Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back in Basketball!

Today my mom's tution released all of us early cos she had to attend a meeting. So this means i have some extra time to play basketball!! XD Yiiiipieeee!!!

Back in basketball court.. I was lucky that almost everyone was there! Weng, Chao, Jon, Fai, etc... Well the first reaction they did was.. "Ming Zai!!!" , It was a lot of back slapping and handshaking, and of course im happy to see them too! XD

Weng was a cool like usual. His relationship with Rebbeca is still deep.. X) Oh Rebbeca?? She still hot like usual!! XD Jon was still in good shooting shape. Chao was lame as usual.. oh oh and so is Fai! XP I couldnt forcus my shooting cos both of them are doing the gay sounds. XD

We have a few games and according to what Weng said, i have improve!! XD Thus Weng also said i think faster already! XP My shooting are a little bit better then last time. Well thanks Weng for the awesome comment.

Rebbeca can shoot!!

I tell you Rebbeca's shooting will kick my ass la i tell you! She can shooting in three 3 pointers ball in a row!! No slide board and pure air!! D8 I thought i was the one improving.. XP

Im glad im back in basketball.. still i made some mistakes in the game.. im losing my touch.. damm!! Okay guys im going to basketball training this sunday!!! No no.. wait.. sunday i got cheng meng.. Sooo den next week la! XD