club

School... school.. school.. bla.. bla.. bla.. Is just freaking boring!! But today i got 4 free periods. Do what?? Sleep la.. missing people la.. thinking la... talk to people la.. and let teacher complain la..

Lets just skip to right after school.. JinHwei spotted me and asked me wanted to Arts Club anot. Well i have been ponteng-ing for a few times adi.. mind as well go once la.. hrm..

Arts Club they called us to design something.. designing is not what i really wanted to do for the day. But still i have to be active in the club. So choice la! I draw.. draw and draw.. and suddenly out of no where.. JinHwei just pop out!! I was like "WOW!!! Holy Crap!!!"

Then they called us to passed up the design. Then they decided to play win, lose and DRAW. You all should knw how to play it right? So my team is almost all the form 4s there. Well of course im the "drawer" for my team la.. donno why they all just pick ME!! hrm...

My team own the crap of the game la.. cos they are smart with what ever i draw! XD I simply draw they also knw! Smart people ma.. But still the last match was pretty tough.. The form 5 begin to join the other hand. STILL our team is just TOO good! XD We own them like crap!! XD

But then the last match and last round they give 10 points to the people who can answer that question. Actually they say wanted to give 5 points only de. But i was kind enough to say 10!! Im a pretty nice guy leh.. XD In the end, they win.. They won us fair and square! X)

Too bad.. Hui Ee didnt joined us!! XD Too bad la Hui Ee!! You missed all the fun!! XD

A Shandy Story..

Few days ago.. i mean before holidays there a whole box of Shandy in my house.. this is what happend to ALL the shandy. So i made this shandy story..

In the house there is only two guys that drink Shandy in the house. Me and my brother.. we are both the bad guys of these story.

Day by day.. The Shandy family members are been drinked by the two bad guys. All 21 members of shandy have been drank by the two super tall monsters..

The shandy which are caught have been brought to the frozen mountain.. locked up inside there 2 days.. waiting for the to be really gassed..

Finally the moment that they dont wanted to has arrived.. the day that we twist their head and pull it out and drink them to drink their gassed blood. All the way into the two super tall monster's tummy. One day the two monster will drink two shandies a day..

Until today i have stared at the shandies that left one the box.. there are only 2 more shandies lefted.. i was think to make this lame story abt the shandies that are lefted at home.

So people dont drink too much shandy! One is it will hurt your tummy really badly. Two, is.. think the shandies is like a real human. Well.. scratch the second one la.. im gonna drink it tomorrow anyways.. XD

Pain in the..

Fuuuuhhssss.. this is what happend after sunday school. I went how and RIGHT AWAY i go to captain ball training and Basketball training.. two very sporting sports at a day..

Captian Ball that day was a real pain.. there have some sort of test for us. Which is super tiring.. Dont forget i have my basketball training which is A LOT better than Captian Ball that day. Finally i can meet back my lame friends!! Everyone said i grew tall!! XD

After the whole day.. i got a really pain in the... not the ass!! Sick minded people!! I have a real pain almost every where of my body!! Well.. not exactly everywhere.. is just pain in parts of my body..

Pain in the legs..

Pain in the back..

Pain in the head..

No much sleeps these days.. thus school is back!! Oww... maigod.. but still i get to see everyone of my friends again!! Which is the good thing but im gonna see the pathetic teachers again.. aiyo.. holiday sicked..

16th Mac's Sunday

Something twisted happend today.. well as you kwn that my gang doesnt really like sister May's class.. But this week her class was a little bit diffrent.. He didnt really teached that day, in fact she lets us watch this very cool Buddhist movie abt the life of the buddha. Its a very intresting story..

After that we celebrated our best photo grapher's birthday. Who is he?? Okay, the guy that photo shopped abt the ghost picture in my previous post..


After that we went to mamak and talk abt Russel Peter's jokes and we have fun!! SuiLun was laughing like crap the whole time. And Suelyn.. she just cant stop laughing la.. XD

We take a rest at the Asoka Hall waiting for the Youth Group meeting.. I was listening to "How to save a life" the whole time!! Loved that song!! XD Then me and SuiLun listened to "Zhou Da Xia" Kung-fu Dunk's songs. XD

At this moment i just notice that.. Suelyn is a diffrent person that i think she is.. she is pretty.. LAME!! She hitted me and then say is John do it!! Well i saw it with my own eyes that SHE did it!! XD You can lame a lameo like me!! XD

After that when is Youth Meeting, all of us wanted to go up but John goes like "Aiya.. dun need la.. lepak first la.." So we all are STUPID enough to follow his rules and end up.. we are late.. But luckily the committes are kind.. KIND.. KIND!! They forgive us... i think..

What happend at the Meeting?? Cant tell.. muahahaha!! But all i can say is, me and john are asistant cafeterias for this years CFC.. it makes me kinda happy and also kinda sad for being a cafeteria. But i have one question.. why ME!! i dun even knw how to cook!! XD

Thats all happend at Sunday School that day.. there is something more happend on THAT day.. wait la.. the next post!! XD

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

I went to youtube cos of bored-ness and i found this cool finalfantasy game. Its called Final Fantasy Versus XII (FFV13 in short) According to what they say this a diffrent story from Final Fantasy 13. Means there is two version of FF13 now and this is one is a totally diffrent story.

