Monday, March 31, 2008

My Cheng Meng Trip..

I havent been too ChengMeng for almost.. 5~6 years i guess.. All i knw is i havent been praying to my grandpa these years. So this year i decided to join in the ChengMeng with my family. This weeks is my father's sides..

It was the first time my brother was driving us all the way. We leave the house at 2.30pm right after school.. haiz.. i have to bring my homeworks back to my kampung.. Grandpa would be sooo proud of me. XD

On our back to Kedah, me and my brother spotted this super fast bus, Konsortium. I think the bus was driving around 130~140km/h!!! And that is freaking fast for a bus! My brother was just drving 100~110km/h! In the end my brother cut through the bus my exceeding 150~155km/h! I was freaking scared cos i was just sitting beside him. Luckily my mom was asleep or else she will be nagging all the way. XD

Reach Kedah.. fuh.. happy.. bed time!!

In the midnight, i woke up all in the sudden (dunno why..) and i cant spot where is my father. (FYI, all of us are sleeping in the same room) I dun really care cos mayb he just went to the toilet ba.. But then, the next day i was saw him sleeping right beside of my grandma. Snoring at each other.. This proofs how much my dad loves my grandma.. I respect him.. Give him some applause people!! *clap~clap~clap~* Someday when i grown us i will treat my dad the same way like how he treat my grandma. X)

ChengMeng day, and it was a total jam.. Your car cant move my car cant move. Why didnt we cut line?? Cos there are polis there Kepoching.. In the end we manage to reach there before noon.

Went we reach there, the first thing i did was stare at my grandpa's grave. Think inside.. its been a while ever since i last meet my grandpa's grave.. And im here now. X) The first thing we did was clearing the leafs around the grave. And for my grandpa, i cutted my hand while i was cutting the leafs there.. X)

They are having fun talking and playing with my little cousins out there, and i was in the car doing my homework.. How kesian.. X( My brother and sister entered the car and cheered me up. My sister teached me some accounts thingy that i didnt really knw. And what did my brother do?? Open some techno song just to losen my mind up.. more than distracting my mind i say.. XD Just joking..

We leave Kedah and on our way back, me paid a visit to my father's old friend. Then we have dinner together. And i tell den dinner was DELICIOUS!! First time eating Thailand + Vietnam foods. Mmmm...

At night my brother was incharge of driving us home again.. Our hero of the day! XD And guess what?? On my way back to KL, i heard "How to save a life" in Hitz.FM!! XD Love Hitz.FM!! And our journey back to KL was very smooth.. My brother put it full energy in the driving! Applause people!! *clap~clap~clap~*

Reach back home at around 2.30am.. dammit.. and still i have school for tomolo.. Gotta get to bed ASAP.. Yawns.. good night..