Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Story done by an Idiot

Let me tell you first that this story will be very very very long! I suggest that you lazy bumps outside there reading this post now, dont read.. cos i tell you really very long.. Dont say i didnt warn you..

The next thing is, this story is a real story.. please understand.. Since is a real story, i wont be reavealing the fella's names cos its a sensative issue.. so please understand..

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-A Story Done By An Idiot-

M was a guy who is tall and a lame retarded fella. M was in the school walking around and then he suddenly stops and hides at a corner and stare.. M was looking at the girl that he falled in love with who is G. After looking at G at a corner M begins to move forward and talked to G.

M known G for quite a long time.. Should i say around 1 and a half years?? And G treated him as one of her best friend even knw his a sad fella. Everytime that G enters the basketball court, M will try to show off around as if that he knws how to play basketball. What ever it means, M just wanted to proof himself cool..

M has a good friend which is called V. V was some sort of victim to M. Everytime that V meets M, M will always talked abt his dream lover G 24/7. V has been forced to hear his compliment abt how cute or kind that G was..

One day, T another friend of M had a guy talk with him. M told T the lover that he likes and T was impressed with his sense of taste. T suggested M to go for her. M was a pretty shy and weak hearted fella.. he doesnt knw how to make a move. but still he wanted that girl desperately. Soo the question keep sticking in his mind abt going for G or not.

After 2 weeks plus of thinking, M finally manage to picked his choice! M decided to go for G and he told the whole thing to V again. After asking people around M was in high confidence. It was a wednesday after school, M went and hold G's hand and pulled her a corner. M confessed to G abt his feeling and asked her to be a girlfriend.

G was stunted for a few seconds and think and think in her mind. M understands what G was thinking so he gave G some time to think. After confessing to G, M was very happy and confident that he can obtain G's heart. He keep thinking abt it every night..

The next day, he told T abt everything that he did. He told people around him to pray hard for his happiness and bla.. bla.. bla.. But the whole day he was shy to talk to G. But still he wanted to knw the answer desperately. But then..

After school he saw his friend V hold G's hand walking around the corner. He couldnt belive what he just saw. After that he heard people around talking abt the new couple in school which are V and G. M had the shock of his life and he ran home immediaty..

At home M was thinking how stupid he was to take such a long time to make a move. Crying on the bed.. as if he has lost a lover.. But it was real.. Keep thinking in mind that it was only a dream but still the tears in his eyes tells him that it was real.. M stood up from his bed and walk out his house in the middle of the night..

The next day.. a news report appeared abt a boy aged 16 sucide himself by jumping down from a 14 floor building..

M was dead..