Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

To those people who are the fan of this game, let me tell you that the english version is out! NOW!! Okay lets get on with the main story.
I finally understand Crisis Core ending more (cos its in english).. after knwing the ending, i can tell you the story line really really is smooth!! Real Awesome!! The story is really really conected right towards FFVII.

The Ending was very sad.. Zack died in the final battle..
A fallen Hero..
Oh My God...
Cloud came out from no where..
Zack passes Angeal's Buster Sword to Cloud.
Paid his respects and leaves..
few years later..
A first class soilder..
Approaching to a tower..
To Be Continue in FFVII (PS3)..
Arhhhhhhh!!! Love the story line!! I respect Zack!!