Friday, March 28, 2008

Tag Along: Currently...

I saw some of my friends did this tag.. so i mind as well follow! XD Okay lets just say did is a tag original from my friend but it was created by me! XD

Im Currently...

Currently listening:
-The Price of Freedom -Crisis Core-
-How to Save a Life -The Fray-

Currently Playing:
-Computer?? XD

Currently Waiting:
-For tution to start..

Currently Wishing:
- For a PSP...

Currently Finding:
- For Megaman Legends 1!! Want it badly..

Currently Hitting:
- the buttons of the keyboard! XD

Currently Bullying:
- Megan... and Jin Hwei! XD

Currently Working as:
- A student.. a blogger.. a comedian.. XD

Currently status:
- On the outside: happy On the inside: emo..

Currently Loving:
- I have no idea..

Currently Having:
- Homeworks..

Currently Hugging:
- Tiger!! And Axel! XD

Currently Holding:
- A can of 100plus

Currently Reading:
- Megan's blog!

Currently Watching:
- "Tian Ha De Ei Bi" (Hokien show) 8TV

Currently Eating:
- Mangoes!!! XD And WanTan mee... yum..

Currently Doing:
- Blogging la Duh!!!

Currently Tagging:
-Yuen Hee!!
-Justin Lee
-Sui Lun
- you, you and YOU!!!