Thursday, July 28, 2011

Orientation Day 1 + 2

Yup, I've started my orientations in INTI subang already. The orientation went on for 2 days and the talks there are pretty inspiring. Yes, i was actually awake for most of the talks. Except for some boring tones lecturers who are giving the talks and all. XD

The amount of students joining the UOW course are very little. I would say about 80 people only. And out of those 80 people, about 20 of them are taking Faculty of Informatics. Out of those 20 people, about 15 of them are taking computer science. Our of those 15 people, 5 of them are majoring in Multimedia and Games Development. And out of 5 people, none of them are girls. DX

So what happen to the other 60 of them? Well they are taking communications. Probably PR and marketing and stuffs. Yes, there are more girls over the other side, dont rub it in. But still, we are all UOW students. So, eventually we will meet up with each other too. I think.. I hope..

Okay maybe its not that bad. At least I have a small members of people in my class so that i can focus more in class. (I hope) Making friends with a smaller group also probably means that all of us will have to be closer to each other. If all 5 of us dont work together, we will not pull thru degree. Work and move as a team!! XD

INTI place is pretty good. The place is pretty big. It may look its just one build from the outside but there is actually 2 buildings for INTI. The other building looks more like a secondary school but its still part of INTI. Which such a big place, Im pretty sure in these few weeks im i will get lost at least once. XD

Friends? I made 3 friends during the two day orientation. Ryan, Bryan and Nazril (maybe that how it spells.) Ryan is my first class mate friend. As for Bryan and Nazril, they are from the Student Service Department. Consider it as a good start. XP

Theres really nothing much to talk about for Orientation Day. I dont even know why am I making a post about it. XD

My class offically starts next monday. All the work and assignments are going to come into my life and my life is going to be miserable like always. Okay, maybe it wouldnt be so bad. I hope.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Performance NIght

Some of you might have heard, I was invited to perform in at a charity dinner last saturday. The event was held at SJK(C) Sungai Way primary school on the 23rd of July.

Me and my good friend Suilun was invited to join along this guild to perform on stage. Which is a pretty cool and new experience for me. The songs that we are going to play are different from what I've been playing all these while. The songs that I've been playing are more like mainstream kind of song but they decided to the old and classics. A good time to learn some new gender songs.

The band consist of 7 members. Shaun as the leader and vocalist, Jerry as the saxophonist, Ping Fuan as bassist, Neehui as drummer, Karu as lead guitarist, Suilun as pianist and me as the guitarist. And the band name is called Shaun Chow & Friends. XP

Just so you guys dunno, Tomodachi means friends in japanese. XD

Thanks to this performance, I've finally grew BIG interest in Micheal Buble's songs. His songs are epicly awesome and his live performance certainly blows me away. XD

The performance went well, nothing went wrong. We played everything nicely and perfectly. Did the crowds enjoyed it? To me, i believe so cause its their their type of song. I would say we nailed it that night. XP

Here are some pictures taken by Yanleng during that night. X)

Yeap, that night I suited up! XD

Guess who did we bumped into during the event? XP

Me and Karu jamming our guitars on stage.

Jerry, Ping Fuan and Karu jamming on the other side.

Nee Hui rocking the drums.

Suilun doing fine on the piano.

Our band leader Shaun Chow singing with style.

The full band picture.

Another full band picture.

Me and the band members trolling around. XP

A picture of me and Shaun Chow.

Heres what Shaun Chow commented about me after the whole performance on facebook.

"Yu Ming - The man of steel guitar strings hahaha. Despite you telling me that you could only strum, you had no problems fitting into the genre that i laid out for you."

Theres a story behind the man of steel guitar strings. But that story lies between me and the band members. XP

Before I end this post I wanna thank these people that help me thru out the whole journey of performing with them.

