Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kaarthik's Cool Watch!!

Whose Kaarthink?? Aiya.. my school friend la! XD Lets just get on with the whole story..

Today i found that Kaarthik's watch is freaking cool!!! Why?? His watch can actually record sounds!!! D8 Sounds you knw!! And you can play it! D8 Sooooo freaking cool!! But the back thing is, you can only record for 30 seconds. But its better than nothing! XD

I have a watch as well and i called it the Power Ranger's watch! XD Why?? Cos my watch have 7~8 diffrent colours of light! Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Light Green, RAINBOW, light yellow, blue and back to red again! Cool!! XD

Kaathik felt bored with his recording watch and i felt bored with my Power Ranger watch. Sooooo we decided to change our watch with each other! XD But just for a few days of course.

Sooo now wearing his watch. XD And im making good use of it!! Im putting some songs inside the watch!! But only the courus part since it only can record for 30 seconds. XD

Basicly, this post is just watches. XD