Saturday, March 22, 2008

KRS Kem Tahunan

I have been joining KRS for 4 years already and joined 4 years of kem. This year's kem is best among all.. NOT!!! Is the WORST kem i eve had for 4 years la!!

The kem SUCKs i tell you.. there are just a one things that is good in this kem. One, is that im in the same team as Tarvinder!! XD If that guy is not in my group arh.. the kem will be a whole lot suckier..

I tell you RED is always not a lucky colour.. So when valentines day or whne you want to give you girlfriends present DONT EVER PICK RED!! Pick pink la that will be a lot romantic la.. XD My team was the red colour team. Even knw that Tarvin is in my team arh but my teamate are a little bit too.. quiet.. Our team is sooooo quiet that we have hard time figuring out our group name. Our group name is called "Ang Pao" pretty lame right?? XP

Day 1
Day 1... just day one la they make our kem spirits down already.. Tarvin cannot eat Garlic but the FORCED him to swollow it! Beat that la! Thus all of the committe are laughing at aside. They made a girl cried.. they still laughing!! What kind of committe is this!!

That night Kim Ngiam brought his guitar which is a life saver to us. We sang and sang all night in our rooms. X) Ronda was the best activity of the day!! Cos was just walk around the corner.

Midnight, Operasi burung hantu was okay.. but cos its after raining, mosquitoes are around the corner stinging us. Thus that night got police come you knw!! For what?? i dunno..

Day 2
There is a happy incident on that day.. the morning exercise which is sucky and broken my day. But that day was a Scouts meeting day... shoooo.. I saw Gloria!!! XD But looking at her didnt really brighten up my day cos she went home early.. X( The telematch was a total disaster cos of the rain. But im happy cos i dun know what will the committes do this time.

Back in the class they made this very very dangerous chair game. They maded the game up that kind of game and they call us dun play so rough. Pafhetic committe la i tell you. That day night BBQ was normal as usual.

Malam kebudayaan is the best activity of that day. Woon Zhein, Yu Jie, Kim Ngiam, Me and Tarvin. These lame fellas are in diffrent team (except me and Tarvin la) What kind of sketch you think they will do?? That night we laugh the crap out of us. Woon Zhien and Yu Jie's one was the funniest among all. XD

After Malam kebudayaan they made this un-organized treasure hunt for us to play. My team's first location was canteen. We have to find the paper to our next clue. We search EVERYWHERE in the canteen for 20+minutes! And the next thing you kwn they hide it in the car park! WTF wei!!

Day 3
Morning exercise was WORST morning exercise i ever had la! I have to respect the seniors cos i promised Xin Wei so but they over did it la!! At first i thought that Marcus was a good guy.. but in this kem his like crap!! His bossing us all around!! He.. no i mean they!! Didnt even joined us for morning exercise and they made us to this super hard exercise which is a pain in the ass la.

There is this activity called Reka Cipta. We have to make somthing which is related to our group name. Again.. there are the 5 lame bastards there, what do you think we will make. LAME STUFFS!! And all of us laugh like crap again! XD

Cooking time was the best activity of the day la. Me and Kah Hee are experienced KRS member (and got fired committes as well) so lighting us a fire shouldnt be a problem. I think.. we are the first team that manage to start cooking in that activity.

Gotong Royong was also crap la.. well gotong royong is always bored!! The closing cermony was a relief!!! After that we have volleyball fun fun fun!! XD (thanks to Jin Hwei i kwn how to play. XD) That was also a good activity.. cos is planned by us!! XD


To the Committes who are reading this:
You guys really needs to improve with your understanding participants thingy.. I just hope you'll try not to cause BAD impression towards the participants next time.. stay cool.. and you will see things will be a lot better. The participants respect you and you must also show some respects towards them even knw they are older than you.

Is good that you take the camp serious.. but TOO serious is bad.. I believe that most of you guys are participants as well. Remember the days you have in kem?? You have fun right?? I knw cos im one of you guys. So try to make the camp a little bit fun.. serious 24/3 will make the whole thingy real bad.. really really bad.. that will give participants lack of confident to join the kem next year..

If you did real bad this year.. dont cry.. try again next time. Organise another kem in other kokurikulum or something. Change some plans and it will be all right.. X) Remember, understand the participant's feelings and everything will be well done.

Best Committe this year:
-Chang Nien
-Timothy Leong
-Hui Ee