Tuesday, July 12, 2011

She make me Learn Guitar

I started listening to her musics again yesterday. And i still think that shes amazing. Her live performance is still by far one of the top live performance I've seen.

Shes the one that gave me the interest and motivations to learn guitar. Taylor Swift?? Nope. Shes the one and only YUI Yoshioka. XP

Yeah, some of you might dont know. But this japanese singer is the girl that inspired me to learn acoustic guitar. FYI, shes a self learning guitarist as well. XP

The thing about YUI is that her songs are really really hard to play. She loves to play around with bar chords which is somehow a tough thing to do for begineer guitarist.

But its been 2 years that I started learning acoustic guitars. And I've been training bar chords like every single day!!

So guess what? Its about time I go back and listen to some YUI songs and learn again! XD I didnt manage learn all of it because her songs are full of bar chords. Is like bar chords are her best friends! XD

But thanks to her, i can play bar chords now. I have some friends who have learned guitar longer than me and they still cant play bar chords. Instead they play power chords. XP

Oh dont forget to listen to YUI's new album that came out this year. [Its My Life/Your Heaven]. Her songs are not bad. Do listen to it. XP

Heres a question for you guys out there who plays musical instruments. Who inspire you guys to play musical instrument? XP

Leave you answers on the cbox or the comment section of this blog post.

So, there are three things that u guys must do if you are reading this blog.

One, go watch 'Taiyo No Uta' acted by YUI.
Two, listen to YUI's songs and
Three, answer the blog post question. XD


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