Shaun Chow, giving this opportunity to perform along side with a band.
Suilun, for voicing out my name to Shaun and guiding me thru out the practices.
Jerry, Ping, Karu and Neehui, for trolling and jamming along side with me.
Max, for borrowing me his blazer suit for the event.
Eng Hoe, for borrowing me his awesome plug-in accoustic.
Lenping and Tarvin, for borrowing me their amps.
Yanleng, for taking the awesome pictures for us.
Mike, Weigin, Shu Mei and Shu Xian, for commenting about our performance.
Shaun's mom, Crystal Chow and Siew Mai (the dog), for accompanying us and taking care of us during the practices. XD

I guess I didnt left anyone out right? I even mention the dog in the credits. XD

This is definately one hell of a new experience for me. Looks like i manage to take my guitar experience to the next level again. Thanks to everyone above agian. XP


2 more days to go

2 more days till my degree course starts. so that means my holidays is about to end! DX

One month ago, I cant wait for my college to start but now i just wish that i could have a long holidays. Yeah, 3 months is just not enough for a guy like me. XD (come on who doesnt want forever freedom)

I have a few things that im afraid of going into my new college. One is definately the transportation issue. I dont have a car, there is no bus that drives me all the way to the college or even walk distance to the college, and my brother is being a real bitch about driving me to college in the morning. So i really dunno how am i going college later on in the future.

Two, how am I going to meet people there. Unlike HELP, INTI is a pretty big place. In HELP, everything happens in one long corridoor. So its easy to spot and make friends there. But INTI is a pretty big place as I recall. Plus, the course that Im going to study is probably gonna be deserted. Cause no one is really interested in the course that im taking. What worst is this course is new to the college. So, people might not have even heard of it. Especially girls. DX

I maybe a talkative guy, but heres another fact about me. I cant be talkative unless I have made a friends there. The samething happened in HELP. Plus, I can only be talkative around the people that im comfortable with. Which also takes up sometime. Meeting new friends in my new college is gonna be a little bit hard.

Three, the surrounding neighborhood. Subang Jaya is a freaking big place. and I am freaking not familiar with the place itself. Who know if i simply walk around here and there I might get lost in the neighborhood. HELP was different because HELP itself is the neighbor hood. Plus, HELP is at pusat bandar damasara which is something like in the middle of no where. All you have to do is get a tour guide for one day and walah you will be familiar with the place already. As for Subang its really going to take me awhile to get familiar to the place.

Four, is the people whom im going to mix with. I have faced lots of unwanted dramas in my previous college. Is not really because they bitch about me or they pick a fight on me, is because they make use of me. People who say they are friends but turns out they are just the kind of people who uses ur ability and then dont talk to you ever again. I faced alot of it in my previous college. So i really hope that this new college will have lesser. If there are the same kind of people, then i rather live my life alone with my true and old friends.

Although there are many things that im worried of when i enter the college but those things can be easily solved. My friends are there. I have people who I can count on there. Some of them ever told me before hand, if I have any problems go find them. Those are what i call true friends.

So if you ask me, am I ready for my new college? I will say.. Fark yeah. Bring it on.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

I miss Dragon Nest

I have been playing and trying out lots of game during the holidays. Well because im going to study the course about games and also because im a gamer. XP

The best online game i've played so far is Dragon Nest. The close beta came out last week. I tried the game and I think its freaking amazing. My friends grew bored of this game but i didnt. Maybe cause I think im the kind of gamer who loves to grind my characters. XP

The game's gameplay system is unique and nice. The graphic is freaking amazing and the storyline is pretty good as well. I would say this is a good online game to play.

The flaw about this game is that its gender lock. Means you cannot chose different sex for some particular jobs. There are 4 jobs in the game and each jobs have 2 job enhance. Warrior and Cleric are males whereas Archer and Mage are females. Its by far the best Action RPG game I've ever played in my life. Whats really unique is that the game is semi-online gameplay.

When your in the city you are in online mode where everthing starts to lag if your have bad computur or internet. But when you exit the city and into the dungeon, you are in semi-online mode. Where you are connect to your friends only. Its kinda hard to explain. You have to experience it yourself.

