Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Pictures

Random phots in the past which i was lazy to post. XP
You can see the pro in action anot!? XD This photo was taken in the Youth Outing that time. XP Is been a while i think i should post something abt it.. XP Next time ba..
Guess who paid a visit into the house? Jasper!! Issit he cute?? XD
Jasper: "Get lost or i'll bite you.. i mean it!"
Did every camwhore infront of the canteen?? We did! XD JueLiang was talking the camera walking around the corner. YuenHee suggested to talk a photo together. Me and Tarvin we're like "............okay lets do it!" And so it is.. Tadaaaa...

Oppsss.. cant help it! Crisis Core rocks!!! XD