Monday, March 24, 2008

Back in School..

Woke up early in the morning and my legs are KILLING ME!! X( The kem's side effects are still runing on.. mayb is the day 3's morning exercise and lack of sleeping gua.. Arh who cares im back in school anyways.

Im back in school and the first thing i do was to check and see is there any homework that i lefted out. But luckily i didnt left out anything! *Yeay!!*

I looked around in the morning and almost 40% of our classmates are not in class. They have to go for some sort of MSSS thingy. Means no lame fellas in the class for 5 freaking days! Sobs.. But still Tarvin came today!

Yaya.. congrats Tarvin who sucessfully downloaded FFVII: Crisis Core. Have Fun with it la..

Paid a visit to Gloria in class.. as usual having fun doing homework! XD Chang Nien was a little bit emo today.. Mayb cos of the kem gua.. but dun worry! Kem Pertaulihan we both make the craziest game ever! XD I think..

In class we feeded back abt the kem thingy. Lyn Kam, Ranee, Megan, Vania, Racheal and Germaine joined with our conversation and they gimme a few suggestion on what to do with my next kem. Visit XinWei in her class gave her the suggestion and off to bilik tayangan.

Recess was pretty boring to day cos of my freaking leg i cant really go anywhere. Visited the library but is close. Talked to Justin in the canteen.

I think other things are all abt studies la.. nthing much. X)