Monday, March 31, 2008

Recomanded Games

Im feeling bored now.. so here are some games for game freaks out there. These are the game that I recomanded to play...

For PSP users:

Issit Obvious!? Crisis Core Rocks!! XD

For PS3 users:

Devil May Cry 4!! The US version is out! Hunt for it! XD

For Xbox360 users:
I dunno much abt this game.. but i heard from my friends that this game is damm cun. I never played this game before.. but listening to them talked abt it makes it sounds cool.. XD

For PS2 users:

Definetely Kingdom Hearts!! One or two or final mix plus all also very nice de!! Highly recomanded!

For Nitendo DS users:

Either one la.. both of them really doesnt makes a diffrence..

For PS1 users:

Of course is Megaman Legends la!! XD Oh ya i have the version 1 adi!! XD You want the game can come and lent from me. X)

For GBA users:

Megaman again.. XD But this one is sooooo much better than pokemon. XD

For GBC users:

Pokemon Gold was the first pokemon generation 2 i played. XD

For GB users:
Pokemon again lo.. Red sounds sooo much better.. XD

I knw I knw im very lifeless now.. XD