Wednesday, March 19, 2008

KRS Kem Tahunan!!

Yiiiipieee!!! KRS kem is coming again!! And im soooo excited!! Even knw im not a senior this year but.. people must get bullied by others once in a while one right?? XD

Im excited cause of what?? Well i heard that most of my friends in class are going to this kem. For example: Tarvin , Wei Soong, Natanel, etc... but stupid betul!! Roshan dun wanna go cos got something on.. or just that he wanted to play game! XD

I just dont knw la... i just have a feeling that this kem will be a total mess.. I think.. just mayb..

Is SuiLun joining us!? Can anyone tell me is SuiLun joining us in this kem!! Cos i dun wanna get bullied by him! XD (joking...) I remembered that SuiLun told me that he will be joining us in some sort of kem.. Well you be coming SuiLun!? XD

Sad part is.. the scouts wont be joining us.. sobs.. At first, scout's kem was on the same date like ours, but just that something happend... they have to change/pospone it! D8 Haiz.. no chances of see-ing my scouts friends AKA my libraian firends.. X(

I hope the weather is great for the 3 days and 2 night. Thus i hope there are no mostiqoes in that 2 night.. sounds kinda im impossible.. okay mayb lesser mostiqoes compare to the past few year's camp. XD

Gotta get packing up now!! Hrm... where is my tooth brush??