Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holiday but its Thursday

Aiyo.. why the holiday must fall on Thursday de.. haiz.. Its good cos its a holiday but its bad cos its a thursday.. I have sooo many things to do at thursdays. Meeting Librarian friends and also rumah biru. Both wonderful moments lar.. Hate it la..

Up Coming Events:
-MIngz versus Sunway College event coming soon!! (today..)
-Going for KRS kem coming soon!! (tomolo)
-MIngz going to propose.. (coming soon)
Sien la.. I just dont like Holidays falling at Thursdays.. Tomolo still need to go school again! Haiz.. I have to see that pathetic Akauns teacher in class.. Dissapointed la..

Lucky Student form other school gets to have good friday tomolo!! Grrrr!!! I'll kick your ass next!! XD (just joking..)