Part of the reason why i really love this game is that my ferrari laptop can support this game. Smoothy!! Yeah, the noob laptop that couldnt support HON can actually support Dragon Nest better than my desktop computer. Im very surprised. XD

The close beta was on for 1 week which is kinda sad. But the one whole week was a whole lot of fun. I reached max lvl in just one week. (for close beta that was lvl 24) and i got my armors and weapons upgraded to the safest limit. Pretty good eh?

Here are some screen shots that i capture before the close beta close down my character.

I was a warrior who is enhance into a Mercenary.

This is how I really look close up.

My best equipments. XP

Check out the graphics for this game. Impressive eh? XP

I cant wait for the open beta to start which is about mid august. Its the time where my college has started and where all the shyt assignments are coming in. I might not go full potential in this game anymore then. DX

But still do feel free to go register and play the game. Heres the website link for those of you who are really interested in the game.

Dragon Nest offical website.

This is the first online game that i actually miss playing. No kidding. XD


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Missing the Right and Wrong way

People tend to simply use the word 'I miss you'. Simply use is NOT as in using it frequently. Using frequently just means your nice. What i meant by simply using it, is like simply using it on the WRONG person. Like literally the wrong person.

Telling 'I miss you' to someone that doesnt give a damm, doesnt even care, deosnt even think about you and whats worst is they dont even reply or talk to you is just a big fat lost for you. Yeah, lost with the capital 'L'.

Your wasting your time, your sms money and of course seeing them not treating you like crap is just gonna make u sad. Like really really sad. Heartbroken. *pling plang* I know.. cause i've been there.. and i've done that. XP

Its hard to live a life where no one misses you. Hearing someone saying 'I miss you' is definitely a nice thing. But sometimes when it doesnt come from the right person that you want, its just not enough. right? You know what i mean. You always want to hear that 'I miss you' word for that particular person only. I've been there done that too. XD

But if you force yourself to miss some son of a bitch or literally a bitch itself then its really really not worth it. They dont miss you the way that you do. They dont treat you the way that you do too. If telling them that you miss them wont make a difference i really suggest you to do something about it. Maybe move on and forget about it.

Its hard really I know, but really you gotta face it. That person is just not into. Maybe in the future he/she will start appreciate you more. But that happens in movies and drama series, in reality, rarely. Like EXTREMELY rare kind of thing.

Like what Barney Stinson said..

"When Im sad, I just stop being sad and be awesome. True Story."

You dont know whose Barney Stinson? That you my friend really have a sad life. Im just kidding. Go watch 'How I Met Your Mother' its a very funny sitcom. Watch it and you will feel happy and of course awesome. XD

The reason that Im making this rant right here is because i have a couple of friends who fall as a victim. I just here to help those people do some shout out their sorrows and sadness.

To me, 'I miss you' is a very strong word. (thats my opinion) Since no one is here to say 'I love you' or 'I like you', IMY is the best i can get. And im really apperciate those people who said IMY to me. Even know half of them dont really mean it. XD Just kididng.

Hope you guys out who have fallen as a victim as well, stay strong. Good luck. X)


Monday, July 18, 2011

Things Im Up to

Another update about me, myself and I. XP

Its comfirm that i will be study at INTI subang on the 27th of July. That is like 9 more days to go (date worte: 18/7/2011) then i'll be living in a stress hell like my degree friends. DX

I think its a 2 + 1 degree program. Two years here in INTI subang and one year in Universtiy of Wallonggong. (UOW) Plus, the course that im doing is not called Computer Games Development in INTI its called Multimedia and Games development. Sounds cooler to me. XD

I've been practicing for my performance that is coming up on the 23rd of July. Its in a school somewhere at subang jaya and from what I heard its is a huge crowd attending for the event. Most of them are adults and oldies so we decided to play songs more towards oldies. This is probably one of my biggest gigs. So, wish me luck~ XP

Owh did you guys know? After leaving my hair long for about 4~6 months I've decided to cut it!! Yeah, pretty unbelievable lie right? The truth is to got forced to cut by my dad. He played the "Wheres my son!?" joke on me again. XD

Its a little bit awkward without long hair. Getting back short hair makes my hair cooler. (as in temperature kind of cool.) My head is so cool right now that its giving me headaches. really really not use to it. XD

Me and my high school friends are having a sports game that is invented by ourselves this wednesday (20/7/11) Yeah, its the Ninjas and Wardens game. Capturing the Flag + Ice & Fire game. Feel free to join us if you want. Heres the link of our facebook event page for more information.