Final Fantasy versus XIII
-only for PlayStation 3-

Nomura (the creator of this game and kingdom hearts) is working on this game for sooo long already! The trailer was out last year.. but because of Kingdom Hearts trio he has to put this game aside.. now he has finish the 3 new kingdom hearts game, his working on this one..

I found these cool photo from the internet abt this guy. I have to say, Nomura is a very hiddenlish person.. Means he doesnt even reveal anything!! Nothing at all!! Thats the only thing why i hate abt this guy.. Until now, no one knows this guy's name.

Main Character of the story..

In FF7 Cloud only has 7 swords but this guy has 9!! 9 very cun case sword!! And he doesnt even have to hold them!! D8

I truly think that his a bad guy.. well i dunno.. Nomura havent reaveal anything abt this guy.. X(

Blink.. and slash..

Dodge and block..

There is nothing either good or bad,
but thinking makes it so.
-Willam Shakespeare-

Those words are in the trailer!! Nomura actaully reads Willam Shakespeare!!! D8 Well who knws.. mayb he just made it up. XD

Looking at the picture doesnt makes you think that his cun.. but watching at it, will make a tatal diffrence.. check this out..

FinalFantasy Versus XIII -Trailer-

FinalFantasy Versus XIII -extended Trailer-

I thought Zack, Auron or Sephiroth was the strongest in history but this guy took that "strongest" name away.. Haiz.. but too bad its in PS3. That will take forever for me to get one.. Guess i'll have to keep wait..

Tag Along: Quiz

Is this a tag?? Im not sure myself.. i checked out Michelle's blog today and i found this cool quiz thingy so i decided to do it. I'll try not to cheat in the Quiz and if you wanna tag along please DO NOT CHEAT!! I will not be fun if you cheat okay?? ready?? GO!!

Step 1
- First write/type numbers 1-10 in a column..example..

Done?? Carry on to the next step please..

Step 2
- Beside number 1, write down a number (1-10 preferably)

Step 3
- Beside number 2 and 3 write down names of de opposite sex

Step 4
- Write down any1's names (like friends or family) at number 4, 5 and 6.

Step 5
- Write down 4 song titles in 7, 8, 9 and 10.

This is what i got..
1. 4
2. Gloria Chan
3. Jin Hwei
4. Sui Lun
5. John Wong
6. Justin Lee
7. How to save a Life -The Fray-
8. Great Escape -Boys like Girls-
9. Mungkin Nanti -Peter Pen-
10. All Rise -Blue-

Done it?? If you didnt den dont look at the answer please.. i beg you.. Do this first den only look at the answers i would not be fun one like that.. OBEY THE RULES PLEASE!!

You done now okay heres the answers..
1. You must tell people abt dis quiz/game.
2. The person u put in 2 is some1 u love.
3. The person u put in 3 Is some1 u like but can't work out.
4. You care most about de person u put in 4.
5. The person u put in num 5 knows u very well
6. The person u put in num 6 is your lucky star.
7. The song u put in num 7 matches wif the person in num 3.
8. The title in 8 is the song for the person in 4.
9. The song title in num 9 tells u most about YOUR mind.
10. The song in num 10 is the song telling you how u feel about life.

I think its pretty acurate.. dont you think?? Try it and dont look at the answers you will understand it then. Have fun!! X)

Before i leave i still have some unfinish business to do..

Poeple that i wish to tag along:
1. Gloria Chan
2. Sui Lun
3. Suelyn
4. Justin Lee

Another Haircut..

My hair is freaking long.. My hair is freaking long.. My hair is freaking long..

Thats what happend 30 minutes ago.. i just had my haircut and according to what my brother and sister's comment it looked... okay.. Well after 3 months of not cutting hair.. i finally cut it again! Those lucky bastard who go to sunday school tomolo will be the first to see it.. damm..

So now i'll go like..

My hair is freaking short.. My hair is freaking short.. My hair is freaking short..

What is all this abt?? Nothing.. cos im just bored. XD

Friday, March 14, 2008

Favourite Bleach Character

I believe that most of you guy are watching Bleach. Well of course everyone of you have your favourite character right? I have lots of favourite character but of course i have my most favourite one.

