Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Incident that Happend again!

Okay... this f**king incident happend again... what incident?? Well remember the post "i give up" around last year?? Abt my good friend going for the girl that i like?? Yes... this year it happend again!!

After basketball training, i came back to my house and online.. I was chating with my good friend and we have a guy talk. I ask him who he like, but then he asked me to say first. Then i told him whose the lucky girl. Coincidently!! I like the same person that im liking now!! D8

This is some shit of problem.. for my good friend or for my love one?? Should i stop or go on?? Should make way or should walk the way??

My last choice was to give up.. and that is a good choice! XD Should i do the same thing or change of plans??

You guys out there dun have to gimme any answers. What this blog for?? Releasing my confuse-ness. Soooo lets just say is a unless post. XP