The Ninjas & Wardens facebook event page.

If you wanna come please click attend. So that we can know that your coming. If you have transportation issue, leave a message on the event page and we'll help u settle it. ASAP!!

I guess thats enough updates for you guys i guess..

So to all the girls out there, I have random blogspot question for you ladies.

"How do you girls feel after getting a hair cut from extreme long to short?"

Leave you answers on the cbox or the comment section of this blog post.

Enjoy~ CHEERS!!! XD

Friday, July 15, 2011

EPIC Father & Son moment

One morning at the morning market. I was helping my dad like usual.

Then there was this couple customer. Straight couple. Yes, one guy one girl.

Okay its a really really bad thing to do when you have a couple customer.. but I was having an eye on the girl. Means checking her out. (yes, im a mean head) Cause seriously, that girl was pretty cute. As in pretty + cute. XD

After the two of them left.. this is what my dad said to me..

Dad: "That girl is pretty cute right?"

Me: "I know right!!!?"

Dad: "Haha but too bad she has a boy friend already.."


Yes, I dunno why but i think that was one epic father & son moment there. It was worst for my dad cause his married and have 3 childrens. He shouldnt be checking her out. XD

But seriously, dont check out other people's girl especially when they are you customers. You might lose a customer and also get a black eye. DX Write that down.

Sorry dad, this son of yours is gonna be single for quite a long time. XP


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

She make me Learn Guitar

I started listening to her musics again yesterday. And i still think that shes amazing. Her live performance is still by far one of the top live performance I've seen.

Shes the one that gave me the interest and motivations to learn guitar. Taylor Swift?? Nope. Shes the one and only YUI Yoshioka. XP

Yeah, some of you might dont know. But this japanese singer is the girl that inspired me to learn acoustic guitar. FYI, shes a self learning guitarist as well. XP

The thing about YUI is that her songs are really really hard to play. She loves to play around with bar chords which is somehow a tough thing to do for begineer guitarist.

But its been 2 years that I started learning acoustic guitars. And I've been training bar chords like every single day!!

So guess what? Its about time I go back and listen to some YUI songs and learn again! XD I didnt manage learn all of it because her songs are full of bar chords. Is like bar chords are her best friends! XD

But thanks to her, i can play bar chords now. I have some friends who have learned guitar longer than me and they still cant play bar chords. Instead they play power chords. XP

Oh dont forget to listen to YUI's new album that came out this year. [Its My Life/Your Heaven]. Her songs are not bad. Do listen to it. XP

Heres a question for you guys out there who plays musical instruments. Who inspire you guys to play musical instrument? XP

Leave you answers on the cbox or the comment section of this blog post.

So, there are three things that u guys must do if you are reading this blog.

One, go watch 'Taiyo No Uta' acted by YUI.
Two, listen to YUI's songs and
Three, answer the blog post question. XD


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back from PD and Malacca

Waaadaaaap people. YES, daddys home!!! Did you guys miss me? Yeah you better did cause I miss you guys too. (pants on fire..)

Im back from a long and fun 3 days 2 nights Port Dickson + Malacca trip. Its a great, enjoying, fun trip and a great learning experience going on a trip to PD and Malacca with just only your friends. XP

We got tons of pictures taken during this trip. Kudos to Yanleng and Mike for bringing their camera to take such many pictures of us during the whole trip.

Alright, now lets see those pictures and read the whole story. WARNING: This is going to be one freaking long ass blog post. But no worries, i have pictures to accompany my boring long essay. (Im really trying to make this post as short as possible.) XD

Day 1 - We shall stay in Port Dickson.