My favourite character in Bleach is.. Urahara

Urahara is the X-no.12 captain. His a part of the scientist level. After he quit he works on a shop selling weird things. This guy is not cool nor this fella doesnt even really come out often. But this guy was still a formal captain in soul society, comfirm he has some powerful skills. His the fella that teach Ichigo how to use Getsuga Tensho. This fella is not those cool attitude kind of fella, he makes jokes and pranks as well. Urahara is my favourite character in Bleach.
I have to admit that his looks and wears looks like a begger. XD Too bad he doesnt really show of his skills often.. all i knw that this bastard is a strong one but not as strong as the Vaizats and the other captain in the series.
Here are some pictures of Urahara that i found in the internet..
His sword looked awesome..
He has a uniform!? o.O
And heres a little artwork that i found in the internet as well..
Well whose your favourite character in Bleach then?? X)

Boring 1U..

well usually people go 1U they will go like.. "Yesh!!! 1U!! With my friends!! and girlfriend!! Darn Cun!! I gonna have fun fun fun fun fun!!" Well that really didnt happend to me today.. Is my first time going to 1U without friends..

Actually my friend Tarvin had planed to go with me but all in a sudden he cant go cos something happend. I wanted to asked Gloria and my other librarian friend or something like that.. but most of them just came back from CF camp, so they must be freaking tired.. Cant forced them la.. So no choice la have to go 1U alone lo..

I have my reason for going 1U, i decided to find for PS1 games cos im running out of games. But then is a total failure. PS1 games are just out.. Dammit!! Then i entered the arcade corner and played a few games.. ALONE.. And guess who i meet there?? Yap Tian Loong!! XD At least got someone to teman..

Both of us played Detona.. And i tell is my first time playing detona and i got 2nd place!! XD Well i have been watching my brother playing these racing games ever since i was young. XD But still im still sucky in Detona.. I need more training!!

After that i meet Tze Yi, Fui Swen, Tarvin's cousin and their friends. Tze Yi is hot!! Then i saw my cousin's friends there. Not just that i saw Shekar and Kaarthik there as well. Watching Shekar and Kaarthink playing Detona is super funny!! XD

When YTL and his friends go and watch their movie, i was dumped alone.. I was walking alone a guess who did i saw sitting alone?? Sien Dee!! XD and her brother.. We go and played a game of pool and then foosball. I was pretty funny looking at them playing.

After that back for Detona.. after that i go burger kings.. ALONE!! And guess who i bumped up to again?? Leon!! XD Well he was working there soo is very normal see him there. Then i called my brother to fetch me home..

It was a very very very boring day at 1U.. Is worst then the time that i go with MunWai!! XD I just hope next time if i get a girlfriend, i will call her out and teman me la.. that will take a freaking long time to come man!! XD

Youth Caroling Pics

Youth Caroling has past long time ago.. well today i entered our BISDS Youth Group blog for fun and i found out they have post out the pictures of Youth Caroling! Well i mind as well post them our right here again!! XD If you wanna see more check out the link called BISDS Youth group in my blog. X)


Group photo.. spot me if you can!! Of can find me anywhere in the backrow! XD Hint: right beside SuiYuan.. XD

In the bus...
In the bus, is either talk, sleep, emo, hear songs or pak tor.. XD

Our choice.. emo.. NOT! we're just hiding from the camera! XD

Their choice.. Pak Tor!! XD Good choice man!! X)

Before reaching destination..
WTHeck.. must we really walk.. we have bus you knw!! One very very cacat-ed bus.. But still we can use it right?? XD

We Backsitterz dun just sit behide the class.. we walk behide as well! XD I'll you, Justin is just camera shy.. XD If you catch him do a retard post, you will laugh like crap! XD

When we sing..
Lu lala~ Lu lala~ Lula Lula leh~No.. thats not what we sing! XD

Im bringing sexy backs~ yeah~ NO!! NO!! NO!! Thats not what we sang that day either!! Erm.. what did we sing again??

Old Folks Home -Free time-
Whats for Lunch?? Jawamee?? Oh Jawamee... Suelyn:"I hate jawamee.."

Can we pick not to eat?? SuiYuan: "NO!! Must eat!!" (he didnt mention that.. i just created it myself! XD) Dammit..

Yu Ming: "So how now??" Justin: "YuMing i give you my vegetable wan arh??" YuMing: "Kick you!! I hate veges.." Suelyn: "I give you everything la.." (i made this conversation as well. XD)

Oh Shit!! They found us doing this trade thingy!! Erm.. erm.. Act like it never happend!! Erm.. erm.. just smile!!! Teee.... X)

My sister was having fun eating.. she even pose when she was eating! XD Its shows how much she loved the food! XD

The twins are having a great time with the elder ones.. this is what i called a heart of gold.. Wait!!! Is a pair hearts of gold! XD

SuiYuan: "What did i do to deserve this.." Come on.. washing the plate issint such a bad thing.. SuiYuan: "You think is nice then come and help la!!"

John: "Best friends forever man!!" YuMing: "Shut up..."

Some Rich People's House
After our performance.. is the dog's performance.

Wow... wish my dog can do that.. and my dog is elder than him!! D8

The dog even knw how to pose!! But not as good as my dog! XD
this guys must have loved ba gua.. This is not chewing gum arh!!!
SuiLun's house..
Wow.. we look like we are watching somebody' live concert!! XD
Guess whose that guy in black on the right side??
Its SuiLun!! XD He can play man i tell you..
-The End-