I head to college first to meet up with Justin so we can go other. Then we both head to the temple with the help of Shern.

There are some of us that already head to PD. So the remaining ones are like the later batch thats going to PD. So we wait for the others to arrive who are the later batch.

Mike, WeiGin, XinYi, MunPing, Justin, Kai Cong and Ai Ling are the remaning ones AKA the later batch group. Once everyone arrive we head straight to PD.

When we reached we had a warm welcome by our own friends who had already arrive at the place. Start unpacking our stuffs and get ourselves ready for the beach.

Me, Suelyn and Qi Wei chillaxing at the bungalow house that Suilun offered us to stay. For the whole trip. Pretty nice place. XP

A jump shot picture by the beach.. The beach was just out side of the bungalow. No kidding. XP

Camwhore with fat ass DSR camera. XD

Me, MunPing, Qi Wei and Suelyn are trying fly a kite.
No, we didnt succeed. It was half successful. XD

Nice walk by the beach..

Starting up the barbeque with Bryan.

Cooking the meal for dinner. Everything tasted pretty damm good. XD

At the end of the night we have some short Lee Hom singing session. During that moment, I dunno about my friends but I have goosebumps while singing. XD

Then later while waiting for the bathroom to be non-occupied, Me, Qi Wei, Yanleng, Suelyn and Suilun head out and have a night sight seeing session. We wanted to head to the Suilun rumored light house but apparently none of us know the place.. so instead of going to some light house place, we went a grab some ice-cream. XD

Later that night, we played Taboo. To be honest, it was my first time playing Taboo and I think its a freaking fun game to play. Especially when you have friends or siblings who have the same brain frequency like you. XD

Day 2 - To Malacca We Go!!!

Thanks to the whole family of mosquitoes, i was the first one to wake up from bed or should I say floor for this case. XD

Had breakfast, change ourselves and head to Malacca Jonker Streets to grab tons of food to eat.

The proof that we were there. XD

A group photo by the roadside of Jonker Streets.

We went and ate the famous chicken rice ball in Malacca.

I bought myself an awesome looking Jason Mraz hat. XP

Went out of Malacca Jonker Streets and to somewhere which we ourselves dont really know. XD

Cant tell what it is? It says LOVE with an exclamation mark there (me and Bryan). XD

Went to a play ground somewhere around the area. XP

Another group play ground picture. Close up style. XP

Lets just say its not what you think it is. XD

Played some super Mario style at the play ground. XD

We then head to some old abandon/left out/not moving/not using train to take another few pictures. Qi Wei helping me to lift my heavy ass leg! XD

Bryan getting crash by the train and Qi Wei just enjoy staring there. XD

Obviously Bryan is the strongest among all of us. XD

YanLeng grew tired of walking. So, Qiwei went and help her up. XP

We found another old abandon/left out/not moving/not using pirate ship. Took i think my first picture with Xin Yi after 2 years. XD

Heading back to somewhere near Jonker street to eat Capitol Satay. It was a nice, long, fantastic, cheap, worth it dinner. XD

Last group picture before we leave and head back to PD.

Balik rumah terus tidur. ZzZzZzZz..

Day 3 -Since we are leaving, to the Beach again! XD

That morning, we gave Qi Wei a pillow as an appreciation for him to join us. But i seriously think the 'him' in the pillow is too damm skinny for him. Thats all im saying! XD

To the beach again!! XP

Macam mahu suicide dei budak-budak ni. XD

Yeah, I farking hate salt water in my eyes and mouth. DX

Played Water Monkeys, freaking nice and hilarious game. XD

Then, we decided to grab Justin and rape him since he was a bitch during the water monkey game. XD

Guess who decided to just stand and enjoy watching us rape Justin? XD

Head all the way to the bungalow, pack our stuffs, clean up the place and getting ready to leave.

Last group picture in the house before we leave.

Head all the way back to temple and then each one of us head back to our own houses. And thats was the end of our long Kalyana Mitra's get away. X)


Btw, this is my 900th blog post for this blog. CHEERS!! XD